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Monday, 15 July, 2002, 06:44 GMT 07:44 UK
Timeline: Daniel Pearl kidnap
Daniel Pearl in captivity
Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was investigating extremist Muslim groups when he was abducted in the Pakistani city of Karachi in January.

Although his body has never been found, a video showing him dead has been recovered. BBC News Online charts a timeline of the events following his abduction

23 Jan: Daniel Pearl is reported missing after failing to follow the paper's routine of checking in with his editors.

27 Jan: Pakistani police say they have questioned five men in connection with Daniel Pearl's disappearance - still no news of his whereabouts.

28 Jan: A group calling itself the National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty claims responsibility for the kidnapping and says it seeking better conditions for prisoners being held by the US in Cuba.

The group e-mails US news organisations with a photograph of Pearl with a gun held to his head.

29 Jan: The Wall Street Journal sends an e-mail to the militant group asking for the prompt release of its correspondent Daniel Pearl.

30 Jan: The group sends an e-mail threatening to kill Daniel Pearl in 24 hours if its demands are not met.

31 Jan: US Secretary of State Colin Powell rules out any possibility of negotiating with the kidnappers.

The group sends another e-mail saying: "We will give you one more day."

1 - 2 Feb: Deadline passes with conflicting reports about Daniel Pearl's fate.

Squads of Pakistani police scour every cemetery in the city of Karachi following a report that the reporter was killed and his body left in a cemetery. Nothing was found.

6 Feb: Pakistani police link the kidnapping to a banned Islamic group, Jaish-e-Mohammad, and British-born Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (also known as Sheikh Omar).

8 Feb: Pakistani police formally charge three men - among them a former police intelligence officer - with aiding and abetting the kidnap. All three are said to be members of Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Police later say the men confessed to acting on the orders of chief suspect Omar Sheikh.

12 Feb: Omar Sheikh is arrested and allegedly tells police Daniel Pearl is still alive.

13 Feb: Pakistani police say Omar Sheikh has confessed to the kidnapping but not disclosed Daniel Pearl's whereabouts.

14 Feb: Omar Sheikh now says he believes the journalist is dead.

21 Feb: One of the men charged with aiding the kidnapping admits in court he sent e-mails with pictures of the journalist in detention.

The US Government confirms that Daniel Pearl is dead.

25 Feb: Three Islamic militant suspects appear in court and remanded in custody for two more weeks while prosecutors seek more evidence.

27 Feb: US officials announce a $5m reward for information on abduction and murder of Pearl.

14 March: Grand Jury in Trenton, New Jersey indicts Omar Sheikh.

22 March: Four suspects - including Omar Sheikh - formally charged with murder, kidnapping and terrorism at a Karachi court.

5 April: The trial of Omar Sheikh and three others opens in Karachi. Proceedings are adjourned after lawyers for the accused seek more documents from the government.

12 April: Lawyers for Omar Sheikh file a contempt of court application against Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

19 April: Trial judge changed after defence lawyers question his impartiality.

30 April: Trial venue moved from the central jail in Karachi to a jail in Hyderabad for security reasons. New judge named after prosecution complaints.

17 May: Pakistani police oversee exhumation of a body near Karachi amid claims it could be that of Daniel Pearl.

18 May: US officials confirm that the body is that of Daniel Pearl.

13 June: The court refuses a defence request that Mr Pearl's widow Mariane be summonsed to give evidence.

5 July: Defence lawyers begin their summing up in the case. Omar Sheikh says the United States deserved the 11 September attacks and warns of further attacks to come.

10 July: The judge adjourns the trial to consider his verdict.

15 July: All defendants found guilty of murdering and kidnapping Daniel Pearl.

Omar Sheikh sentenced to death, and Salman Saquib, Fahad Nasim, and Sheikh Adil receive life imprisonment.

The victim

The militant

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