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Denise Lewis tells Merthyr Tydfil students of medal joy

By Ciara, Jarlath and Sasha, Year 7
From Bishop Hedley Catholic High School, Merthyr Tydfil

School reporters quiz Denise Lewis
School reporters quiz Denise Lewis

Cardiff International White Water was the centre of media attention as Denise Lewis came in her role as a Youth Sport Trust School Sport Ambassador and we were there with our School Report notepads.

Sasha was the first to put her question to the veteran athlete. She asked if being an athlete was her biggest dream or did she have any different plans?

Denise replied, "I've always wanted to be an athlete. I loved sport and PE in school and always watched the Olympic Games on TV."

Ciara was next, asking how she felt, the moment she won her Olympic gold medal.

Denise said she was really delighted, very emotional and very proud of herself.

Denise Lewis
Denise Lewis competed in the Sydney Olympic's heptathlon

"I felt so relieved because I didn't think I'd make it to the finish line because of my injuries," she said.

Jarlath asked which sport she thinks she is best at. Denise thought for a moment before saying: "Well, now I am retired, I am doing a variety of different sports such as cycling and tennis, and I have pulled out my golf clubs and started golf as well."

Before Denise was rushed away to do a live radio interview, she took the time to ask about our favourite sports and pose for a picture with us.

She was a lovely warm person and it is good to see that sometimes the "nice guy" (or girl) can be a winner.


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