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Quiz: Renewable energy
Solar panels
How much energy does the sun pour onto the Earth?
With global energy demand set to increase 60% by 2030 and the world still reliant on fossil fuels, saving energy and developing renewable supplies will be critical to a sustainable future.

How much do you know about clean, green sources of power?

Question 1
How much of the total energy used, over time, in the average video recorder in Britain, is used while it is on standby?
A: Up to 15%
B: Up to 40%
C: Up to 60%
D: Up to 85%
Question 2
The energy saved by recycling one aluminium drinks can is enough to run a TV for how long?
A: 30 minutes
B: One hour
C: Three hours
D: Ten hours
Question 3
How much energy does a state-of-the-art energy efficient washing machine use compared to an old, inefficient one?
A: Two thirds less
B: Half as much
C: One third less
Question 4
Which of the following are currently being used to generate electricity?
A: Human excrement and pig excrement
B: Chicken excrement and pig excrement
C: Chicken excrement and human excrement
D: Chicken, pig and human excrement
Question 5
Biodiesel is a natural, renewable fuel which can be used in diesel engines – which of the following can it NOT be made from?
A: Soya beans
B: Used chip fat
C: Carrots
D: Oilseed rape
Question 6
The amount of energy poured onto the Earth by the Sun every 15 minutes equivalent to what?
A: The world’s electricity needs for a decade
B: The world’s electricity needs for a year
C: The world’s electricity needs for a month
D: The world’s electricity needs for a day
Question 7
Hydrogen is a cleaner vehicle fuel than petrol and diesel, but electricity is needed to produce the hydrogen. If all Britain’s vehicles were converted to run on hydrogen power, how many more nuclear power stations would be needed to generate the electricity?
A: 10
B: 50
C: 100
D: 500
Question 8
The heat energy stored in the uppermost 10km of the Earth’s crust is equivalent to how many times the total energy stored in all the world’s oil and gas?
A: 50,000
B: 500
C: 5
D: 0.5

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