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Caught on court for School Report

By Laura
School Reporter, St Aidan's CE Technology College, Blackpool

Laura chats to Leah live from Wimbledon
Laura chats to Leah live from Wimbledon

I woke up on the morning of 1st July knowing I had a busy day ahead of me as I had been chosen among others students in my school to take part in the BBC School Report Sports Day.

As I was going to be watching the tennis at Wimbledon the following weekend, it was amazing to have the opportunity to interview CBBC Newsround reporter Leah Gooding, who has been reporting on the daily matches and broadcasting live from Wimbledon every afternoon.

The day went by so fast and before I knew it, it was 2.30pm - the time it had been arranged for Leah to call me, before she went on air. The phone rang and nerves were filling up inside of me, but at that moment all I really thought about was how exciting this was and what an amazing opportunity I had been given.

I hesitantly said: "Hiya, I'm Laura from St. Aidans..." and as soon as I heard this friendly voice on the other end say: "Hi, how are you?" my nerves settled.

I started off by asking what was it like being at Wimbledon for the first time and reporting on it.

Leah reporting for Newsround
Leah reporting for Newsround

Leah said she was very excited and overwhelmed, mostly because there were so many matches each day and she had to report on them all, mainly focusing on the bigger names like Andy Murray and Serena Williams, but then also going around each court.

As the conversation went on, she told me about her day when she went to film with the Wimbledon hawk, that was let out to scare away the pigeons.

She also mentioned how she had the chance to see the marathon match which lasted 11 hours. Thankfully, she didn't have to watch all of it!

She told me how shocked she was, like the rest of the nation, when Roger Federer was knocked out in the quarter-finals. She said, "No-one expected Berdych to beat the champion king of Wimbledon, who has won it five times."

I ended the interview by mentioning that I am going to Wimbledon on Saturday and asked which game she recommended would be good to see. She said it was the ladies finals and that she thought that Serena Williams would get through, so it would be good to get to see her.

It was brilliant to hear all about what it is like to report from such a big sports event and I now can't wait to go.



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