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News Day as it happened

Highlights from 2011 School Report News Day

Thousands of students from more than 800 schools all over the UK have been reporting the news for the 2011 School Report News Day.

See Thursday's news-making as it happened and all the day's top stories here.


The School Report team reviewed some of the school websites to see how their final News Day content looked.

Oldham City Learning Centre
Local students created their news bulletin, providing a round-up of the latest local headlines. They interviewed teachers and students about their preparations for News Day, and looked into the condition of the roads in Oldham. They also investigated the increase in underage Facebook users, including an interview with the Head of Youth Safety in Oldham.

Sheffield East City Learning Centre
News from Japan and a look at how the governments budget cuts would affect students formed part of the national and international News round-up. Pupils also reported on an investigation into how some enterprising pupils are making waves with their own bath bombs and information about a school trip to Africa. The schools attending the City Learning Centre were Birley Community College, Handsworch Grange Community Sports College and The City School.

Newquay Tretherras School, Cornwall
Local issues took priority at in Cornwall on News Day. The School Reporters tackled a range of topics that have been affecting the school and its hinterland. A tremendous feature on the problem of underage trading in and around Newquay was a highlight.

The Holy Family Catholic School, West Yorkshire
School Reporters produced a thorough news bulletin during News Day, which included interviews with spelling bee finalists, vox pops on fasting for Lent and teacher interviews on the recent school trip to Sri Lanka.

Melland High School, Manchester
Musical talents stole the show on News Day 2011 when School Reporters showcased their fellow gifted students performing at an array of public musical shows.

Walbottle Campus Technology College, Newcastle
Students interviewed English and Drama teacher Mr McDonald to find out about World Book Night and asked him about his favourite books. The school included some exclusive footage of English teacher Ms Marsden distributing free books on the Tyne and Wear Metro and also had time to find out some of the students' favourite books.

Thornliebank Primary School, Scotland
The pupils created a wealth of school-based reports on News Day. In addition, School Reporters Anna, Lee, Lucy and Arman were lucky enough to attend a press conference with the Glasgow Warriors to find out about their forthcoming European Cup tie.

The Sutton Academy, Merseyside
The budding journalists produced a short video report on the benefits of the school's recent Super Learning Day which saw students across various age groups spend time together in the classroom by taking part in activities that they would not usually be able to during a regular school day.

The Nottingham Bluecoat School
School Reporters produced a variety of news reports comprising both written reports and video. Among the broad range of topics was a video about how the introduction of the English baccalaureate might affect the curriculum in faith schools.

The Mosslands School, Merseyside
The reporting team's professional news anchor, Isaac, hosted a wonderful news bulletin from Liverpool with a strong focus on Comic Relief fundraising efforts, and the school's recent football success.

Huxlow Science College, Northamptonshire
The school produced an array of written reports on News Day covering topics from Comic Relief to the power struggle in Libya. One report that caught the eye was an in-depth feature on child obesity. School Reporters Abbie and Sophia submitted a well researched piece, highlighting the many risks of the disease.

Droitwich Spa High School, Worcestershire
A highlight was a video by School Reporter Hannah, a third generation pupil at the Worcestershire school. The aspiring video journalist decided to mark her family's loyalty to the school by interviewing her grandfather and former deputy head teacher, John, about his life and career.

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Dartford Grammar School, Kent
School Reporters produced a comprehensive news website for School Report 2011. A large number of news reports dominate the site, categorised from food to foreign affairs, and sport to science and technology. The reportage on display is thorough and beautifully presented. In addition to presenting current affairs topics, many of the Kent reporters went to great lengths to present balanced arguments when offering erudite analysis and opinion.

Cirencester Kingshill School, Gloucestershire
School Reporters produced several video reports looking at the effects of a new housing development in the Cotswolds. The intrepid reporters posed a number of questions to the developers as they looked to ensure that the aesthetics for the new development were in keeping with the surroundings of Cirencester, and that all the homes with built with energy efficiency in mind.

St Peter's Catholic High School, Wigan
Pupils asked whether religion is becoming less significant in Britain today, and also had a look at the impact the introduction of the English Baccalaureate could have on Religious Education. They went on to investigate the state of the roads in their area, and see what travel improvements are being made to benefit the community.

Rainhill High School, Lancashire
Students looked into the story of the sixth formers from their school who are taking part in the World Challenge in Kenya and Uganda to raise money for charity. They also reported on a Year 11 swimming champion, and investigate the different ways students at their school raised money for Comic Relief this year, including a talent show competition.

Morpeth School, London
Students from the Playing for Success centre looked into the biggest change to their school's curriculum in 100 years, and spoke to their deputy headmistress about what it will mean to pupils. They also investigated how their school will soon be home to the 'Wembley of Table Tennis', after being chosen as a training facility for Olympic teams in 2012. And they took a look at the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, which is looking for new ways to give to charity.

Oasis Academy Oldham
Students attended the Oldham CLC to create their news bulletin, providing a round-up of the latest local headlines. They interviewed teachers and students about their preparations for News Day, and looked into the condition of the roads in Oldham. Plus, they investigated the increase in underage Facebook users, including an interview with the Head of Youth Safety in Oldham.

Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney
Students created a video bulletin covering all of the latest headlines, including an update from Japan. They asked their geography teacher to explain the science behind earthquakes and tsunamis, and got a physics teacher to tell them more about the risk of radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant. Closer to home, they chatted to one member of a local jet ski team to see what they are doing to raise money for charity, and spoke to the head of construction at their new school building.

Birley Community College, Sheffield
Students provided a round-up of the latest national and international headlines, including news from Japan and a look at how the government's budget cuts will affect students. Plus, an investigation into how some enterprising pupils are making waves with their own bath bombs, and information about a school trip to Africa.

Lasswade High School, Scotland
Students provided a round-up of the latest national and international headlines, including news from Edinburgh Zoo, and the latest on the Scotland football team's passionate fans, the Tartan Army. They also interviewed two pupils about their visit to a school in Shanghai and how it has affected their approach to education, and chatted to one of their teachers about his new job in Beijing. Plus, they have exclusive interviews with writers Keith Gray and Nicola Morgan, and Midlothian's longest serving lollipop lady!

Hayes Secondary School, Kent
Students covered a whole range of news topics in their video bulletin. They interviewed teachers and a local MP about the situation in Libya, investigated the English Baccalaureate with the head teacher, and looked into crime levels in their local area with a local policeman. They also looked at their innovative science department, who are filming their experiments, and asked whether fashion has gone too far in its search for perfection. Plus a report on bike safety and a chat with a school karate champion!

Quintin Kynaston School, London
School Reporters covered their head teacher's interesting plans to build a hostel for homeless pupils. They interviewed Ms Shuter about the proposals for QK House and what she thinks it would offer pupils in need. They also spoke to two students who have firsthand experience of living in hostels.

Overton Grange School, Surrey
The reporters created a TV news bulletin on News Day, covering events in Japan and the impact the budget is expected to have on the UK. But they also found time to investigate plans for schools in Sutton to become academies. And of course, there was a look ahead at the big match between England and Wales.

Francis Combe Academy, Watford
Reporters looked into the past and present state of their school. They investigated how their school was first established and how it is moving into the modern age with a new building. They also reported on how their future school will be more environmentally friendly, and interviewed the principal on the topic.

Skull and crossbones
Chantry High School, Ipswich
Two School Reporters from were lucky enough to travel down to London to take part in a special School Report press conference with Prime Minister David Cameron. For their News Day output, the pair took a look back at their day, and gave their opinion on Downing Street and the Prime Minister himself. Students also reported on the evolving situation in Japan, including the latest Foreign Office advice, plus details of how their school raised money for Comic Relief with a sponsored 'Pirate Day'!

Central Foundation Girls' School, London
Students had a closer look at the continuing situation in the Middle East. In their School Report output, they interviewed a local Tunisian man, along with students and teachers from their school to get their opinion on how the West has responded to the situation.

Bury Church Of England High School
Students looked at the latest headlines from around the globe, including an investigation into the Japan earthquake and tsunami, and its impact on an individual family. They also asked pupils from their school what they think of the introduction of the controversial Igo bus pass for under 16s, and investigated the effect the recession will have on teenagers and students.

Biggar High School, South Lanarkshire
Students covered a whole range of local topics in their School Report. They celebrated the sporting success of some of their classmates in taekwondo and swimming, and took a look at the fantastic fundraising that their school has been doing to help cancer charities.

Wednesfield High School, Wolverhampton
Pupils have been reporting on the construction of their brand new sports hall and games area. School Reporters also got the chance to taste test some prize-winning sausages made by one of their classmates and covered a charity leg wax held at their school!

Titus Salt School, Bradford
The discovery of a footprint believed to have been made by a Roman child 2,000 years ago was just one of the stories covered by the School Reporters in Shipley. The students also reported on space shuttle Discovery's last flight.

The Blue Coat School, Oldham
Students made the death of an Argentine turtle that had eaten too much plastic the top story on their bulletin. They interviewed Mr Ford, one of their science teachers, who suggested it showed the impact pollution is having on wildlife.

St John Plessington Catholic College, Wirral
School Reporters devoted some of their bulletin to Japan's earthquake and tsunami. They interviewed experts about why the earthquake happened and the consequences of the disaster for the people of Japan.

London 2012 logo
St Cecilia's College, Derry
Siun and Carolanne are students at St Cecilia's and they're also ambassadors for the Olympic and Paralympics Games. School Reporters saw their chance to get the inside story on what they'll be getting up to over the next year and arranged an interview with the girls. They also produced a news bulletin, rounding up the big stories on their patch.

Bexley Grammar School, Kent
Students from Bexley Grammar School in Kent had a look at the latest headlines from Japan and Libya, and investigated how the budget cuts might affect drivers and library users in the area. They also investigated the latest news from their school, including an update on the house-points race, and a recent trip to Belgium.

Accrington Academy, Lancashire
Students presented a report on their school's ROOTS project, which will see the construction of Britain's first fully sustainable classroom. They looked at how their eco-classroom was designed, and interviewed some students about how the project will affect pupils and the local community. Plus they took a look at the site of their new wildlife garden, and chat about what animals could be paying a visit to the site.

Liz Taylor
Rastrick High School, Calderdale
Pupils from Rastrick High School did a fantastic job rounding up all sorts of news. School Reporters touched on everything ranging from the school's premises manager, to the conflict in Libya, earthquake in Japan and the death of Liz Taylor. Keep a look out for a really nice feature on Shirley Graham, the premises manager.

St Crispin's School, Wokingham
The pupils produced a very detailed account of their School Report day, providing a wealth of stories about gender equal societies via the popularity of women's football and a feature on the school's upcoming production of the musical, 'Rent'.

Tettenhall College, Wolverhampton
School Reporters from Tettenhall College have an extraordinarily detailed website with a huge amount of content. Pupils have developed and compiled reports on everything from folk music, to comment and opinion pieces about student laziness and gangs. The school has done a wonderful job wrapping up the different angles to the wide variety of stories. It's definitely a good idea to check out the interview with the school's new headmaster...

