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A Question of Sport at Whitley Abbey School in Coventry

School Reporters Pavani and Sascha
Whitley Abbey reporters Pavani and Sascha

Whitley Abbey marked their involvement with School Report Sports Day 2010 on 1 July by staging a special one off A Question of Sport style quiz.

BBC School Report encourages schools to get involved reporting on news that matters to them.

Pupils researched questions with the help of ex-show producer Dave Ball who offered his advice and guidance for the perfect show questions.

School Reporters Pavani and Sasha share their thoughts on the events leading up the day.


We started preparing for this project around five weeks ago.

In the third and fourth weeks of May, we discussed and agreed to follow the New Zealand football team because they joined the World Cup recently and they were in the same team with Italy, the current World Cup holder.

After summer half-term, we had already learnt something about New Zealand as a country and its football team.

We decided to make a video clip where our team members would analyse the match between New Zealand and Italy. This match took place on Sunday 20 June 2010.

Whitley Abbey School Report team
Whitley Abbey School Report team

When we got into our classroom, we saw that the equipment was ready. The only thing Sascha and I needed to do was to prepare the video camera. This was the first time we had done this but luckily there were no problems.

We filmed Kyle and Luke as they spoke about the match between New Zealand and Italy.

The video was supposed to be finished in two lessons, but instead, it took us four lessons. Almost every video we made turned out wrong somehow.

In the end, we had to stick with the last clip we made. Sascha and I were very impressed when we saw Kyle presenting and it was surprising to see how enthusiastic he was about being filmed.

We are looking forward to Whitley Abbey's take on the TV show A Question of Sport.


After weeks of preparation, that involved talking with ex-show producer Dave Bell, researching World Cup related questions and investigating facts about New Zealand, the pupils were ready to go. School Reporter Lee told BBC mentor Rachael Smith the quiz went well.

Pupils in school
BBC mentor Rachael Smith helps pupils prepare reports
"There were six rounds, some were pictures, some numbers and some charades. My role was to count up the tally scores."

Lee made a photo gallery of the event. He told Rachael Smith what makes a good photo. "We're looking for the pictures that show the most team work and cooperation from start to finish."

Pavani said students made notes together and selected the best bits for the team diary.

"We have added a couple of pictures that show the teams, judges and hosts.

"The quiz was a lot fun, other pupils got involved and also, because of School Report earlier in the year, it built our team spirit."

You can see their work from 1 July 2010 on the Whitley Abbey Business and Enterprise College's website, which you can access through the Sports Day map, which links to the websites of the participating schools.

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