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School Report: Writing around obstacles

School reporters
Our Lady's High School reporters broadcast an item on recycling

School Report day 2011 brought out the resourcefulness of this year's young journalists at Our Lady's Convent High School in Hackney, east London.

The school of 700 pupils is being rebuilt and the reporters worked around their peers and teachers who needed access to the classrooms at different periods of the day.

The six budding reporters were undeterred and produced three articles and three video broadcasts by the 1400 deadline.

Waste not

Their themes were: recycling, road crossing safety and stray dogs.

The team working on recycling had initially opted for Haiti's recovery. However, the girls decided there were many more resources at hand in the school to illustrate and investigate the issue of waste management.

At around 0930 the pupils went online and began researching and looking for interesting facts and figures to bring their stories to life.

School reporters
The deadline looms for the reporters at Our Lady's in Hackney

Pupils Isabelle, Idyllyn and Brittany found statistics that equate the amount of waste in London to that of an Olympic-sized swimming pool being filled every hour.


At morning break the reporters took the opportunity to find interviewees for their reports.

Maeve and Daphne, whose story was about stray dogs, got a useful quote from their French teacher.

The girls were surprised by the outcomes of their reports because they'd had fixed ideas about what their interviewees would say.

Natasha, who wrote an article about road safety, said:

"Maybe it's because we're younger"

Mission impossible?

Adrenaline flowed as the team worked to put together the video reports on the findings of their research.

All the girls appeared in front of the camera for the broadcast versions of their stories.

The six reporters used creativity to get the desired TV effect as the presented clear, informative stories for their contribution to BBC School Report 2011.

It was mission accomplished, and teacher Jamie Euden said: "I think the girls really got a lot out of it and will hopefully remember the day for years to come!"


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