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London 2012's environment plan
Artist's impression of the 2012 Olympic stadium
London hopes to make 2012 the "first sustainable Games"

The environmental plan for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games focuses on four areas: low-carbon emissions, waste, biodiversity, and promoting environmental awareness.

Below is a summary of how the Games' organisers intend to turn the aspiration to stage a "One Planet Olympics" into a reality.


Venues and infrastructure: Minimise the Games' carbon "footprint" during the design, construction and operational stages. One way the team aims to achieve this is by maximising the use of renewable energy and providing the most efficient energy supply in the new Olympic park.

Transport: The most carbon-efficient fleet of vehicles will be used to ferry officials and competitors to and from venues. There will also be campaigns to encourage people to use public transport, cycle and walk to events.

Offsetting emissions: Some aspects of staging the Games will involve unavoidable emissions, such as people flying into the UK from all over the world. Organisers plan to offset these emissions by supporting and developing clean energy projects in developing nations.


The goal is to avoid sending waste to landfill sites. The 2012 team will work closely with the Olympic delivery authorities, waste management companies and contractors to make sure products and packaging that will eventually become waste during the Games can be recycled or recovered.


Plan of the Olympic Park
Park life: "One of Europe's biggest urban green spaces for 200 years"

The Olympic Biodiversity Action Plan sets out how the construction of the venues and infrastructure will improve habitats for wildlife.

The measures include: Restoration of rivers, creating wetlands, effective drainage, and the creation of a "green corridor" from Lea Valley to River Thames.


The main driver for promoting awareness is through the One Planet Olympics concept. There will also be a "Sustainable Sport Programme" for the local community, as well as annual clean-up projects.

On the international stage, there are plans for exchange programmes, scholarships and a network to share ideas and experiences.

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