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Schools lit up by Torch Relay announcement

School Reporters in Dudley
Covering the announcement took these School Reporters to a museum in Dudley

London may be the host city for the 2012 Olympics, but the Torch Relay will give millions of people all over the UK the chance to get involved in the story of the Games.

The route has been designed to bring the torch within an hour's travel of 95% of the UK population over the course of its 70-day journey.

School Reporters across the UK offered a perspective from their local area when the route was officially unveiled on 7 November, and here is a flavour of their opinions and stories:

Leytonstone Business & Enterprise Specialist School, east London:

"We love the torch! It's great that its design has meaning and represents so many important aspects of the our games!

"It is fantastic that it will reach so many people, and so many communities. It's so exciting to know that young people will be involved in the relay! We will definitely be celebrating the arrival of the torch in our town on 21 July 2012!" - Natalie, Natasha, Jodan, Cameron, Ruben & Eliza (Sports Leaders)

De La Salle Academy, Liverpool:

"This is a great opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience. We will definitely be going to the event at the Pier Head!" - James, Year 9

"It will be an amazing event for the flame to go through Liverpool and for the people in the city to have a part in the Olympics." - Liam and Michael, Year 9

"It's a great way to bring the community together and we are sure that Liverpool will rise to the occasion and put on a good party as always!" - Jordan and Conor, Year 9

St John Wall Catholic School, Handsworth

Students Hawa, Manisha and Raman travelled to the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley to report on the announcement.

The museum will see the torch pass through on board some unusual transport in the shape of a vintage tram and a canal boat!

Their radio package about the Torch Relay in Dudley was broadcast by BBC WM, and features interviews with museum staff and local sporting experts.

Sackville School, East Grinstead:

"I think that it is really cool that the torch is coming through East Grinstead, and it's good for the town too!" - Thomas, 11

"I can't believe that it's going through East Grinstead!" - Olivia, 11

"Nothing exciting EVER happens in East Grinstead, can't believe the torch is passing through here!" - Sam, 13

"I'm happy because I will see the torch. It's amazing that the torch is coming here!" - Andy, 11

Abby, 13, from Sackville School in East Grinstead is hoping to be carrying the genuine Olympic torch next year
Abby hopes to be carrying the genuine Olympic torch next year after being nominated

"I feel so privileged that the Olympic torch is being carried through East Grinstead." - Alex, 11

The school also has several potential torch bearers, including Abby, 13:

"I can't believe it; I would feel so privileged to carry the torch through East Grinstead," said Abby.

"I was really shocked to be nominated, but I'm absolutely thrilled!"

Catmose College, Rutland

Pupils at Catmose College produced two video reports about the Torch Relay.

The first details the route the torch will take it on its journey through the local area, while the second features an interview with Josh, a student who has been nominated to carry the torch.

William Brookes School, Much Wenlock

The School Reporters at William Brookes School were able to grab experienced BBC journalist Claire Marshall for her tips with Midlands Today sending a team to the school!

Their interview with Claire will be broadcast around the school on Friday as a feature on the school radio broadcast.

Tara was interviewer, with Zach and Oliver doing all the AV.

Choir at William Brookes School
The William Brookes School choir in full voice

The school's choir also became part of the story, singing a special Olympic song called "Bringing Home the Dream," written by local composer, Tom Davidson.

The Olympic dream is coming home to Much Wenlock where William Penny Brookes (the man who inspired the creation of the modern international Olympics) was born and where the Wenlock Olympian Society have centred their Games since 1850.

Mayfield School, Redbridge

School Reporters at Mayfield School took the chance to record interviews with some of the sixth-formers to gauge the level of interest inwatching the torch come to their area.

The answers revealed a wide range of opinions, from complete indifference to great excitement!

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