The Kimberley School, Nottinghamshire
Pupils showed some real intrepid journalism during their School Report. The lead of their broadcast saw School Reporters trying to chase down the Prime Minister and Deputy PM during a visit to Nottingham. Their chase didn't yield the ultimate result, but the School Reporters scored a nice interview with a PR rep from Alliance Boots who spoke about the PM and Nick Clegg's visit. The school's output was filled with variety - covering everything from sport, to a local charity established after a fellow pupil died after a brain tumour.

Falmouth School, Cornwall
School Reporters interviewed famous TV chef Rick Stein about his career and got some tips for young people who are interested in a career in the kitchen. They also reported on plans to change their school uniform and one student even interviewed his dad, who is about to climb to Mount Everest's base camp!

Gordon's School, Surrey
The newsdesk at Gordon's School in Surrey tackled some of the big international stories of the day in their bulletin, covering the latest news from Libya and Japan. But they also found time to mention the big stories on their patch, including a a fire and plans to revamp a local shopping centre.

Haughton Community School, Durham
Pupils wanted to find out more about how the new English Baccalaureate will affect their classmates and teachers. School Reporters interviewed students who were unhappy about having to drop some subjects and spoke to teachers who were concerned about the number of students they will have in their classes. Their story aired during their 2pm news bulletin.

London 2012 logo
Haygrove School, Somerset
Pupils at Haygrove School found out what locals thought about plans to build a new nuclear power station in their area. They also landed an interview with an ex-student who is hoping to compete in the trampolining competition at London 2012.

Cardinal Hume Catholic School
School Reporters interviewed a teacher at the Heworth Grange City Learning Centre to find out how she educates young people about being safe online. They found out about the importance of being careful with their personal information when using the internet.

Kingussie High School, Scotland
Pupils in the Highlands reported in both English and Gaelic during their news bulletin and investigated how a new heating system at their school will keep their classrooms warm next winter. They also included an item about the recent food and film festival held at the school.

Lister Community School, London
School Reporters were determined to discover how their new school building had changed life for other students and teachers. Their video report saw them interviewing their classmates and asking teachers for their views on the school's new facilities.

Mortimer Community College, Tyne and Wear
Last year, students worked with artist Alex Millar to create their own masterpieces. But now School Reporters at the college have a new story to write about: their classmates' artwork has gone on display on Metro station platforms near the Great North Museum in Newcastle.

Walton High, Buckinghamshire
Students from the Milton Keynes school completed a mammoth day of micro-blogging, constantly updating users of their website on how their News Day was ticking along. They also created an audio bulletin in the style of BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, with news and sport headlines from across the globe.

Nottingham University Samworth Academy
Students from the academy provided the latest news from around the globe, with an update on the situation in Japan and the latest from Yemen. They also interviewed some staff from their school about their reaction to the death of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and also provided the local news and latest sport and weather headlines.

The Gloucester School, Germany
Students from the forces school reported on what life is really like studying in a school for the children of servicemen and women. They looked at what it's like for children living in multi-lingual households, and investigate how the German community will change when all British Forces leave Germany by 2020. There were also articles on the latest from Libya, and the suitability of footballers as role models for children.

Erith School, Kent
Ahead of News Day, students spent a morning working with BBC Radio 4 producer China Collins, who offered advice on choosing the right story and helped pupils hone their interview skills. They practised their new technique in a video report from a local care home, where they spoke to residents about how their childhoods differed from their own. They also wrote a range of national and international news stories for their school website.

England captain John Terry
St Albans School, Hertfordshire
Three students from the school were lucky enough to report from the England football team's training ground ahead of their European Championship qualifier against Wales. They also attended a press conference, and got a chance to pose a question to reappointed captain John Terry. Away from sport, School Reporters did a newspaper review, including a round-up of the latest national and international stories and reported from St Albans Abbey ahead of the Joint Schools' Concert.

Selby High School, North Yorkshire Students investigated how the recession and government budget cuts will affect their close-knit community. They interviewed local charities, businesses and councillors to see how they think the area will cope. They also got the chance to broadcast live on BBC Radio York on News Day, and were visited by the BBC radio bus!

Singer Rihanna
The Long Eaton School, Derbyshire
Students concentrated on looking into the censorship of pop superstar Rihanna's latest song 'S&M'. They interviewed pupils and teachers at their school to see what they think of the controversial tune.

Theale Green Community School, Reading
School Reporters looked into a good local story about a new police website which looks at neighbourhood crime statistics, including an interview with their teacher Mr Upton, who was a recent victim of burglary. They also investigated what pupils at their school did to raise money for Comic Relief, and probed how the Reading Festival has changed over the years.

Villiers High School, West London
Students investigated the impact of Ealing Council's budget cuts, and had a closer look at the proposed regeneration plans for Southall. They also covered some breaking news from the House of Lords, and checked out Southall's royal links, ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

Marcus Trescothick
Winterbourne International Academy, Bristol
Students in Bristol reported from the opening of their new school sports hall, opened by England and Somerset cricket legend Marcus Trescothick. They also took a look back at their Chinese New Year celebrations, and their recent video conference with a school in New York. Plus a local weather round-up, and the surprising story of a sumo wrestler who stole a cash machine!

Studley High School
Pupils managed to land a big-name interview time with Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine and also did a really wonderful job addressing some different local and school stories through some canny use of video and text. It was also really interesting to see the school cover the current debate to either stay as a school or become an academy.

Tadcaster Grammar School, North Yorkshire
Students delved into their local area with amazing enthusiasm and depth. On their site, pupils produced countless amounts of text stories about a variety of local issues, including the persistent flooding plaguing the area, the rise in student fees and Comic Relief. The students were mentored by Adam Tomilson, Radio York's breakfast presenter who gave the students a chance to go live on air with him.

The Bramcote Park Business & Enterprise School
Pupils from the Bramcote Park sports, business and enterprise school in Nottingham covered a lot of ground in their School Report. Their stories effectively localised national and international news, as well as reporting on events that were specific to their school.

One of the pieces that really stood out was their report and interview with a former student and now Olympic volleyball player. The interview was in-depth and covered a lot of ground, but what was especially impressive was how they managed the interview over Skype.

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The Coleshill School, Warwickshire
Pupils from the Coleshill School did a wonderful job tying up the news that most affects their lives. The school, which focuses on maths and the sciences, clearly understood the concept of School Report after their main report, very much stylised like a real newscast, touched on very local, school-based, issues, but also had dedicated sections to international news like the death of Liz Taylor, and sports coverage. Keep an eye out for the lead piece, which is a nice little report with outstanding camera work, about the school's work with Comic Relief.

The Friary School, Staffordshire
Pupils have a pretty slick production on their hands. Their six or so minute long news spot is all about the construction of High Speed 2, the railroad that would have a massive impact on the local community. The School Reporters did a top-notch job of summing up the issues and reporting responsibly on both sides. Though this was their only report, it was extremely well thought-out and executed. It fits the adage, quality, not quantity, to a tee.

The Kings of Wessex School, Somerset
Pupils produced a really tidy website that showcased two video reports and one text-based news report. All of the reports were really well done, especially the text interview with a student who had travelled to Auschwitz. Another standout piece was the school's package about the Royal Wedding. School Reporters did a great job using a variety of sources including students and staff.

Droylesdon Academy, Manchester
Students report on the dispute surrounding the authenticity of a Mayan statue, sold for £2.5 million at a Paris auction house. In addition, they have an update on the crisis in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami, investigate where Comic Relief money is spent, and look at the plans for their new school building and how it might improve their education.

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Ecclesfield School, Sheffield
Students investigate the standards of canteen food in their school, and ask teachers and pupils what they think of the "slop they call food". They also take a look at the reasons behind the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the impact that the introduction of the English Baccalaureate may have on teachers and pupils in the school.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College, Islington
Students look at the history of their school, and explain how a new school building will change their environment for the better. They have a video interview with their head teacher and the school police officer, and take a look at the exciting plans for their future school development.

It's raining at Wimbledon
Evesham High School, Worcestershire
Students investigate Taylor Wimpey's housing development plans, and take a look at the weather in their area - which was badly hit by flooding in 2007. They also remember the New Zealand earthquake a month after the event, and create a timeline commemorating the life of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor.

Farringdon Community Sports College, Sunderland
Students learn together with the older generation as part of the BBC's First Click project. They also investigate school funding cuts, looking at how it could affect their sports college, and have created a picture diary of a day in the life of their head teacher Mr Kemp.

Love is in the air
Felpham Community College, West Sussex
Students ask if people will be bagging a weekly date with their weekly shop on supermarket dating websites. School Reporters reveal the total of their fundraising efforts during charity week and have a Comic Relief rundown. There's also an interview with the head teacher about Building Schools for the Future and an update on the situation in Japan.

Forrester High School, Edinburgh
Pupils reveal all about "Sunshine" and "Sweetness" - the Giant Pandas that are taking Edinburgh by storm. School Reporters also look into the mystery of the Lindow man and have some heated debates over box office hit Avatar and pop superstar Justin Beiber.

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George Stephenson High School, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
School Reporters investigate the new tunnel that's changing how local people travel in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. There's the latest update from Japan, with a lesson from the Geography department about tsunamis and a look at the latest trend that's taking the school by storm - finger boarding.

Glastry College, County Down
The young journalists highlight a range of sporting news in their online report. School Reporters provide a match summary from the Ballywalter youth football team's first cup match and take a closer look at a new horse riding club taking the area by storm.

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Great Barr School, Birmingham
School Reporters ask "Do we have a say?" They've been investigating the impact of education cuts, the introduction of the English Baccalaureate, and the increase in university tuition fees. They were joined in the studio by members of staff from their school to discuss how their futures could be affected.

Parkhill Primary School, Fife
Pupils report on how they've been raising money for charity by writing their own books. Their gym hall was transformed into an auction house where they sold off their work to the highest bidder.

The match is over
Roseberry Sports and Community College, County Durham
Students report from a school trampoline competition, and interview their teachers about what they did for Comic Relief. Their website also contains a video with all the latest news from across the globe and an exclusive interview with some Shri Lankan visitors.

Sandringham School, Hertfordshire
Some pupils went along to BBC Television Centre in London for a tour of the facilities and created a video about what happened on the day. Their website also contains an exclusive interview with one of the extras from Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and a chat with staff members about what they think of plans to turn the school into an academy.

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Sirius Academy, Yorkshire
School Reporters were joined in the studio by two members of their award winning Year 10 Rugby team, talking about their unbeaten record and hopes for the new season. The website also contains an update about the inspirational new school building opening in August, and a round-up of national and international news including the latest from Japan and Libya.

Egglescliffe School, Stockton-Upon-Tees
Young journalists report from a local supermarket about their sustainability project, aimed at reducing the number of plastic bags used by shoppers. They also take a look at one teacher's plan to link their school with pupils in Nepal - and investigate inconsistent hospital referral times. Plus, they have a round-up of the day's biggest stories from across the globe.

Stanchester Community School, Somerset
Two pupils from this school were among those chosen to attend a special press conference with the Prime Minister. After practicing their questions with BBC Radio 5 live's John Pienaar and getting a guided tour of Downing Street, School Reporter Kelsie quizzed David Cameron about the safety of Britain's nuclear power stations. The school also landed an interview with singer songwriter Billy Bragg.

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Stafford Sports College

School Reporters have been investigating the role of technology in their classmates' lives. They reported on mobile phone use at their school and even grilled one of their teachers about whether he uses his mobile in school. They also talked to students and teachers about the impact video games have on learning.

