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Exclusive School Reporters review

School Reporters from Soham Village College, Cambridgeshire , have had some exclusive preview access to the new Nintendo 3DS which launches on Friday.

After they had tried the new consoles, School Reporters Grace and Hannah wrote their own reviews.

By Hannah

School Reporter Callum also had a go on the new console
School Reporter Callum had a go on the new console

I thought that the 3DS was not going to be very good but my mind was changed when we had somebody come into the school to show us how to work and talk us through the functions.

I love the colour range that it comes with and that there are colours to suit all genders, but I hope to see more colours come out.

I also love that fact that you can change whether you have the screen in 3D or 2D. I love that it has the same button as the Game Boy so that you can go up and down, and left and right.

The games on it sounded very cool, and although we didn't get to have a go on all the games we still had a go on one, and from looking at that all of the other games sound amazing.

Just the thought of having a 3D screen on a thing like that is pretty amazing and that you don't have to wear glasses.

I enjoyed the experience

The price range is OK as I understand new things do cost a lot, and then you have to go out and buy the games to go with it, if you want them to be in 3D.

I think it was a good size and by the sounds of things has a good battery life which is good to have when you are on the go. It looked pretty sturdy so that if it was dropped it wouldn't crack.

I don't know if there are any accessories for it but if there aren't it might be handy to have a case to carry it around in and a wrist strap to ensure that if you did drop it, it would not hit the ground and break, instead it would be held up by the wrist strap.

So overall I enjoyed the experience and think it is a very good idea to have a 3DS with a 3D screen and I enjoyed having a go on it

By Grace

Even the teachers had to have a go
Even the teachers had to have a go

In my opinion I thought that the 3DS was a great idea. It was different to what I thought it would be like; as soon as I heard that there was another DS coming out I thought "Oh gosh another DS, this will probably be rubbish".

But then I heard that it was going to be in 3D. It was rather odd to think that there would be a 3D screen within a DS console as I really don't know how it works. Just to think that you could see a 3DS without the glasses, makes it so much simpler.

When I heard that we were getting a chance to play on the 3DS I was so excited.

I thought that one of the best ideas was that you could change from either 3D or 2D. I love the colour ranges that it comes in as it would suit boys or girls. I really think that there should be more colours though as some people may not like the colours they come in.

I think that this will be a very popular product as the price range is very good.

When I looked at the price I thought that it was just going to be a 3DS, but it actually has a camera as well. How cool! I love the way how when you take pictures it would come out in 3D on the screen.

The game was great

I think that they should make a game package so you get two 3D games half price when you by a 3DS. The battery life is very good and so is the fact that if you drop it, it would not crack.

I don't know if there are any accessories for it but if there aren't, it would be rather good so just to ensure you drop it, it would not break as it would have a case.

When we tried the 3DS it was amazing and the game was great, I expect that all the other games will be great as well. Overall I think that the experience of playing on a 3DS was really great and I desperately would love to get one!


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