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Thursday, May 14, 1998 Published at 15:06 GMT 16:06 UK


Biking on water
image: [ Making waves, a bicyle built for floating ]
Making waves, a bicyle built for floating

Never mind walking on water - how about cycling on it?

Real Video: BBC's Chris West reports: 'It's as easy as riding a bike'
No you're not being taken for a ride. A new invention means cyclists do not have to pedal for miles along a riverbank looking for a bridge - they can take to the water on wheels.

Italian designers have come up with a kit which, when attached to any bike, enables it to float and ride.

The invention gives a whole new meaning to treading water.

[ image: Land ahoy!]
Land ahoy!
The famous television presenter and naturalist David Bellamy ventured off dry land to take the bike for its maiden voyage across the river Tyne.

Getting the bike ready for the water is plain sailing.

The shuttle-bike kit is stored in a back pack.

At the water's edge it is placed under the wheels of the bike and inflated by vigorous pedalling.

[ image: Pioneers were left with a sinking feeling]
Pioneers were left with a sinking feeling
Once it is launched the machine comes into its own and floating is as easy as riding a bike - turning pedalling into paddling.

The idea has been tried before with varying degrees of success.

One pioneer came close to conquering the Humber river until he was beaten by the everyday cyclists' nightmare, a broken chain.

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