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500 days to go to the Olympics!

Plans for the Olympic stadium are well under way.
The Olympic Park site is currently part amazing stadiums, part building site

With 500 days to go until the start of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, School Reporters from Plumstead Manor School and St Marylebone School were given the chance to go to the Olympic Park in Stratford.

The site, which has so far cost in the region of £7bn to develop, will be the centre of attention for sports fans across the world next year.

Here is one pupil's report on their day at the Olympic Park and interviewing one of the key officials from the Olympic Delivery Authority.

By Emily
Plumstead Manor School, Greenwich

The Olympic Park in Stratford will host much of the action at the Games, and we got a guided tour of the site with Jerome Frost, the head of design at the Olympic Design Authority.

Jerome gave us a tour around the park and told us some really interesting information. For example, the seats in some of the stadiums are on hire, and after the Games will be given back so that there will be more suitably sized venues ready for smaller-scale competitions like world championships!

The tour and the information consisted of everything in the Park: from the 80,000-capacity Olympic Stadium partly made out of recycled gas pipes to the flowers that have been specially designed to bloom in late July, just in time for the Olympics!

It all sounded pretty complicated, especially when Jerome told us that each building had to be specifically designed to make sure that it would benefit the local people in Stratford, once the Games had been completed.

The team involved in designing the Olympic Park had very hard and complex tasks that needed to be thought long and hard about, to decide what was the best decision to do with each building after the Games.

The Park is very efficient, with the environment and local people very much in the thoughts of the architects when designing it, as it is an environmentally friendly project that sits on a former contaminated industrial site!

"What really inspired us is what this place could become after the Games," Jerome told me when I interviewed him after the tour.

"We really set out to create a new piece of London."

Overall 10 girls from Plumstead Manor School, all of whom had some sort of involvement in sport, whether they were a Olympic Committee member, like myself or a regional champion, were invited to the trip.

Emily (right) interviews Jerome Frost
Emily (right) interviews ODA head of design Jerome Frost

We were all very excited after going around the tour and knowing that it was soon to be 500 days to the Olympics on Tuesday!

Omolade, who won the Greenwich School Cross Country, and came 10th in the London Schools Cross Country, said: "I thought the trip was an amazing experience and I am really excited for the Olympic Games as this will inspire me to achieve even more than I have already done before."

On behalf of all the students on the trip, I would like to thank Jerome Frost and his team, and the staff from the BBC and Plumstead Manor School for making the trip possible.

In pics: School Report at London's Olympic Park
14 Mar 11 |  School Report 2012


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