St Richard's Catholic College, East Sussex
Plans to give Bexhill seafront a makeover have caused debate amongst local people who have been worried about what impact it will have on the area. School Reporters from St Richard's Catholic College sat down with councillor Michael Ensor to find out why he thinks changes are needed. They also got the inside scoop on The Faftons, a new band formed by fellow students.

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St Ninian's High School, Glasgow
School Reporters compiled a special report about where their classmates choose to eat lunch. They vox-popped fellow pupils to find out what makes them decide to eat in the canteen and what tempts them to go to the main street instead. They also quizzed their head teacher about the choices pupils make and investigated what impact fast food lunches could have on their health.

St Mark's School, Bath
Pupils have been busy investigating the history of their local area. They visited local businesses in Larkhall, where they talked to local people about their memories of the area. They discovered the history of the high street and found out what people most enjoyed about living there.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
Bellshill Academy, North Lanarkshire
Students talk to the sports development manager for North Lanarkshire Leisure about the National Children's Games being held in the area this summer. They also take a look at the schools popular badminton club. They also investigate the impact of the digital switchover on the older generation and broadcast a weather update using their very own school weather centre.

Bebington High Sports College, Merseyside Students from the Sports College on the Wirral visit the Merseyside Police Mounted Section to meet the horses that protect the streets of Liverpool. They look at a day in the life of a police horse, meet some of the horses, and investigate the 125-year history of the force during a visit to the stables in Allerton.

Bartley Green School, Birmingham
Students investigate a new scheme to build homes for ex-service men and women in Birmingham. They also visit the Custard Factory in the arts quarter of the city, to see how their creativity may be affected by government cuts. There's also an update on all of the latest global headlines, a prom fashion show and a look at the nationwide obesity problem.

London 2012 logo
Barnhill Community School, Middlesex
Students investigate how technology has changed over the years, and look at new technology on the horizon, including holograms, flying cars and teleportation. They also have an update on all of the Royal wedding gossip, and a round-up of sports news, ahead of the Olympics in 2012.

JFS, Kingsbury
The school website carried 19 text stories and four videos from a busy day's reporting. The subjects of the written reports ranged from Global Warming, an interview with the designer of one of the Olympic 50p coins, an account of a trip to BBC Television Centre and a report on an interview with presenter Mark Chapman, news round-ups from the day, an interview with Colonel Richard Kemp about the War on Terror, and features on women's football and on the Census. The video reports contain interviews with fellow pupils about Global Warming, an interview with the school's head of sixth form and their careers advisor and an interview with one of the writers of Skins, who is the sister of one of the pupils. The final video is a BBC piece about a visit to the school by Charlton Ladies player Jessica Creighton who coached the girls and was then interviewed by them. A good website covering a wide range of topics.

Aston Fields Middle School, Bromsgrove
Aston Fields produced a website with a variety of content - some in text, some in audio and some in video together with photographs of the various teams who worked on the output. In their local news section they had radio reports on cycling, Comic Relief and the Budget - two of which were also in video. The national news page featured text stories about a fake Mayan sculpture being sold for big money and the bomb at Moscow Airport together with radio reports on that incident as well as others on a bomb hoax at the Eiffel Tower and the production of a TV drama about the Titanic. There was also sports news on Wales v England and other top football stories and international news on Libya and Japan. The final section was on the School Report survey with a graph illustrating some of the answers. They focussed on how many children had helped adults in their family use the internet, their opinion on the Royal Family and whether or not they expected to go to university. Nice to see three different forms of media used in the students' reports.

Eckington School, Derbyshire
The school made a video report about their preparations for the London 2012 Olympics. They interviewed teachers and pupils about programmes being introduced at the school around the Games, their participation in the Get Set programme. Then they moved on to a quick feature about the Royal Wedding and then interviewed a teacher about a dance competition some of the students had entered. This was all in a short bulletin but the longer version also contained some international news with reports on the Japanese tsunami and Libya as well as report on the School Report survey, with a detailed analysis of the school's results. They then moved on to the boost to the budget of UK space programmes, a strike at Sheffield Hallam University, the death of famous polar bear Knut, and the possibility that Frank Lampard could lose his place in the England side for the first time in eight years in the game away to Wales on Saturday as well as some other sports news. There was a traditional ending with a weather forecast. Another well-presented variety of video news reports.

Hounsdown School, Southampton
The school produced a very professional series of video reports. One was an interview with a 15-year-old girl who had a heart attack at school. She has been treated at a local hospital which is threatened with closure and the pupils conducted interviews with staff and other affected people and also a doctor in a separate report. There were also two reports on the positives and negatives of flouridation, one on graffiti and another on the school's visit to BBC Television Centre. Each report is well-researched with lots of interviews and very professional captions. All in all the school produced some tremendous content, which clearly took a lot of time and effort to deliver.

Mascalls School, Paddock Wood
The school made a very varied 27-minute news video bulletin with lots of interviews. They spoke to the headmaster, teachers and a governor about the school possibly becoming an Academy and also to actor Philip Martin Brown, who is in Waterloo Road and is also working on an Indian film. They also reported on local listed building Mascalls Manor, the Japan earthquake by interviewing the school's deputy head, whose son lives and works in Tokyo, and also produced a feature about a new exhibition at Mascalls Gallery. All in all a very good package.

JCoSS, Barnet
Three very well-made Powerpoint presentations, one about the Royal Wedding, one about the school which is almost brand new and the last about Ed Balls visiting the school. All interesting to read - especially the Royal Wedding one where the pupils had interviewed people from all age groups to ask their opinion about the big day.

Twickenham Academy
They covered a wide range of stories across many different platforms. Twenty Year 7 pupils were split into groups, working well together to create their news bulletins before their deadlines. Everything from the Japanese tsunami, to a controversial new school uniform policy, and even England rugby captain Mike Tindall's nose were covered through written, radio and television reports. "All in all a great success!", writes BBC mentor Tim Stokes.

Whitecross School, Gloucestershire
The school produced a video news bulletin. Stories covered include school-based coverage of the Year 9 options and the success of the school's Wind Turbine. The News Day blog, providing selected highlights from the school's day, makes for an interesting read!

Woolmer Hill Technology College
A good selection of stories based around local and school issues. The report on the differences between state and private education includes interviews with teachers in both sectors and a pupil who has experienced both types of schools. The school's website is well produced; it is easy to navigate and find the video reports accompanied by text articles.

Virtual College, Birmingham
Pupils produced a lovely and concise news round-up for the radio. They had a really nice piece that chronicled one reporter's adventure at Wembley for the Carling Cup Final, where Birmingham beat Arsenal. The piece provided a really nice insight into the life of a young away fan. Top stuff all around.

Linslade Community Middle School, Bedford
There is a collection of videos from the pupils. The school compiled a wonderful collection of news reports ranging from international coverage of Japan and Libya, to national coverage of the budget. Great job all around and be on the look-out for a wonderful impression of Colonel Gaddafi.

Orton Longueville School
Pupils from the Orton Longueville School in Peterborough put up a nice collection of about five stories ranging from the earthquake in Japan, the death of Dame Elizabeth Taylor and the recent Budget. They also had an excellent little feature about the school's netball tournament.

Giggleswick School, North Yorkshirel
If I hadn't known this was a School Report production, I would have thought it was entirely professional. The pupils from did a spot-on job with producing a wonderful website with an amazing range of stories. The students covered all aspects of news, including health, sports and entertainment. Be on the look-out for a great feature about a local woman whose ancestors were involved in the slave trade. Extremely impressive!

Blyth Bridge High School and Sixth Form, Staffordshire
Students did a really nice job and provided two solid local stories about their community in two totally different formats. The stories were well executed featuring both text and video, especially the piece about Meir Heath Windmill.

Uplands Community College, Wadhurst
Students at Uplands Community College took part in their own referendum about whether or not the government should change the current system of GMT/BST. School Reporter Jade commented: "Of the students that have taken part in the survey so far, the majority vote for the change at 275 votes to 120 against." The East Sussex school also produced a very thoughtful selection of local, national and international news stories.

The Priory School, Lewes
The school investigated the local currency, the Lewes pound, to establish the benefits it brings to the local area. The intrepid School Reporters spoke with a number of local businesses to understand the motive behind introducing the currency. The east Sussex students also interviewed some national chains to understand why the Lewes pound might not be suitable for everybody in the community. The school has produced a hugely impressive number of high quality reports on its website. In addition to the broad scope of engaging local issues, the pupils have offered their mature opinions on global affairs in Japan and the Middle East.

Willingdon Community School, Eastbourne
The site featured a blog about the video production process. The film started promisingly, with two confident anchors reading the latest news about Libya and with a floating graphic map of the country.

All Saints Secondary School, Glasgow
The All Saints team had concentrated on making two sophisticated videos - a short teaser film followed by a longer bulletin slickly introduced by a pair of presenters. The team had evidently put a lot of thought into camerawork, editing, reporting and use of music. Particular highlights were excellent pieces to camera by reporter Declan, an exclusive interview with Celtic legend Tommy Callaghan, a lively piece in a drama class, a hilarious weather report by Faran (a future star) and a thoughtful report on celebrity culture. The reporters had evidently done some good research to find interviewees for their packages.

Making the news about making the news
Langley Parks Boys School in Bromley had a great day. With no glitches, students went on to produce a number of stories for their site. They even went so far as to produce a Making of….School Report! Teacher Simon Harris said: "It was a fantastically enjoyable day for everyone involved. The boys got a high sense of achievement which is the most important thing!"

Marden High Hub
Marden's stories to cover ranged from ice hockey to the situation in Libya, while Trinity High School worked on scripts about the Olympics and Japan, among others. Ryburn Valley High had a visit from the local newspaper too, who came to take pictures of the day. Wales High School Reporters covered Sheffield United's relegation battle and the subject of polar bears being kept in cages, while William Howard School examined the effect of the visit of a Holocaust survivor to the school.

Orbital Hub
Both Camden School for Girls and St Andrew's School Bedford worked on reports on the upcoming Royal Wedding. St Marylebone School looked at quite a few very different education stories, including food technology, and cuts to music teaching. Paddington Academy also reported on the Royal Wedding, as well as filming footage for pieces on Comic Relief, before editing all their stories together.


Libyan community in the Midlands follows conflict in North Africa
School Reporters at the Sidney Stringer School in Coventry are reporting on unfolding events in Libya. Editor Barzy chose to look at the story because so many of the school's students are Libyan themselves, with many family members still living in North Africa.

Former pupil on fast track to high octane career
Eighteen-year-old racing driver Naser Taymourien features in a report by students at Thomas Hepburn Community School in Gateshead. The former pupil has set up his own racing team and is about to go to Florida to join the Nascar racing circuit.

Ed Milliband interviewed at Lilian Baylis Technology School
Thirty young reporters put the Leader of the Opposition on the spot and asked a wide range of questions, from why the Labour party lost the general election, to his views on the English Baccalaureate and thoughts about marriage. They also asked him about playing the violin, what some of his favourite things are, and whether he has plans to be "funny for money" for this year's Comic Relief.

