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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 July, 2003, 16:28 GMT 17:28 UK
Flood waters cause havoc
More than one million people have been stranded by monsoon floods in Bangladesh and north-eastern India.

Bangladeshi villagers wade through floods at Fatikchhari district southeast of Dhaka
Bangladeshi officials expect the waters to rise further
At least ten villagers have also been killed, bringing the death toll in the past week to almost 60, as torrential rains cause rivers to swell.

Nearly a third of Bangladesh's 64 districts have been affected by flooded roads and damaged crops.

The Bangladesh Relief Ministry has allocated 1300 metric tons of rice to be distributed in the flood-affected districts.

Floods and mudslides in India have killed at least six people and displaced more than 450,000.

Many people in low-lying areas have been stranded their flooded homes.

There are widespread health fears as flood waters submerge wells used for drinking water.


In the north-eastern Indian state of Assam the main Brahmaputra River has broken its banks and risen above the danger mark in many areas, including the state capital Guwahati.

A boy pedals a bicycle through the flooded street after heavy monsoon rains in India
Flooding has hit many parts of India
Two men died in a small boat as they carried food across the Brahmaputra River in the district of Dhubri on the border with Bangladesh.

At least three children have died in floods and mudslides in other border areas.

Assam Water Resources Minister, Nurzamal told the Associated Press news agency: "The Brahmaputra and all its major tributaries are showing a rising trend due to continuous rains since Saturday, causing us worry."

Many districts in the state have been affected.

"Flooding is very severe in seven districts spread over some 370 villages," Assam Revenue Minister Mithias Tudu told the AFP news agency.

Further heavy rain is expected in the next few days and sandbags are being piled up on river banks to limit damage that may be caused by the rising waters.

The Assam Government has stockpiled medicines and other essential goods and the army are on standby in preparation for the worsening situation.

The Brahmaputra River flows through India into Bangladesh and monsoon rains have caused many of Bangladesh's 230 rivers to swell.

Forecasters say the rising water levels are threatening to submerge more areas in the next few days.

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