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Our time as World Cup mascots

Isabella from Brazil  wrote a rap

At the beginning of all the World Cup matches, children accompany the players onto the field as mascots.

School Reporters from Birley Community College in Sheffield find out, from this tournament's mascots, what this job means to them.

All the mascots won a McDonalds competition. Nine-year old Isabella from Brazil explains what she did to win.

Guilherme is a mascot for Portugal

"I wrote a rap song for McDonald's and sang it. My father videoed it, and sent it in to the McDonald's Player Escort Competition."

Guilherme from Portugal explains what a mascot does.

"I give my hand to the player, enter the field and sing the national anthem of my country."

Munashe loves the vuvuzela

He says being a mascot has been a momentous occasion.

"My life has changed as it's the first time I have been to South Africa and I've met so many people and made lots of friends. The experience to enter the field with Portugal is the best!"

Unlike others Munashe, 10, from Zimbabwe, says the vuvuzela is great.

"If teams score you can make a big noise!"

Guilherme agrees.

"I'm going to get one today. I want one with a Portugal flag on it. I love them!"

Megan is glad more people are visiting South Africa

On the other hand Megan, who is 10-years-old, thinks the vuvuzela is annoying. She is from South Africa and is glad to see the effect on her country.

"It's good for South African people and lots of people from all round the world have come to visit, and will hopefully come back again."


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