Reflecting on Olympic radio
Co-presenting School Report's special hour of 2012-focussed radio alongside BBC London's Eddie Nestor, School Reporters from Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets covered sports funding cuts and hurdling teachers. There was even a live insert into the Vanessa Feltz morning show featuring School Reporters from St Marylebone School. The programme provided a real insight into the impact of the London 2012 Games and sport in general on school children across the country. Eddie said: "It's a wonderful opportunity for young people to report on what's important to them and hopefully we've encouraged them to do more and get involved in discussions in the class that they're passionate about"

Cardiff Ffashddawns
Budding designers and choreographers have been showcasing their talent at the annual "Ffashddawns" at Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr in Cardiff. Students are also reporting on how to cope with exam stress and on the decision by the record try-scorer, Shane Williams, to see out his rugby playing years in Wales.

Sailor about to get into deep water in Norfolk
School Reporters at Cliff Park High School in Great Yarmouth are getting set to interview around-the-world sailor Rachel Pryce. As part of the Australian crew, her boat won a race the year before last and she was involved in some of the legs of the race. Pupils will ask her about her ambitions and what is most difficult about living on a boat for weeks on end. Assistant head teacher Spencer Doggett explained that the students were also preparing a piece entitled The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about yesterday's budget as well as reflecting the death of Elizabeth Taylor. Students have already interviewed former Norwich City player, Dale Gordon, who is playing in a series of charity matches in the Norwich area. He told students about the highlights of his career including his debut against Liverpool when he was 17 or 18 and scoring the winning goal against Manchester United in an FA Cup match in the 1980s. Meanwhile, Year 8 student Reece is working on a written report about the new government idea to display the calories of school dinner meals, to see if the students will pick something healthy. The 20 Year 8 School Reporters' video reports will be on the school website later.

War Memorial Fund Raiser
While conflicts in the Middle East lead the news agenda for students at Pershore High School, Andrew is reporting on a big fund raising effort for a new War Memorial in the Worcestershire town. On a happier note, Martha is compiling information about the Royal Wedding and a local cinema reopens after a campaign backed by the impressionist, Alistair McGowan.

Local History
Pupils at Handsworth Wood Girls School in Birmingham talked to a local historian about the disaster at the Hampstead Colliery in 1908 and covered the bus stop bomb in Jerusalem, among other stories.

Teesside links up with Bahrain and Mexico
School reporters at Conyers School in Stockton-on-Tees reported on their links with four schools in Bahrai, looking at the differences between the UK and Bahrain. School Reporters also spoke to some students from Year 10 who are going to Mexico for a charity project. They explained that they'd be building a house there, and doing crafts and games with local people. Young journalists also found out what the school had done for Red Nose Day.

1741: 2011 News Day draws to a close
That's the end of the coverage of School Report News Day on this page, but you can continue watching School Report LIVE and listening to School Report Radio on the Red Button: On Freeview, Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media from 0800 to 1900. On Freeview the two channels are available until 1820.

1739: School Report continues into weekend
Listen out for a children's version of Your News with Eddie Mair on Radio 4's PM programme on Saturday 26 March.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1738: Japan earthquake
Students at Weydon School in Surry covered many issues today, from Emma's heartbreaking account of the Japan earthquake aftermath to Evie, Hope and Amy's lively culinary tour with 8N.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1734: Art in the yards
Alicia, 11, from Education Village in Darlington, interviewed artists who contributed to the Art in the Yards exhibition. Students from the local Queen Elizabeth Sixfth Form College have done paintings, collages, woodwork and more - one of the most striking is a model of Barclays Bank in the town centre made out of lego bricks. See their report here.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1732: Student debt
Some Year 9 pupils from Selly Park High School looked at the issue of student loans - interviewing staff who were students in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as current university students. The general concensus was that the new system of fees and loans is unfair and results in students having very high debts when they leave university, with no guarantee of a job at the end of it. Watch the report here.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1728: Dilapidated school building
Students from Todomorden High School investigated how they can improve the state of their school building. They interviewed their local MP to see what can be done. Watch their report here.

1724: Children of the revolution
Listen out for Radio 4's World Tonight programme where children from Clyst Vale Community College talk to students in Tunis about recent events in the Middle East and the role of social networks in the revolution.

applause icon (49x49)
1722: New stadium for Cornwall?
Cornish broadcast journalists from Humphry Davy School produced a dazzling array of reports on News Day 2011, ranging from local topics concerning sports facilities in the region, to well researched pieces on enforcing a no fly-zone above Libya. The School Reporters joined a protest march in favour of a new stadium in Truro, in order find interviewees for their report. The Humphry Davy School reporters also had some fun presenting the music chart run down. Read more on the school's site.

School reporters at Chesham Park Community College
1717: Successful journey
The proposed high speed rail network between London and Birmingham would run through the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire where our news team go to school at Chesham Park Community College. Their well produced TV package - presented by David and featuring a report from Ben - highlighted the reaction of campaigners, Chesham's mayor and local residents. It also touched on the national concerns expressed by Green MP Caroline Lucas among others about the cost and environmental impact as well. The team edited together several interviews, using text and even a map of the route to good effect. "It can be hard getting it all together but it is really good and fun," said Ben. Watch it here.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1713: Foot and mouth, 10 years on
School Report journalist James was only four at the height of the 2001 Foot and Mouth crisis. But the Ponteland High School student can remember how his family was caught up in the earliest stages of the outbreak. His grandparent's farm was inside one of the very first restrictive zones, so their livestock was culled then incinerated and the farm buildings thoroughly cleaned. Today James describes how most of the buildings that once housed animals now stand empty and roofless. Inside one, Christmas trees grow. Read James' story here.

1711: Tracy Beaker creator loves awards
Students from Thomas Hepburn School in Gateshead interviewed children's author Dame Jacqueline Wilson. The author of the Tracy Beaker books told how she loves to win awards, but remembers to smile when someone else picks up the prize at a ceremony. Reporter Lewis said: "Interviewing Jacqueline Wilson was a sensation. I felt really inspired to meet her and she made us feel relaxed. Thank you Jacqueline." The full interview is here.

applause icon (49x49)
1703: News highlights from Evesham
From grilling a big house-builder/developer, to finding out what it really feels like to prepare for a big rowing competition, and interviewing a new rival for Andrew Marr and David Starkey as the most compelling TV historian, Evesham School have a range of stories and news features which deliver today's headlines and stories and make you think about what tomorrow could bring. Not forgetting the weather report to really make Sian Llloyd jealous! Catch it all at Evesham School's website.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1700: Cheshire's higher education
Alsager High School in Cheshire investigated the state of higher education in their local area, including what ramifications the closure of the Manchester Metropolitan University campus in Crewe will have on their future prospects. The School Reporters secured interviews with MMU students, employees and alumni, to secure a balanced view of the story. The report was anchored by very professional presenters, and included a particularly glamorous weather report. Read more on the school website.

1656: School Report on Radio 4
School Reporters from Avon Valley College in Wiltshire will feature on Radio 4's PM programme with Eddie Mair, which begins at 1700. Join the young journalists as they investigate the welfare of the many students at their school whose parents work at nearby military bases.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1653: Newsround's School Report showcase
Catch up with School Reporters on BBC One's Newsround programme at 1705, where presenter Hayley Cutts goes behind the scenes to see how School Reporters covered the topic of extreme weather.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1650: Less money around homeTerrorism and climate change emerged as the two biggest threats to the world from a list of nine, according to a 'mini census' that took place at Williamwood High School in Scotland. Many of the children surveyed said they have noticed the downturn in economy in their family homes. The survey showed that almost 30% of children knew someone who had lost their job; 31% had experienced cuts in the family spending. Nearly a quarter of school kids felt they had been out less due to lack of money. Find out what they think about religion, the internet and e-books at the school's website.

1647: School Report LIVE feed has ended
School Report LIVE and School Report have now ended. Please refresh your page to remove the empty video screen at the top of this page.

1642: School Report LIVE continues on Red Button
School Report LIVE and School Report Radio, as streamed on this website, are about to end, but you can continue to watch and listen on the red button: on Freeview, Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media from 0800 to 1900. On Freeview the two channels are available until 1820.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1631: Boots for Africa

Kilkeel High School students interviewed a former pupil who is collecting used football boots and donating them to children in Nigeria who usually play barefoot. 19-year-old Emily Stevenson, a sports science student at the University of Ulster, has visited the West African country on two occasions and coached a women's football team there. Year 10 reporters were inspired by her appeal when they found out that playing football without boots can damage young feet. "New boots means a new game, which means a whole new outlook," said one Kilkeel High reporter.

text message (49X49)
1628: Editorial decisions
Jo Holland texts us from Camden School for Girls: "After completing a technical review of our edited bulletin, the school news team have decided to drop one of our stories from the running order. Our make-up piece will not be making the final cut as the news team made the editorial decision that it did not meet our standards."

Hillcrest School reporters
1626: Picture this
Earlier, we told you how Year 8 students at Hillcrest School and Community College, West Midlands, had been putting together their own news bulletin, with reports played out by two anchors in a green-screened studio. Now here is a photo of the young journalists in action!

1616: Tenth anniversary

Students in Dundee reported on the anniversary this week of their school being destroyed by fire in 2001. First year pupils at Morgan Academy were too young to remember the event themselves but talked to teachers who worked there at the time. The school building, a local landmark and listed building, took three years to rebuild and pupils returned to the site in 2004.

applause icon (49x49)
1614: A Royal success
The Royal wedding and the histroy of the computer were all on the news agenda for The Kings of Wessex School. Students experienced the tight deadlines that are part of making news programmes and learned lots about copyright. Film reviews were also on the agenda with Harry Potter and Gnomeo and Juliet. As well as TV pieces, School Reporters wrote about their trip to Auschwitz for their online news.

1611: Goodbye from Salford!
School reporters at MediaCity in Salford Quays, Manchester have said goodbye at the end of their day. Their 2pm news bulletin became the first ever live broadcast from the building, which will be the BBC's new home in the North.

1611: Singers in Sheffield
Glee-inspired students from All Saints Catholic High School in Sheffield expressed their interest in music by reporting on the Songs of Praise School Choir Competition. The finals were held in their city. Pupils interview choir members and TV presenter Aled Jones about the joy of singing and its current popularity.

1609: Technical difficulty
Lead Teacher at Lavant House in West Sussex, Helen Williams, admits that technology has failed them at the very last minute as enthusiastic young journalists rush to meet the 1600 deadline as part of their participation in this year's BBC School Report.

1609: Who wants to be famous?
More statistics from the School Report survey have been visualised on the piazza at MediaCity, Salford Quays. What do young people most want to achieve by the time they're 30? The most popular answer was to own their own home with 35%. Surprisingly only 7% wanted to be famous. Watch more reports like this in the live video stream at the top of this page.

applause icon (49x49)
1603: Congratulations!
Well done to all those young news-hounds across the UK who made the deadline. Their school reports are now live online - for all the world to see.

1600: Time's up!
We've reached the four o'clock deadline for school reporters to publish their reports and bulletins on their school websites. Watch, listen to and read the reports of the students near you using our zoom-and-click map.

