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Whitley Academy pupils mark 200 days to go

Jamie and Georgina interview at the Ricoh arena
Jamie and Georgina deep in thought during interviewing

With less than 200 days until the Olympics, pupils from Whitley Academy in Coventry visited the Ricoh Arena, which will be one of the official Olympic venues when the Games begin in the summer.

The pupils caught up with head groundsman John Ledwidge, risk and continuity manager Vaughan Pollard and Tom Clift, Coventry City Council's operations manager for the 2012 Olympics, to see what the city's plans are.

School Reporter taking pictures
Photographer Darrell captures the interviews

This was some of the pupils' second visit to the stadium, having visited in 2011 to help make a film for Midlands Today about the stadium's name.

Jamie, who was one of the original reporters, was joined by Darrell and Georgina as they set about their interviewing.

It was Georgina's first report for the team, she wrote this account of her experience:

"At first, on the way to the Ricoh Arena I was nervous and worried in case the interviewees were nasty towards me and then I was worried that I might not be able to talk properly or that Jamie would take all the spotlight!

School Reporter
Georgina gets ready for her first interviews

"When we were planning with our teacher Miss Nguyen and our BBC mentor Rachael Smith I felt a bit better because everyone had a role and I liked the job I had to do.

"When we walked onto the pitch I felt that it was quite strange because I am not a football fan, but it was nice and calm without anyone there.

"John, Vaughan and Tom were very friendly when we asked them questions. They kept on explaining things to us and giving us even more information.

"Some facts I remember are that there is a test football match on 23 April involving Senegal.

"Another interesting fact was that if you are under 16 than the cost of an Olympic ticket is the age you are. This was something I didn't know until today."

After reporting

Reporters on the radio
Reporters make the air waves on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Following a full afternoon of reporting, the pupils had a look around the home and away dressing rooms at the stadium before visiting BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio to watch how a live show being broadcast.

All three reporters were lucky enough to make it onto the show, where they had a chance to talk about their experiences live on the radio.

The pupils' report will be collected together for School Report News Day on 15 March 2012.

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