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Helen Skelton walks into the high wire record books

School Reporters watch Skelton's tightrope walk

One incredible girl, Helen Skelton, walked across one long skinny endless wire between the towers of Battersea Power Station and into the record books.

At the same time she raised inspiration and money for Comic Relief. But how many people were actually involved in the attempt and what was it like to watch from a boat? School Reporters, Marcus and Georgia from St Benedict's School in Ealing went to find out.

By Georgia
St Benedict's School, Ealing

As reporters behind the camera, we were very excited - until we found out we had to wake up at 5.30am!

The fantastic day started with clouds and a drizzle. We wondered if the weather might ruin Helen's plans and it would be postponed. With butterflies in our stomachs, we were ready for an adventurous day.

Georgia reports
Georgia being a busy reporter

It started with us boarding a boat at Westminster Pier and we were very pleased when we met Joel, an ex Blue Peter presenter, who was there to support Helen with a large, excited group of young school children and Barney, the Blue Peter dog.

The icy wind bit against our fragile skin and my fingers felt numb, unlike Marcus who was prepared and had brought gloves.


It was so exciting to work with Gil, a professional reporter, and to use the fancy equipment. Marcus and I enjoyed playing with the camera and microphones, and the children were very keen to be filmed.

Eventually there was a break in the weather and the all-clear was given for Helen to begin her attempt. We watched anxiously as Helen dared herself across the wire.

Georgia and Marcus filming
School Reporters, Georgia and Marcus, film Helen Skelton's high wire walk

Thankfully it didn't rain. We waited and watched, and we waited and watched and - when she finally reached the end - the boat was filled with cheers and we could even see fireworks.

It was amazingly fun and a great experience, being a busy reporter that day.

I think daring Helen Skelton and her challenges, such as her run in Namibia and canoeing solo down the Amazon, have amazed the whole of the UK. This one was less physically challenging but she must have needed great mental strength and balance to achieve it.

Skelton says her mum does worry!
25 Feb 11 |  School Report

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