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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 September, 2003, 20:40 GMT 21:40 UK
Afghans 'failed by insufficient aid'

By Paul Anderson
BBC correspondent in Kabul

Several leading aid organisations in Afghanistan have slammed the foreign effort and commitment to rebuild the country.

Care and the Center on International Co-operation focused their "road to peace" report on the international community's failure to provide security in Afghanistan nearly two years after the end of the Taleban regime.

An Afghan family in Kabul
Aid received falls far short of what has been pledged
But the report also says delivered reconstruction aid is a fraction of what was promised and an even smaller fraction of what is needed.

The aid organisations' report offers no particularly new insight into post-conflict Afghanistan.

For months Afghans have noticed the sharp deterioration of security highlighted in the report, and they have noticed precious few of the promised reconstruction projects actually materialise.

What the report achieves is to pull it all together with hard, stark facts - like the massive increase in attacks against foreigners and Afghans working for them, coinciding with the increased Taleban offensive of the past few months

It also notes the rise in opium production - which shot from a 12% global share in 2001 to 76% the following year - and the threat to stability from the continuing fighting between powerful warlords.

Security problems

More, the report says there has been a massive shortfall in given and pledged aid - less than half of what Afghanistan needs.

It recommends donors raise $20bn to rebuild the country over the next four years.

Care and its report partner say they have been urging the international community to wake up to Afghanistan's deteriorating security situation for a year.

They also demand the expansion of the 5,000-strong international security assistance force guarding Kabul to key locations outside the capital this year.

Without security, they say, reconstruction also suffers.

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