A shock result
1556: Breaking news
School Report LIVE and School Report Radio, as streamed on this website, were about to end, but our live broadcast has now been extended to 1645. Hurrah!

applause icon (49x49)
1550: Rising fuel
Despite technical problems, staff and pupils at Hardley School and Sixth Form still managed to have an enjoyable day. As Esso is the main employer in the area, the top story was an outside broadcast from a local petrol station about rising fuel prices. In addition they did an Andrew Marr-style show, talking through the papers, and also a story about the death of Elizabeth Taylor.

1549: Oscar-winning report?
The Ridgeway School in Wiltshire interview their drama teacher, who trained with Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth. There could be some interesting stories about the Academy Award winner!

magnifying glass (49X49)
1547: Jon Leyne quizzed
Young reporters in the studio talk to Jon Leyne about his work as a BBC correspondent in the Middle East. He describes the excitement of witnessing revolutionary action at first hand, but also expresses concern for young people in countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, for whom life is very tough. "There will probably be more hardships to endure before these young people's day-to-day existence genuinely does improve, but their countries are now heading in the right direction," says Jon. Listen to more reports like this in the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

1545: Deadline edges closer
The publishing deadline of 1600 is approaching. Teachers, as soon as you've finished uploading the reports to you website, hit the "Meet the deadline" button on this website to alert the School Report team. (inline link to form, top right on the News Day 2011 index).

text message (49X49)
1543: A good choice indeed
James Ingham texts us from St Gregory's School in Oxford: "It's been a real taste of journalism here. One student unsure whether to become an ice skater or news reporter when she's older has decided on the latter. Good choice!"

1543: Radio celeb pitches in!
BBC Radio Lancashire's Maria Felix Vas is working with students at St Aidan's CE Technology College in Lancashire to complete the School Report as the 4pm deadline looms.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1541: Tracking charity money
Pupils at Pendragon School in Downham, Lewisham, SE London have been busy editing and voicing-over a film following the trace of money they collected for charity. The reporting includes all stages, from the fundrasing to how the money is used by an NGO, Crisis, which supports homeless people.

text message (49X49)
1539: Shout out
Roni Eastmond texts us from Queens Park Community school: "Great stories covering child soldiers, Liz Taylor's death, school production of west side story." 

text message (49X49)
1536: Happy partnership?
"School partnerships were on the agenda for Beal School in Essex. Students reported on how their school partnership was going, eight months down the line, interviewing the headteacher and fellow students. English Baccalaureat and talent shows were also on the schools news agenda for the day. Reporters recorded a television news bulletin and like the real mediab they had to deal with technical problems - but they took it all in their stride as true professionals!"

1531: Pupils meet celebrities
Enthusiastic young journalists at Pontypridd High School in south Wales learn about interviewing techniques and screen play writing as they meet former Pontypridd MP, Dr Kim Howells and Bafta winner Stephen Volk as part of their BBC School Report. Live footage and news articles can be found on their school website along with some other interesting articles about Comic Relief and Healthy Eating.

applause icon (49x49)
1530: Interview central
Year 8 School Reporters at Dorset's Shaftesbury School interviewed students who travelled to Rwanda for a charity-run schools visit programme and another student who is a British champion at equestrian vaulting. The head teacher also had a grilling over school uniform issues! With some editing help from sixth form students, their video piece was uploaded to their website before the deadline.

1529: What a Relief!
Media Technician Daniel Smith at the Isca College of Media Arts is relieved the day is nearly over but is very happy with how the School Report Day has gone: "Its been even more excitable than before!"

text message (49X49)
1524: School Report satisfaction
"I loved getting involved with the School Report, it was really fun recording and planning," texts Eve, Monkseaton Middle School, Tyneside.

applause icon (49x49)
1524: Job well done
Lauren at Whitley Abbey School in Coventry said: "Today I have helped Britany with the team diary and then I had a look at the film clip afterwards. I had a look at the photo gallery- it was really good and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I had a great time today and everyone I worked with had fun."

London 2012 logo
1522: PlumLive Hub round-up
Ayesha, 12, from Plumstead Manor School has been gathering the news for the PlumLive Hub. Their stories include the Olympics and brain scans for babies. St Catherine's Catholic School for Girls in Bexleyheath were researching stories about a competition and Lady Gaga's hair, and Our Lady's Convent High School in Hackney were reporting on stray dogs and recycling.

1521: How did it feel?
So what did school reporters in Glasgow think of their day? "It's given a real insight into what goes on when you're watching the news", "We'd never really worked under pressure before" and "Good fun!" were among the comments.

1519: Last Bulletin from HQ
Pupils at School Report HQ in London captured the breaking news of two earthquakes hitting north-eastern Burma in their final news bulletin of the day, together with news that School Report's 30,000 schoolchildren all over the country have turned their classrooms into newsrooms for the day. Watch more reports like this in the live streaming video at the top of this page.

1515: Report reaction
Students and teachers from St Aidan's CE Technology College in Lancashire are working right up to the deadline. The staff seem hard-worked but relieved everything has worked out. Kate Nisbet says: "Everything's come together!" Neil Ireland says: "It's been a fantastic day!"

applause icon (49x49)
1514: Let's do it again!
Pupils at Chadwell Heath Academy have just finished filming their bulletin - which included stories on role models and food and children's behaviour - in their very own TV studio. "They've all just had a vote to do it again next year," said lead teacher Melissa Severn.

1512: Jukebox jury
Students at St Aidan's CE Technology College in Lancashire give the Rebecca Black song "Friday" the thumbs up in an interactive event, as part of their School Report. Staff are not so sure though!

Josh, the weatherman at Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham
1510: Star of the future
Here's a picture of Josh, the weatherman at Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham, using a green screen to deliver his forecast. Well done Josh!

applause icon (49x49)
1506: All done!
Neil Stainsby at Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College in Bradford, texts: "All editing completed. Lead story Japan. Also in news bulletin: reaction to plans for new Monopoly game based in Bradford. Final bulletin is rendering now."

magnifying glass (49X49)
1504: Question time
Young newshounds from across the UK came to Number 10 Downing Street to put Prime Minister David Cameron on the spot. Thoughtful and considered questions covered subjects like nuclear power, academies, teenage crime, unemployment, university fees, women in politics and the north-south divide. Listen to more reports like this in the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1503: Cervical cancer report
Mr Stewart from Holy family Catholic School in Keighley e-mails: "As we finish our videos we have decided on a new important subject. We have asked Joannna, Annabelle and Lucy to interview girls about cervical cancer jabs as we feel this is an important subject as millions of people around the world will unfortunately suffer from the disease."

1500: One hour countdown!
School reporters have until 1600 to upload their video and audio news bulletins their school websites, which are linked from the School Report zoom-and-click map . Come 1600, they will be broadcasting for real as their reports will be visible world wide.

1457: Strictly comes to Staffordshire
Sir Graham Balfour School gets the entertainment news treatment as the students cover their own version of Strictly Come Dancing. Teachers will compete and pupils judge as the Staffordshire school covers a wide range of fundraising activities for a school in Cambodia.

text message (49X49)
1455: Hello!
Teresa Evans at Rydens School Hersham texts: "Hayleigh, Fish, Kane, Eben, Reece, Harri, Jasmin, Jayden and Martin collectively known as Group 1, say hello from Rydens."

text message (49X49)
1454: Red nose
Maimuna Kazi texts us from South Charnwood High, Leicester: "Pupils have been working on online articles including a school partnership trip to Rwanda, an interview with a Leicester City footballer about obesity, and a visual look back at how the school raised cash for Red Nose Day. Also had a go at doing a radio news bulletin!"

1453: Hackney hacks
Harriet Lloyd texts us from Petchey Academy in Hackney where school reporters are writing news stories about topics such as Japan's earthquake, inter-house sports competition, debating in school, graffiti and contributing to the community.

1452: Global and local
The "Intergenerational newsroom" in Birmingham co-presented their news bulletin with pupils from Handsworth Wood Girls' School and members of the Golden Age Forum working side by side. They reported global headlines followed by an interview with a local historian on the Hamstead Colliery disaster.

text message (49X49)
1451: FIRE! FIRE!
"The School Report team were interrupted by three fire alarms. The atmosphere in our news room is certainly tense at moment," texts Miss Forster, Musselburgh Grammar School.

1449: Brockhill Bangers
Students at Brockhill Park School in Kent help rear pigs that are eventually made into sausages. This is all part of their Great Outdoors curriculum. Young reporters explain the sausage-making process and why it is a realistic and unsentimental experience of farm life. Listen to more reports like this by clicking the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

1448: Radio fame
Mrs Badham e-mails from The Coleshill School: "This morning the group worked really hard producing eight written news reports covering everything from Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Comic Relief to Coleshill Goes Green and potential Olympic success. We've also phoned numerous radio stations to do shout-outs and been interviewed by our local newspaper, The Herald."

1447: University Strike
Top story for the Glasgow School Report news bulletin is the university staff strike today in Scotland. Watch more stories like this in the video stream at the top of this page.

text message (49X49)
1447: A good grilling
John Hand texts us from Lealands in Luton: "Everyone agrees that Lianne and Ellis's interview with MP Kelvin Hopkins in which they grilled him about BSF funding was a great lead story. Newsreaders Saara and Aisha explained all the stories really well and were faultless in their presentation during the broadcast."

magnifying glass (49X49)
1446: Video Games
School Reporters at Trinity School are investigating the influence of computer games on young people's behaviour. The Croydon students have also been reporting on unrest in the Middle East, Liz Taylor, and the UK Youth Parliament.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1445: Budgeting in Derby
Pupils at Littleover Community School have been gauging local opinion about the Budget. "Chris Williamson MP is calling us back to give his party's view as soon as he's finished debating the Budget in the House of Commons! We've also got an exclusive first interview with our brand new head teacher," e-mails Mr Selvey.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1444: News Day round-up
"The pupils at Jordanhill Primary school in Glasgow have had a busy morning preparing for their report. Now that all the filming has been done and the finishing touches are being added to our reports the pupils are busy blogging about their experiences of BBC School News Report. A big well done to the pupils for all their hard work - they have done a fab job so far!" say Miss Edmonstone and Miss Bryson.

1444: Presenting BBC London
Four students pitched in at BBC London this morning! Asma, Shema, Amina and Maisha from Mulberry Girls' School in Tower Hamlets co-presented the show with Eddie Nestor, interviewing Vanessa Feltz. Catch up on their experiences in their written reports, published later today.

1442: Brentside Buzz
The Brentside hub buzzes with news of Reading School's newsroom broadcasting BBC Radio Berkshire's Mid-Morning show live and the Downing Street press conference which students from Brentside High School attended.

1440: Come dine
Students at Little Ilford School will hold a Come-Dine-With-Me-style meal next month to come up with ideas to improve the school canteen's food. The initiative emerged after the School Reporters' team made a report about the current offers of the dining hall.

London 2012 logo
1439: Olympic fundraising
School Reporters at the Hayfield School in Doncaster have been making a film about their Olympic-sized "money mountain" which raised £3000 for Comic Relief!

applause icon (49x49)
1438: Referendum result
All votes have been counted in the referendum in Ysgol Gyfun Y Strade, Llanelli and the "Yes" campaign has won! Students were asked whether they felt the voting age should be lowered from 18 to 16. The result was the top story on their School Report News day bulletin. Watch more like this on the video stream at the top of this page.

