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Quiz: Are you clued up on climate?
Antarctic ice-berg, BBC
Global warming is a hotly debated issue
Do you know your acid rain from your methane and your emissions from your carbon credits?

Any idea what's likely to happen to cod in the coming decades?

Test your knowledge of global climate change as decision makers discuss the future of the Kyoto Protocol in Buenos Aires.

Question 1
What are scientists warning might become increased concerns in Britain in the next 50 years as the climate warms?
A: Scorpions
B: Sharks
C: West Nile Virus
D: All of the above
Question 2
Human CO2 emissions are small compared with natural CO2 exchange. Is this statement true or false?
A: True
B: False
Question 3
Some scientists say that North Sea cod stocks are slumping faster than over-fishing can account for. They say climate change maybe to blame - but why?
A: Rising temperatures have disrupted the fish's breeding cycle
B: Sea birds migrating later are eating large numbers of cod fry
C: The plankton composition of the North Sea is changing, reducing food stocks for cod larvae
D: All of the above
Question 4
Cows are guilty of speeding up global warming. Fact or fiction?
A: Fact
B: Fiction
Question 5
Roughly how fast is the Arctic warming in comparison to the rest of the world?
A: Half as fast
B: The same
C: Twice as fast
D: Three times as fast
Question 6
Acid rain might have an unforeseen effect on climate change. What is it?
A: Speeding it up because the sulphur in acid rain can act as a greenhouse gas
B: Slowing it down by reducing methane levels
C: Speeding it up by increasing the heat given off by cities
D: Slowing it down because dissolved sulphur makes ice melt slower
Question 7
Which country has the highest CO2 emissions per capita?
A: Australia
B: Canada
C: Kuwait
D: United Arab Emirates
Question 8
Emissions trading has become a key concept in reducing greenhouse gases worldwide. Which country invented it?
A: Germany
B: Sweden
C: Switzerland

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