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Lord Coe tells students to 'Support a Team' for 2012

Whitley Academy pupils with Seb Coe
Whitley Academy pupils with Seb Coe: Thumbs up for a good day's work

Pupils from Whitley Academy interviewed London 2012 chief Lord Coe as he launched 'Support a Team' at Perryfields Primary School in Birmingham.

The 'Support a Team' initiative is encouraging schools to get behind other nations' Olympic and Paralympic teams in the build-up to the Games and during competition time.

School Reporters Britney, Jamie and Chloe went along to the launch to find out more.

Seb Coe with reporter Jamie
Seb Coe said Jamie's questions were some of the toughest of the day

Pupils at Perryfields are supporting the Zambian Paralympic team and the Ethiopian Olympic team and have been practising both languages along with making banners and flags.

Lord Coe was greeted in foreign languages by pupils at the school upon his arrival.

Britney said: "I thought it was a good idea for the school pupils to learn these languages, it really impressed me."

Jobs on the day

Jamie was in charge of filming on the day, working alongside BBC mentor Rachael Smith. He told Rachael about his experiences, saying "I was really proud and happy that I'd managed to find good spaces to film in but I was a little bit nervous.

"It was challenging interviewing Seb Coe and finding a good question to ask him."

Seb Coe recording with School Reporter
Seb Coe recording with School Reporter Britney

Chloe was in charge of photography and explained what her job was like on the day: "I like to look for the best angle and make sure my pictures are clear, especially when taking pictures of Lord Coe. It was a brilliant opportunity."

Taking charge of the interviews, Britney managed to secure an interview with Lord Coe while he was visiting tables to talk to the pupils and help them with their work.

"Miss Nguyen [our teacher] had made sure we were prepared with questions and research before we went so I was really confident," she said.

"When I listened back to the interview I could hear the children really loudly but Lord Coe answered my questions clearly and I was happy with my interview."

After filming

Jamie and Chloe interview the Headteacher of the school hosting the event
Jamie and Chloe interview the head teacher of the school hosting the event

After a day's filming, interviewing and picture-taking the pupils returned to their school and, working with fellow School Reporters Lennon and Catherine, they put their reports together.

Miss Nguyen, who supported the pupils on the day, said "this report did test my planning skills, having never been in that kind of reporting environment before but the end outcome was well worth it. I am very impressed and proud of my pupils' work."

When asked what advice the group would give another school when reporting on such an event, Lennon said: "Try your best and don't give up because when you've finished your work you feel good about it."

You can see more of the pupils work on their school's website

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