1432: 'What a Relief!'
School Report lead teacher Ashleigh Atkinson from Forrester school said the best bit was the last bit - "that moment when we went live". Such a relief she said to see that all the incredible hard work of the School Report team had paid off. She was so impressed with the confidence of the reporters especially when they presented their bulletin - this included panda bears, Avatar and Justin Beiber.

text message (49X49)
1423: Rubik's comeback
"Six reporters, three articles and three presentations all done by bang on the 2pm deadline. Conclusions: they're getting better at recycling, only the children are concerned about stray dogs and finally, crossing doesn't make you cross! Now: uploading their hard work!" texts Lynda Smith from Our Lady's Convent High School in Hackney.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1430: Bulletin Complete!
Pupils in Salford have successfully completed their 2pm news bulletin complete with live interview with James Goddard, Team GB swimmer, and weather report! Watch more like this at the top of this page.

1430: Teacher strike
Camden's William Ellis School Reporters are investigating next week's teachers' strike in the London borough.

1429: Crimestoppers respond to the School Report SurveyCrime-fighting organisation Crimestoppers has sent this reaction to the School Report Survey. "With this survey clearly highlighting how concerned young people are about crime," says director of operations Dave Cording, "I wanted reassure young people that there is something they can do to help and be fearless in the fight against crime. is a website where young people can pass on information about crime without revealing their identity and they will never speak to the police or go to court. The site also provides advice and information about crimes that affect young people. In addition to this we have a dedicated Fearless team who speak to young people through workshops at schools and youth clubs to educate them about Fearless and to deter them from criminal activity."

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1428: Proud teachers
Pupils at Brecon High School have been doing their final checks and uploading stories onto the website. Miss Simmons e-mailed: "We have had a great day and I am very proud of what the pupils have achieved today - Well done!"

1427: Pupils quiz teachers
Year 8 students at Hillcrest School and Community College are filming interviews with their teachers on a host of subjects, ranging from their views on what is happening in Libya through to their attitudes to price increases in the UK. The West Midlands based pupils are putting together their own news bulletin with reports to be played out by two anchors in a green-screened studio.

1424: Concern about tuition fees
Pupils from St Margaret's school in Exeter are concerned about university tuition fees as they head for university in the autumn. They're interviewing the Vice Chancellor of Exeter University to put him on the spot about how much an education is going to cost.

1424: Maths students fear tuition fees
Pupils from Christ The King Catholic Maths and Computing College have been putting the finishing touches to reports on university fees, the state of Lancashire's roads and the preparations for Preston Guild 2012.

text message (49X49)
1423: Rubik's comeback
Louise Priest texts from Diss High School in Norfolk: "Very promising future journalists here. TV bulletin with astro pitch plans, archaeology dig and comeback of rubik's cube. Radio features Japan and closure of local youth club. Well done Diss High."

text message (49X49)
1421: Pandas to ferrets
"A massive well done to the girls at the Mary erskine school in Edinburgh for working really hard and pulling together stories on everything from pandas to ferrets!" texts Esme Kennedy, Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh

1418: Do we have enough money?
The budget and how the lack of money could concern young people was investigated by the Williamwood High School's reporters. Their investigation was linked to a mini census on home economy done recently as part of the school activities.

text message (49X49)
1417: Wrap party
"Hounslow Manor reporters including anchors Sugesh and Anu have just finished their bulletin with 10 minutes to spare! Can we have a wrap party now please?" texts mentor Jane Andrews

1416: Housing for service veterans
School reporters from Bartley Green School in Birmingham are putting the finishing touches to their TV packages. They questioned a local politician about a new local housing development for ex-service personnel, and also interviewed young carers and their parents.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1415: Head teacher interrogation
School Reporters at Felpham Community College have interviewed their head teacher about new school buildings. In addition, the West Sussex students have been speaking with local MP Nick Gibb.

1414:Building opera sets
Media students from Grays School in Essex visited the production workshop where the Royal Opera House's sets and scenery are constructed. They didn't have to travel far, as it is located in Purfleet. Listen to more like this by clicking the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

text message (49X49)
1413: Time for reflection
Miss Roberts from Sir Bernard Lovell School texts in to say: "It's been a great day, students are now writing their reflective articles about today!!

1410: Jack Russell ain't no scaredy cat
It's been cricket and car -racing stories for pupils at Belvoir High School in Nottingham but the dog that chased a lion up a tree had everyone listening. Jack, the 17lb Jack Terrier chased a mountain lion up a tree in South Dakota, USA. The dog's owner, Chad Strenge, heard frantic barking and discovered the large male lion, also known as a cougar, clinging to the top of a tree while the 17lb terrier barked from the bottom.

text message (49X49)
1409: Fire alarm
"Norwood school reporters interupted by a fire alarm! With just 15mins before deadline. Fingers crossed!" texts Emma, BBC mentor, Lambeth

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1408: Deadline
"School Reporters at Bramcote Park School have been working feverishly to finish editing all their stories and are ready to broadcast their film foot footage and links."

text message (49X49)
1406: Sunshine and showers
Radio Ulster has come along to the Belfast Boys model school to interview the boys for drivetime programme! The school reporters have just recorded their weather report in the park. All looking good for the broadcast!" texts Emily Thomas, Belfast

text message (49X49)
1405: 'It's like magic'
Patrick Davies from Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough texts: "It's like magic. Half an hour ago we didn't look to have a chance of making deadline. Now it's all falling into place. Top effort."

1404: Local opinion matters in Cumbria
The pupils at Ulverston Victoria High School in Cumbria have been enjoying the chance to get out of the classroom. Reporters have been in town to gather local opinion on a range of national and international stories including Japan, Libya, the Royal Wedding and yesterday's budget. One of the main challenges for the young journalists is getting older people to contribute to their reporting, the best of which will feature on BBC Radio Cumbria later today.

1402: On your marks
Former Olympic sprinter Jason Gardener, who won relay gold at the 2004 Games, was interviewed by students at Huyton Arts and Sports Centre for Learning on Merseyside. "He popped into complete some masterclasses with the students on sprinting and discussed the importance of working hard for your ambitions. Our reporters filmed everything yesterday and then today are putting the report together," said teacher Emma.

1400: School Report goes live!
School Reporters across the UK are going "live" with their news. 1400 is the deadline for students to record their video and audio bulletins "as live" and for them to file their written reports. But it's not over yet! Schools have until 1600 to upload their work to their school websites, which are linked to from the School Report zoom-and-click map . And that's the time of day when they'll truly be broadcasting for real as their reports will be visible world wide.

1400: Closure of Pfizer pharmaceutical plant in Kent
Students from Walmer Science College are reporting on the shutting down of this local source of employment. It will not only effect the 2,400 members of staff who currently work there, but members of their families and other businesses that depend on the presence of this large company in their locality. The young reporters interviewed workers at Pfizer, as well the children of people about to be made redundant. Listen to more like this by clicking the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1359: Range of topics
"Pupils at Mill Hill School, Ripley, have come up with a great range of topics, including the Japan tsunami, local bands, Comic Relief and their school securing lottery sports funding," emailed in BBC Derby mentor Dave King.

text message (49X49)
1357: K Factor
"School reporters finalising their stories as deadline approaches. Some very creative ideas and strong news angles," texts School report mentor Allen Sinclair at Reading School, Berkshire

text message (49X49)
1357: K Factor
"Look out Cheryl and Simon. Kingussie High's news team turn the spotlight on singing sensation Maisy who's one of the star turns on their K Factor talent show."

1355: Teacher jealousy
Blackburn School Reporters are recording their links and pieces to camera. The St. Bede's Roman Catholic High School pupils have news on a brand new school build, sports success for Year 7, the school's latest musical production of 'Grease' and memories of how good their teachers were when THEY were at school.

text message (49X49)
1354: Presenting decisions
"We've just had lunch to re-fuel here in Wrexham. We're doing stories about the Japan earthquake and we got an exclusive interview with Fulham FC's Simon Davies ahead of Wales v England. Now it's coin tossing time to decide who will present at 2pm!" texts Helen Murray, mentor at Rhosnesni High School in Wrexham.

1351: MPs pay tribute to BBC School Report
She continued in parliament: "Thirty thousand other young people have taken part during the year in news-related projects. Will he find time for a debate on how we can support the BBC in this work, but also recognise the incredibly important work this is doing in developing civic awareness and understanding of the news amongst young people?" Sir George Young replied: "I applaud the initiative of the BBC, which I saw on the programme before I came in. I can't promise a debate, but there is an unallocated opposition day on Monday week and it may be that her Right Honourable friend on the front bench heard that bid, and part of the opposition day could be on this very important subject."

1351: MPs pay tribute to BBC School Report
The news-making project was commended in the House of Commons as Labour MP Karen Buck addressed the Leader of the House of Commons, Sir George Young, via the speaker, as part of business questions: "Today, 30,000 children from 815 schools in every part of the UK are working with the BBC to make the news," she said.

1350: Dinner scoop
School Reporters at Walton High in Milton Keynes have been investigating what really goes into their lunch, watch out for an interview with the school's head chef. Teacher James George says the pupils "are really embracing the idea of being journalists" with stories on Libya and Jerusalem also on the menu. The team are blogging their progress on their school website.

text message (49X49)
1348: Glee-fully finishing off
"Editing nearly finished. Real buzz here. Special report from last night's Glee-style concert at Newcastle City Hall featuring 500 North Tyneside pupils and famous Young Americans show song choir," texts Mark Tulip, Marden High School, North Shields.

1347: Supermarket pressure
Students from Todomorden High School have interviewed the local councillor to see what can be done to help the local shopkeepers, following the opening of two new supermarkets in their town.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1329: Africa Day in Hertford
"We have an exclusive interview with David in S2, a lucky winner of a writing folio judged by the Pushkin Prize. David will be attending a week long creative writing course - to say he is excited is saying it mildly!" emailed in Miss Gilchrist from Gourock High School in Scotland.

text message (49X49)
1343: Budget briefs
"Hackney Free is reporting on how the budget will affect children and whether video games are harmful," texts Jane Hughes, Hackney Free School, East London.

1344: Potholes in Herefordshire
School Reporters from Fairfield High School have been looking into potholes as a result of the state of the roads in rural Herefordshire following the harsh winter. The school also has an exclusive interview with Hay on Wye Literature Festival Director, Peter Florence.

text message (49X49)
1340: Red Nose Day
"When Little Ilford school in East London didn't receive the funding they had been expecting they decided to question their local MP. They are busy putting together this and other reports. They will be showing the results of their work to their fellow students at 2 o'clock."

1341: CBBC star interview
There is some exciting reporting going on at Waddesdon School, including an interview with the star of hit CBBC series Sadie J - Georgia - who is a pupil at the school!

text message (49X49)
1340: Red Nose Day
"The news teams have been reporting on the new school building, Red Nose Day, Japan and local weather," texts Simon Poysden, Kennel Lane School, Bracknell.

1339: Quick off the blocks
As schools scamper to meet deadlines, one has already completed its work. The boys and girls sections at Claires Court in Berkshire joined forces on three items - facilities for teenagers, the Crossrail project and junior world rowing championships. They finished off with a forecast from their own weather station and judging by the results of their project the future looks bright.

