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Monday, November 3, 1997 Published at 06:01 GMT


Clergy get DIY service software

Philip Chester: traditional clergyman embracing new ways of working

The Church of England is embracing computerisation to help clergy generate service sheets.

The Church's publishing arm has launched a new software package called Visual Liturgy.

It means that, instead of laboriously having to produce a different service-sheet every week, the wired clergyman or woman need only to call up the basic form of the service on screen, and can drop in suitable hymns and Bible readings at the click of a mouse.

Father Philip Chester of St Matthew's, Westminster, is the sort of priest whose writing and preaching are always a clear statement of orthodoxy.

[ image: Matthew Tickle:
Matthew Tickle: "There's clearly a demand."
But when it comes to communication, this central London clergyman is a pioneer. And he says the new program makes his life a lot easier.

Matthew Tickle of Church of England Publishing says the first edition of the program has sold out already.

[ image:  St Mary's, Merton: one of a new breed]
St Mary's, Merton: one of a new breed
The electronic wizardry of many of the clergy is not limited to producing service-sheets.

As well as the Church of England itself, the Archbishop of Canterbury now has a Website (under construction!) and many individual churches have adopted the new medium to display such things as architectural features and directions for visitors as well as local religious information.

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