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Wednesday, 22 April, 1998, 08:53 GMT 09:53 UK
Plimsoll pong long gone?
A small aerosol inserts deodorant into the sole of the shoe
Exercise might be good for you but it's not so good for your trainers. However, a British innovation could lead to smelly plimsolls becoming a thing of the past.

A Norfolk inventor has come up with a device which should keep even the most odorous footwear in check.

The system is put to the test by Tomorrow's World, which is screening the results at 7.30pm on BBC1.

The harder you work out the harder the deoderant works
The specially-designed trainers have a chamber in their soles which holds a small amount of deodorant.

This is slowly released into the shoe as its wearer moves about. A small aerosol is then used to top up the deoderant keeping the shoes fresh for hours at a time.

"We have tested them over 12 hours of continual use and it [the deodorant] is still there. You can just give it one little shot and that will keep it going for another 12 hours," inventor Peter Chown said.

Provoked by the smell emanating from his grandson's trainers, Mr Chown has spent the last six months testing and patenting the Eaze Feet device which he hopes could be installed in shoes worldwide.

The smell-busting shoes are not yet on the market but Mr Chown is in negotiations with a multi-national company and hopes to have them in shops soon.

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