1338: Youth Parliament
School Reporters from Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College in Cheshire interview Youth Parliament candidate for Halton, Eleanor Cross and local MP Derek Twigg.

1337: What to do about lions
Students from Ellesmere Port Catholic High School in Cheshire now know what to do if they ever cross paths with a lion. The school has just had a visit from members of the Masia Mara tribe in Tanzania who say that "if you don't have a short sword it's best to lie down".

text message (49X49)
1335: Fashionable report
"The school reporters have filed a special report featuring the model Lily Donaldson, star of high profile campaigns for fashion houses Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Jil Sander, about the pressure on young girls to year too much make-up," texts Jo Holland, Camden School for Girls, North London.

applause icon (49x49)
1332: 'Wonderful experience'
School Reporters Charis and Zara from St Marylebone School in Westminster who were live on Vanessa Feltz's BBC London radio show said: "I found it a wonderful experience. At first I felt extremely nervous, but once I was in the studio ready to be interviewed I felt great and was able to answer all the questions with confidence. Afterwards I was absolutely buzzing with adrenaline - I could get used to it!"

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1332: Africa Day in Hertford
Ms Cooke e-mails from Hertfordshire: "Hello from Simon Balle School. Things are going well as we report from Africa Day and other news from around the school. We started by making a little trailer that should now be uploaded onto the website, and we are on target for the big deadline!"

1330: Final rehearsals
Final rehearsals and preparations are taking place with students in the Bristol newsroom. One teacher was bowled over by their efforts saying "the pressure the pupils are under and the rate they're working at is amazing". They're also editing their blogs which can be found on the BBC School Report website.

1329: Homeless youth
Quintin Kynaston School in London reports on the efforts the school is making to try to house its homeless students.

text message (49X49)
1328: All done!
"It's after 1pm and the team are watching the completed show! Had to get it ready early so can get on web," texts Ian Garman, Winterbourne International Academy, South Gloucs.

1327: Calm under fire
The news agenda is just too exciting for the pupils at Yewlands Technical College in Sheffield. After initially focusing on school events they've widened their reports to look at recent events in Japan. But with a big team of around 90 working on the event "it's a bit chaotic" says teacher Emma Riley, but they hope to have eight to 10 videos online by the end of the day.

1326: Fair Weather Reporting
Isca College of Media Arts in Devon interview experts from the Met Office in Exeter concerning changing weather patterns and delivers their very own weather forecast.

text message (49X49)
1326: Elizabeth Taylor
Hannah Johns at Tonbridge Grammar School in Kent reports: "School Reporters at Tonbridge Grammar School have found out that Elizabeth Taylor once lived nearby in Cranbook. Armed with a camera and microphones they've gone to find her house and see if anyone can remember her."

1324: Mayoral visit
Mrs Sandle-Keynes from Studley High School said: "The Mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon has arrived and is currently being interviewed. Questions have been prepared for interviews on vertical tutoring, the plans for the school to change to Academy status and views on the new canteen system. Also, the five students who went to Coventry last night are writing up their interview with Radio 2 presenter, Jeremy Vine."

applause icon (49x49)
1324: Working hard
"A big well done to Year 8 reporters at Langtree School, Woodcote who are working hard to meet the deadline - not long to go!"

1323: Golden Age
Members of the Handsworth Golden Age Forum have been learning about modern media together with their younger colleagues as part of the intergenerational newsroom in Handsworth Wood Girls' School in Birmingham. One issue they've been looking at is local school funding. Watch more reports like this at the top of this page.

text message (49X49)
1322: Finishing touches
"The School Reporters are putting the final touches to their bulletin script before the 2pm deadline. They've also interviewed the leader of their school's BSF project, and members of the public about the budget and Royal Wedding," texts Emma Jenkinson, BBC mentor, the Norwood school, Lambeth.

London 2012 logo
1322: World Class Olympic Dreams
Roseberry Sports & Community College in Durham is one of the many School Report schools taking part in a world-wide exchange programme run as part of the BBC's World Olympic Dreams series. More details can be found on the BBC Worldclass website.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1320: Budget cuts
At the Sheffield East City Learning Centre, Handsworth Grange Community Sports College and Birley Community College have gathered today to produce a range of stories covering the budget cuts.

applause icon (49x49)
1319: Memories of Liz Taylor

Deputy Director General of the BBC, Mark Byford, spoke to mentor Hannah Johns at Tonbridge Grammar School. She explained that the group of School Reporters had gone out to the village of Cranbrook in Kent, where Elizabeth Taylor lived as a very young child, and were trying to find people who knew her in the 1940s, or her parents. Pupils are also interviewing the school's Japanese teacher about her friends back in Japan affected by the earthquake. Other stories the students are covering include a robot being developed at the University of Greenwich which allows bomb disposal teams to open doors and today's opening of a local hospital in Pembury.

London 2012 logo
1318: Riding Olympic Dreams
At Clyst Vale College in Devon, pupil Miranda interviewed three-day event horse rider Mary King, an Olympic medallist. Mary said that she is already very busy preparing for the 2012 Olympics and even though this will be her sixth consecutive games, she is still nervous but very excited to be representing her country. Her interview, along with other sporting figures, will be on the school's website later in the day.

text message (49X49)
1317: Looking forward to PM
"The newsgathering team at the Central Heartbeat Hub have learned that Chantry High School, in Suffolk, have interviewed Prime Minister David Cameron for BBC School Report. We look forward to seeing their work," texts Steve Marshall, St John Wall Catholic School, Birmingham.

1316: Tuition Fees
Pupils at Trinity School in Manchester have been inspired by topical events. In their news bulletin they'll be taking a look at the life of Elizabeth Taylor, and giving their take on the recent budget. They've also been to Manchester University to interview students about the rise in tuition fees, which could soon impact on their lives as well.

1315: More from Belfast
Also at St Dominic's Grammar School, Kerry 13, has tracked down actor Charlotte McCurry who is about to perform at the newly opened Lyric Theatre. Charlotte is a former pupil at St Dominics. Aina 14, is interviewing sixth formers who are going on a charity trip to Zambia to find out how they've raised the many thousands they need for the project. Finally Aoifa 14, is on the sports desk and is doing a story about the girls under-14 School Gaelic Team which has just got into the national championships for the first time ever. It's been quite stressful says Kerry but they've all had a great time and are getting a real taste for life as a news reporter.

1314: Packed agenda from Belfast
School reporters at St Dominic's Grammar School in Belfast are working feverishly to fill a packed School Report agenda. Aina 14, is interviewing her politics and geography teachers on the crises in Libya and Japan. Lauren 14, is bidding for the top man at MTV to find out why the MTV EMA Music Awards are coming to Belfast and whether they'll be choosing an Irish presenter.

1311: Hearing teeth
School Reporter Justin is fascinated with new technologies and inventions. A new hearing device recently given the ok in Europe to help deaf people to hear through their teeth caught his attention and became the science story in the Williamwood High School news website.

text message (49X49)
1310: Inspiration
"Pupils from St Ninians High School in Kirkintilloch enjoyed their tour of BBC Scotland's HQ. They have been inspired to do more news programmes," texts the team at BBC Scotland.

1309: School Report on Gabby Logan
Radio 5 Live's Gabby Logan programme will include a feature from School Report where presenter Rachel Burden will be talking politics with children in Salford.

text message (49X49)
1309: Looking good
"We're uncovering some TV naturals as we prepare for broadcast. Floor manager Matthew is keeping everyone organised and Nathan who's just arrived from the sports field to deliver his sports bulletin looks every inch the American-style sportscaster - very assured on screen," texts John Hand, Lealands, Luton.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1308: Busy News Day in Durham
School Reporters at Roseberry Sports & Community College in Durham have been busy looking at a wide range of today's top news stories from the Budget to the death of Elizabeth Taylor. They've also been looking at events closer to home - such as the effect of the cuts in spending for sport in schools. And on a lighter note, they interviewed anyone who had a red nose on for Comic Relief, e-mails teacher Jo Leech

text message (49X49)
1307: Sliding slug
"At Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College in Basingstoke we've interviewed a world record rower, investigated if budget cuts might mean less work experience and heard how a local environmental campaigner is getting national attention. We've got a TV studio in a corner of the library with a lovely bunch of daffodils. There was a bit of a problem when a slug slid out of a flower. It has been rescued," texts Amanda Lewis.

text message (49X49)
1306: Green screen fun
A text from Teresa Evans, Rydens School Hersham: "Everyone's work is coming together so well. Today has been great fun especially using the green screen. Well done group 2 Year Nine at Rydens."

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1305: Learning languages
At the Wandsworth Community Learning Centre, Year 8 students Nicole, Abdi and Giordano from Southfields Community College are filming a live debate on multi-lingual schools.

text message (49X49)
1304: Wild at heart
"Kingussie High pupils get wild at heart when they get the lowdown on Mercedes the polar bear, who is the star attraction at Highland Wildlife Park," texts Lauren, reporter, Kingussie High.

1303: Day in the life... of a police horse
Bebington High Sports College students have carried out some interviews with people who look after police horses to gain an insight into what it is like.

text message (49X49)
1301: Time's ticking
"Local people's opinions are top of the news agenda at Brislington Enterprise College. Our School Reporters are asking pupils for the views on topics as varied as 'Are mobile phones suitable for children?', 'What did you think of Comic Relief?' and 'How will you celebrate Easter?' Time's ticking on though and the edit suite will soon be calling," texts Dan Warren in Bristol.

text message (49X49)
1301: Super moon
"The Year 8 News Reporters have just had catch up meeting to make sure they are on track to put together their news report featuring stories on the Super Moon, Budget cuts affecting schools and personal stories about the Japanese Earthquake," texts Joanne, School Report Mentor, Charters School, Ascot.

1300: Headline news!
The One O'clock News on BBC One is featuring School Report.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1259: Ice cream blade
Pupils of The City School are editing a report of their expedition to Malealea. The Sheffield School Reporters are also working on a story of a three-year-old who found a blade in her ice cream, Tokyo's toxic water supply and girl power in the Sheffield community. WOW!

1258: Fee impact
A group of students at Marden Bridge Middle School in Tyne and Wear are compiling a report on the impact of tuition fees which has involved visiting Newcastle University and interviewing the president of the university's student union. They've also surveyed Year 8 pupils at their school and found that many say tuition fees have made them reluctant to go to university.

text message (49X49)
1257: Haunted house
"Midway through filming at Nightingale Academy in Edmonton. Stories selected include the council using their Olympics ticket allocation, the Census, a bid to save Chase Farm Hospital and two films about Sylvia Pankhurst and a haunted house," texts Nick Crowther, BBC Mentor.

text message (49X49)
1257: No time for lunch!
"Pupils at Fortismere school in North London are working through their lunch to hit their deadline - topics from uni fees & school uniforms to teenagers' body image are being covered," texts Zoe Porter.

1256: City centre School Report broadcasts
School Report is being shown on the BBC's Big Screens in 18 cities across the UK until 1430.

text message (49X49)
1255: Lady Gaga
"All sorts on the Burlington Danes School Report agenda - the Japan disaster, Lady Gaga, knife crime, iPad 2, Bahrain, just to name but a few!" texts Jimmy Tam, Burlington Danes Academy, London.

