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75 years of UK TV at Alexandra Palace

Amy, Finn and Chloe from Sackville School
School Reporters Amy, Finn and Chloe made-up 1930s style

By Amy
School Reporter from Sackville School

After taking the many trains on our journey to Alexandra Palace, we were given our VIP passes and began our journey back to 1936.

Firstly we were taken to the studio where the first live television programme was filmed.

We were shown clips of past news reports, and children's TV shows while standing beside some of the first cameras used for live television.

When the clips had finished, we got the chance to interview TV historian John Trenouth about what happened in the first years of television.

After we'd finished the interview, we moved on into the telegram room where professional vintage make-up artist, Sally Miura awaited us.

She was going to give Chloe, my fellow School Reporter and I a makeover as if we were going to be on black and white TV.

So we got covered in white face paint, blue lips and black blusher to show the contours on our face.

Chloe was even subjected to a 1930's style wig!

After our makeovers, more people began to arrive and we took the opportunity to interview some of TV's most famous personalities from the past.

We even managed to get an interview with Iain Baird, a media archivist who is the grandson of John Logie Baird the man who invented TV!

Unfortunately, as the other guests started to move into Studio A, we had to leave to catch our train back home.

Overall, this has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and it will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Click here to see our video report.


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