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India faces key marriage ruling
An Indian man is planning to appeal after a landmark ruling in the Calcutta High Court that he has no right to force his wife to live with his family.

Women in Rajasthan
Women would be able to choose who they live with
Ashis Ghose says he will ask the Supreme Court to overturn the judgement.

He was speaking a day after two judges ruled that his wife should live with him, but separately from her in-laws.

Correspondents say if the Supreme Court upholds the ruling, the case will go down in legal history in India where women traditionally live with their husband's family after marriage.

Mr Ghose and his wife, Kakoli Das, married in 1994 and had a son in 1996.

Soon after, however, relations between Kakoli Das and her in-laws became strained.

Court order

When her husband refused to move out she sued him in a lower court, with the request that he be legally compelled to stay with her.

When the lower court turned down her request, she took the case to the High Court.

There Justice Ajoynath Roy and Justice Pradipto Roy said a wife had the right to live separately with her husband, and could refuse to live with his parents and relatives.

They ruled that Mr Ghose will now have to make the necessary arrangements so that his wife can live separately with him.

Legal experts say this judgement could have a huge impact on conjugal relations in India's male-dominated society since it would be used as case law if not overturned by the Supreme Court.

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