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Thursday, September 16, 1999 Published at 15:41 GMT 16:41 UK

Eclipse provides unique solar image

Astronomer Fred Espenak has produced a stunning composite picture of the Sun's atmosphere seen during August's total eclipse.

Eclipse news archive

A comprehensive archive of stories about the 1999 total solar eclipse posted by BBC News Online.

Watch it

View or listen to BBC programmes and reports covering eclipses as far back as 1954

Sun block
What is an eclipse and why are there different types?
Day becomes night
Stand by for an assault on all your senses - a total eclipse of the Sun is a unique experience.
Solar science
What do we learn from an eclipse? We look at some of the things that are otherwise impossible to see and some of the research that will be done by scientists during the eclipse.
Eclipse archive
People who saw the total eclipse of 1927 - the last to be seen on the UK mainland - recall their experiences.
Safety in sight
Dangers of looking at an eclipse. What kind of equipment is needed to protect oneself.
Eclipse links
Links to all the best sites on the eclipse.
Signs and wonders
In ancient times, eclipses were events of ill omen. Even today, many people who do not understand their benign nature still fear them. It is a fear that goes back to the dawn of mankind.
The eclipse - how was it for you?
Did you witness the eclipse? Read what other BBC News Online users around the world saw.
Total eclipse. Total coverage
Read about the 1999 total eclipse of the Sun on BBC News Online and then e-mail us with your experiences.
Papers thrilled by eclipse
The UK newspapers say Britain was united by Wednesday's "awesome" spectacle of the total eclipse of the sun.
South-West delivers eclipse verdict
Officials in the south-west of England say the eclipse has been a success, despite disappointing visitor numbers which have been blamed on negative government publicity.
Wildlife fooled by double dawn
The eclipse persuaded many birds and animals that night had come - but not all.
Eclipse sparks record power surge
The National Grid was hit by a huge power surge following the eclipse - putting even England's 1990 World Cup shoot-out with Germany in the shade.
Pagan weddings eclipse hearts
Pagan couples marry at the moment of total eclipse in a ceremony celebrating the union of the sun god and moon goddess.
Eclipse eye damage reports rise
Patients with eye damage caused by the eclipse will continue to arrive at UK hospitals well into the weekend, say experts.
UK touched by history
Thousands of people danced and screamed as the total solar eclipse plunged Cornwall into darkness but the eclipse was better seen from elsewhere in the UK.
Eclipse scientists in the swing
The 11 August total eclipse of the Sun could settle a 45-year scientific riddle once and for all.
Eclipse experience starts flood of e-mail
The majestic spectacle of the total solar eclipse is thrilling millions and has prompted a torrent of e-mails to BBC News Online.
Under the Moon's shadow
BBC correspondents around the globe report on their experiences of the eclipse.
Eclipse shadow unveils scientific mysteries
The drama is over and the Moon has passed over the Sun but for scientists the work is just beginning.
Asian fear and wonder at eclipse
Thousands of people in India carried out sacred rituals as the eclipse passed over South Asia, while others ignored tradition to witness a unique wonder of nature.
Eclipse seekers flock to Iranian town
From Egypt to Iran, Muslim clerics called the faithful to mass prayers as the eclipse sped across the Middle East.
European watchers faced eclipse lottery
As the shadow of the eclipse raced across Europe, poor weather meant many watchers were denied a clear view of the once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Earth wonders at heaven's gift
A total eclipse of the Sun turns day into night across Europe and Asia, prompting prayers, cheers and tears from millions of spectators.

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