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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 August, 2004, 12:19 GMT 13:19 UK
Maoists threaten big businesses
Maoist rally in Nepal
The Maoists say the businesses are exploiting workers
The labour wing of Maoist rebels in Nepal has threatened to force an indefinite shut down of 10 large business ventures.

They include a leading five-star hotel in Kathmandu and hotels in neighbouring districts.

The All Nepal National Trade Union Federation accused them of exploiting labourers and backing the government.

The rebels have previously been accused of targeting industries that refused to pay extortion money.

Request 'ignored'

The federation said in a statement late on Wednesday that notices had been sent to the firms warning them to shut their businesses or "face the consequences".

"We had placed an 11-point demand including the release of our federation activists and stopping the exploitation of workers but the government ignored our request," federation chairman Salikram Jamkatel said in the statement.

The Maoists have been engaged in an armed struggle for the past eight years to establish a communist state.


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