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School Report latest: January 2012

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Gazing at the stars... and interviewing them too!

Professor Brian Cox is interviewed by the School Reporters from Saints Peter & Paul Catholic College
Professor Cox was one of the presenters of the BBC programme

Pupils from Saints Peter & Paul Catholic College in Widnes got the science lesson of a lifetime as they learnt about the secrets of the universe from Professor Brian Cox at Jodrell Bank as part of the BBC's Stargazing Live event.

Professor Cox delivered a 30-minute science lesson and took questions from the audience as part of the programme, and the pupils also got some time to interview him about his passions and his previous career as a musician.

Throughout the day the pupils were guided round Jodrell Bank, taking in all the facility had to offer, including a stargazing session in an inflatable dome.

Dr Tim O'Brien, the leader of the Jodrell Bank facility, also gave up his time to talk to the pupils about the fascinating work which the scientists at Jodrell embark upon an a day to day basis.

The pupils also got a share of the limelight as they were interviewed by the The Young Times and TES.

Other schools to cover Stargazing Live stories were St Aidan's CE Technology College in Lancashire, and Lurgan Junior High School in Northern Ireland, so well done to all!

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