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Water calculator workings
There are many variables involved in calculating water usage and no two houses will be exactly alike. Below are the figures we have used in our water calculator and the sources for them.

You can also use these figures to manually work out your water consumption if you do not have the Macromedia Flash plug-in and cannot access the full version of the water calculator.

Appliance Consumption Source
Shower 7 litres/min Waterwise
Power shower 12 litres/min Waterwise
Bath 80 litres Waterwise
Toilet 6 litres/flush since 2001
4.5 litres/flush (average) dual flush models
7.5-9 litres/flush models before 2001
11-13 litres/flush very old models
"Hippo" or other displacement device saves 1 litre/flush
British Bathroom Manufacturers Association
Running tap 6 litres/min Thames Water
Washing up 10 litres (2x5 litre bowl) Various
Dripping tap 300 ml/hour at rate of 1 drip/second Observation
Dishwasher 15 litres/cycle if under 10 years old
25 litres/cycle if more than 10 years old
Washing machine 50 litres/cycle if under 10 years old
100 litres/cycle if more than 10 years old
Half load uses 55% of water of full load
Environment Agency
Hosepipe 500 litres/hour Waterwise
Watering can 4 litres Various
Bucket 5 litres Various
Pressure washer 450 litres/hour Various

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