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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 August, 2003, 09:22 GMT 10:22 UK
Grenade attack in Kashmir
Troops at the army base
Indian troops are often targeted by militants

At least two Indian soldiers have been killed and five others injured in a grenade attack in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Suspected militants are said to have lobbed the grenade at a truck carrying the soldiers in the state's summer capital, Srinagar.

The vehicle caught fire immediately after an explosion which took place in a busy square in the city centre.

The authorities say the condition of some of the injured soldiers is serious.

Police and special forces personnel have cordoned off the area.

One report says all the shops in the area shut down immediately after the attack.

India and Pakistan

The attack comes even as India and Pakistan have been taking steps to defuse the tension over the disputed region.

The two nuclear powers have recently restored diplomatic relations after fears last year that they would go to war.

Last month, the commander of the Indian army in Kashmir, Lieutenant General Hari Prasad, was injured in a militant attack.

Eight soldiers, including a brigadier, died after militants attacked an army base west of the winter capital Jammu.

The attack came the day after seven Hindu pilgrims were killed in the troubled state.

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