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Starting out with School Report?

School Reporters get ready for work

Thanks for registering and welcome to School Report - the BBC's exciting project which gives 11-16 year olds the chance to make the news for real!

We try to make the project straightforward to run in the classroom and provide lots of teaching resources and classroom activities, but there are a few steps for teachers to take, which we will outline here, along with other essential information.

What do I do first?

To take part in School Report, there are three stages that we ask you to complete:

1. (If you haven't already) Register your school: This gives access to regular School Report emails and invitations to briefing events and the chance to receive School Report learning resources.

Schools only need to register once, not every year, but we do need up-to-date contact details for a Lead Teacher.

2. Return the Head Teacher Agreement form: Once this form (Form 1) is returned, schools become part of the School Report Network.

This gives you permission to use BBC News School Report 2012 branding, the chance to take part in monthly training days and receive one-to-one advice from BBC members of staff, either by phone, email or sometimes in person.

3. Return the Head Teacher Consent form: By returning the second piece of paperwork (Form 2), schools become part of the School Report Team and pupils become School Reporters, and start reporting for real.

We can link to your School Report page on your school website and bring a huge audience to your work.

Forms 1 and 2 have to be completed each year by every school.

4. Start thinking about preparing a dedicated web page for your students' news on your school website to receive a link from the School Report map. Speak to the people at your school who look after the website.

Send us the link as soon as you have it. Discuss with your ICT department how much data your page can host.

Ensure that you are familiar with our advice on how to keep your news safe and legal.

5. Put 15 March 2012 in your diary! This is School Report News Day, when thousands of students all over the UK will create the news.

What happens next?

Familiarise yourself with the project - have a look at our updated lesson plans and pick and mix resources for teachers.

We also have new video masterclasses, filmed with BBC journalists to offer some real-life tips and an insight into how we make the news.

They are also all available to download for use in the classroom. Click here to download the video files.

Decide if you want to use any of the masterclasses, other resources or lesson plans and if so when and how?

Come along to a teacher briefing session. The first will be held in London on 10 October 2011, and then we'll be taking the workshops around the UK. Look out for more information later in the autumn term.

Stretford whole school photo with School Report lanywards
Every pupil at Stretford Grammar has signed up for School Report 2012!

Decide who will be your School Reporters - a small group, a class, a year group or even the whole school!

Tell them they are the reporters for their school and community - we want to hear what is happening in your school and community and what your students think about it.

Give your students a voice and encourage them to pay attention to the news: think about it, discuss it and make notes!

Suggested timeline

We want to get as much of your work as possible on air and online, so as soon as you have stories or ideas let us know.

October to December 2011

The evenings are getting darker and gloomier and the work is piling up.... but don't panic, you are not alone on School Report - contact us if you need any help or advice at

You can use this time to run the lesson plans and/or pick and mix resources in the classroom to teach pupils the skills and concepts involved.

And why not have a go at reporting?

Practice News Days

Try to join in with one of our practice news days on 18 November 2011, 8 December 2011, 19 January 2012 and 8 February 2012.

These are not compulsory at all, but a good chance for a dress rehearsal or to include more students in the project.

For an example of some of the activities schools got up to on one of the Practice News Days in February 2011, click here:

Give it a go!

January 2012

Refreshed after the Christmas break? Now's the time to prepare for News Day!

Here's a few questions to have a think about. You might not need or want to answer them all, but it should give you some food for thought.

Do you have a team? Have they been assigned roles? Have you booked a room? Arranged cover for lessons?

Will you prepare any features in advance? Will you film on a camera/record audio/write text/take photos?

Do you have the right equipment? Have a look at a News Day lesson plan.

Singer Tinie Tempah
Singer Tinie Tempah is among the famous names to have been interviewed by School Reporters

Think about guests - do you want any? Who will they be? Are they available? Do you want to approach celebrities to take part?

Will you work with schools in other countries?

Get all your plans in place so that you are not stressed on the day!

February 2012

Get your hands on some School Report goodies!

Keep an eye out for your free School Report lanyards and press cards, pens and don't forget to download posters and microphone cubes to make sure everyone at school knows that your students are official BBC School Reporters.

Get some publicity. Tell the other staff at your school, your local newspaper and of course us at BBC News School Report what you are planning.

Make your students' voices as loud as you can (metaphorically speaking!).

15 March 2012

The wait is over - it's News Day.

Join hundreds of other schools across the UK making the news for real! Make your classroom feel like a newsroom - don't forget to give countdowns, monitor for breaking news, hold editorial meetings to discuss your running order and make your news by 2pm.

Upload your reports to your school's School Report web page by 4pm.

At the BBC we'll be sending our audience to your websites, keeping in touch with you all day, broadcasting some of your reports on TV, on radio and online, and publishing your 'shout outs' to your School Reporters on our website. It will be an exhilarating, exhausting and rewarding day.

Post 15th March

Evaluate your work here.

And keep on reporting!

Report 2012 with the BBC
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