1255: School anniversary
Marcus Alton of BBC Radio Nottingham reports: "Lots of excitement in the newsroom here at the George Spencer Academy in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire. The team is working on a news wrap for the One o' Clock news about the school's 50th anniversary."

London 2012 logo
1254: Central Heartbeat Hub looks ahead
St John Wall Catholic School reports that the schools in their hub are looking ahead to 2pm where they will be reporting on stories that include the Olympics, the earthquake in Japan and the situation in Libya. Some schools are confident and others are nervous about hitting the deadline!

text message (49X49)
1254: Rugby exclusive
"School reporters at Bishopston Comprehensive have secured an exclusive interview with Wales international rugby player Dan Biggar. Everyone's having a great time," texts Penny Roberts Bishopston Comprehensive School Swansea.

1253: Political interviews
Students at Red Maids' School in Bristol have been getting political. They've filmed an interview with Defence Minister Liam Fox, who gave his views on recent events in Egypt. In another report Liberal Democrat Stephen Webb explained why he's against the build of a new nuclear power station.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1252: Royal Wedding
"Students are canvassing opinions on the Royal Wedding and rising fuel prices in Ealing Broadway. They're now frantically editing together their footage!" e-mails Fliss Buckles, Head of Film and Media at Dormers Wells High School, Ealing

text message (49X49)
1250: Cooking up news
"Pupils at the Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh have interviewed chef of the year Roy Brett about fish sustainability and have charted the progress of a panda's imminent arrival to Edinburgh Zoo," texts Esme Kennedy.

1249: Stars and space
School Reporters from St Aidan's CE Technology College in Lancashire will interview astronomy professor Dr Nick Lister from Lawrence House Observatory in Rossall about the messenger space probe going into orbit around Mercury, and talk about doing GCSE astronomy at school.

text message (49X49)
1248: Comic Relief
"School reporters Tommy and Jake have grilled their headteacher and a local police officer about how much the school raised for Comic Relief, and efforts to reduce vehicle crime," texts Jane Andrews, Hounslow Manor, Hounslow./CPS:EVENT>

magnifying glass (49X49)
1247 Rubik mystery
Diss High School Reporters are producing a television news bulletin on the return of the Rubik's cube in schools. The journalists have also covered a range of additional stories and have interviewed local councillors and Time Team experts.

1247 Boys will be boys
Forget the skateboard as it's the fingerboard that's all the talk amongst pupils at George Stephenson High School in North Tyneside. Eleven-year-old Josh says the craze is sweeping the school but is more popular with the boys than the girls.

London 2012 logo
1246: Olympic anticipation
Langdon School in Newham are hosting a phone-in radio discussion on the 2012 Olympics, taking in students' opinions in the lead up to the big event. Teacher Vivienne says it's a subject that's "important to them; they are passionate about it, and were inspired by the recent World Cup in South Africa."

text message (49X49)
1245: Football excitement
"Great excitement at JFS in Kingsbury when their football coaching video appeared on school report live. Reports being finished and extra stories being done," texts Ian Westbrook, JFS, Kingsbury.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1244: Voting rights
School Reporters from Ysgol Y Strade in Wales are busy covering a very exciting story happening in the school today - a referendum on whether people should get the right to vote at the age of 16. The young journalists will be reporting the results in a live bulletin at 1420!

text message (49X49)
1243: Crime reports
"Harris Crystal Palace reporters have written up an interview with a burglary victim and filmed vox pops. Ingrid, from Harris, Crystal Palace, said the day has really helped improve her writing."

A shock result
1242: Flashmob
"Led by editors Marie and Adam, school reporters are collecting vox pops from staff and students on Japan, Libya and the budget while others edit an interview with Joe McGann and Linda Bellingham who are appearing in "Calendar Girls" this week," texts Carol Cooke, Monkwearmouth School, Sunderland.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1243: Educating the elderlyWickersley School & Sports College School Reporters are working on an article about the role of teenagers in helping to educate elderly relatives in the use of technology and the internet.

1241: Library cuts
Mitchell reported on behalf of fellow students at Bungay School in Suffolk, who are concerned about the threatened closure of their local library. Not all students can afford to buy their own books and the library provides a great service. Listen to more reports like this by clicking the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

1240: Heart transplant
Some of the children at Barnard Castle School were working on a story about a school girl in a nearby town who has undergone a heart transplant treatment. The children have also spent some time doing research about the Earthquake in Japan and filmed themselves reporting. Alice and Lexi who are Year 7 students said that today has been really fun and that they have both enjoyed doing research.

London 2012 logo
1236: Olympic dreams
Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson talked about the London Olympics, saying that it will inspire young people, when quizzed by students from Paddington Academy at School Report HQ in London. She also talked about studying for a degree in politics while competing as an athlete: "My Dad said education gives you choices" and spoke about sitting in the House of Lords four days a week. Watch more like interviews this at the top of this page.

A shock result
1235: Flashmob
"We are doing a story about a school charity fundraiser for victims of Japan earthquake and attempting to film a dance flashmob!" texts Naomi Bewick, Hinchingbrooke School, Huntingdon.

applause icon (49x49)
1234: Green screen
Cranford Community College in Hounslow is producing stories covering police cuts, the threatened closure of a local day care centre for the elderly, and the school's move to a biometric catering system. The Middlesex School Reporters will be making use of green screen technology for their reports!

1233: Women's football
De La Salle Academy is working up to a live broadcast this afternoon where students will report on road safety in their area, and recent cancer trials. Check out their site for a written report on Everton and England goalkeeper Rachel Brown, where she chats about women's football and playing in the World Cup.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1231: Comedy careers
School Reporters from Colfes School have interviewed Ed Dyson, comedy writer of My Family and Dead Ringers, about what inspired him to pursue film, programmes and writing as a career.

text message (49X49)
1230: Basking shark
"Arnold Middle School's top stories are about tight school trousers, the tsunami in Japan, the school's ongoing building work and the spotting of a basking shark. The TV studio is ready to go for 2pm!" texts Stuart Pinfold, mentor.

text message (49X49)
1230: Budgeting Bieber
"Pupils at the Chamberlayne College for the Arts are working on huge variety of stories including teacher reaction to the budget, the HMS Invincible leaving Portsmouth today, en route to Turkey, the national census, and Justin Beiber!"

magnifying glass (49X49)
1229: Road block
Teenagers at Builth Wells High School have been presenting the arguments for and against a controversial new road scheme in their TV report. They visited the construction site and spoke to people living nearby. They've also been reporting on the "secondary modernisation" scheme to merge and re-structure schools in their area.

text message (49X49)
1228: Stand by to go live!"Ben is about to record his world news segment. Connor ready with his budget report and Michael is standing by in the edit. Bit behind but we'll hit 2pm!" texts Mark Warburton, Parrs Wood High, Manchester.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1227: Vollyball future up in the air
Bramcote Park Business & Enterprise School Reporters have interviewed former pupil and GB volleyball team member, Grace Carter, about the funding cuts facing the sport.

1226: Tributes to the Stars
School Reporters at Homewood School in Kent are paying tribute to the stars of stage and screen. Reporters from Year 7 and 8 are remembering film goddess Elizbeth Taylor who has just died and also Dorothy Young, 103, who was the last surviving stage assistant of illusionist Harry Houdini.

A shock result
1225: Big bang
School reporters from Handsworth Grange in Sheffield have been interviewing Year 10s about their entrepreneurial success with a 'make your own bath bomb' kit. The young inventors told reporters they took their kit to a Big Bang fair and have already had lots of orders! Hannah, 14, said they were editing the interviews for their final report.

applause icon (49x49)
1224: Visit to Downing Street
Some school reporters have just returned from interviewing the Chancellor, George Osborne, at No 11 Downing Street. Their verdict? "He was very friendly and makes you feel at ease" and also "He was very much a politician, careful about what he said". Watch more reports like this in the video stream at the top of this page.

1222: Sporting ScotlandSchool Reporters from Thornliebank Primary School are joining the press conference for the Glasgow Warriors rugby team later today. Their East Renfrewshire neighbours from Robslee Primary are covering the main stories of the day with a focus on Japan and Libya.

London 2012 logo
1221: Feltz fun Two young reporters from St Marylebone School talk live to Vanessa Feltz on BBC London about visiting the Olympic Park and their first impressions of it. They describe having to put together an edited package for School Report and some of the things they learned about journalism along the way. Listen to more like this by clicking the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

applause icon (49x49)
1219: Radio Stars
School Reporters from Isca College of Media Arts in Devon feature the school's own success story, after the College Radio Station recently scooped the National Sony Award for Schools Radio for the second year running.

text message (49X49)
1218: Presenting tips
"School Reporters have just had a TV reporting masterclass from BBC Rugby Union presenter John Inverdale," texts Julian Shea, Hinchley Wood School, Surrey.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1217: School forecast
Jon Wright at Claydon High near Ipswich said students were doing live weather reports on BBC Radio Suffolk plus radio features on cuts to bus discount cards and the big school talent show.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1215: Politics in Scotland
Bearsden Academy School Report team are reporting on the Scottish Youth Parliament elections that are taking place today at the school. They are quizzing candidates on their manifestos and what they have to offer to the young adults in East Dunbartonshire.

1214: Social networking
Pupils at Birley Community College in Sheffield are reporting on a recent youth forum which covered social networking, fire safety and sexual health. Emma, 14, said: "School Report is really fun; it's boosted my confidence and helped me understand how news works."

London 2012 logo
1213: Champion visits the School Report studio
Paralympian Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson is live in the School Report London studio speaking to pupils from Paddington Academy. You can watch or listen to the interview at the top of this page.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1213: Book worms"School Reporters from Hanham High School are hard at work practicing video journalism. The Bristolians are producing a film dedicated to World Book Day."

applause icon (49x49)
1212: Head of steam
Four pupils at Chesham Park Community College in Buckinghamshire have got up a real head of steam putting together reports on the proposed route of the high speed train route between London and Birmingham. If it goes ahead it could run just 400 metres from one of the boys' homes and there are big local concerns about the impact. The team say they've done some really good interviews and are now editing their package. "It has been really interesting getting different viewpoints," says Ben.

1211: Stars in their eyes
Students at De la Salle College in Belfast are extra keen to cover Stars in Their Eyes as one of their own boys, 16-year-old Liam, has made the regional final. The pupils have are also covering healthy eating in their bulletins and have come up with a yummy recipe for a burger. Thirteen-year-old James has "really enjoyed the day" and says "everyone has really put in a lot of effort".

text message (49X49)
1209: What to do about Gadaffi?
"Thetford Academy School reporters in Norfolk are asking if Gaddafi should be a military target, and whether their two school sites should merge. Japan, Liz Taylor, iPad2 and local kids who rescued a four-year-old are all hot topics for them today."

magnifying glass (49X49)
1207: Another MP grilled
School Reporters from Heaton Manor School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne have interviewed Nick Brown MP, the former Cabinet Minister, about the funding cuts to universities and the impact it will have upon students.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1206: Art on the MerseySefton's Deyes High School is producing editorial pieces questioning "Should Young People access Art?" School Reporters visited Tate Liverpool yesterday to film the unveiling of a brand new exhibition curated entirely by young people.

applause icon (49x49)
1205: South Africa expedition
Students from The City School in Sheffield have been reporting on their forthcoming expedition to Malealea in South Africa, interviewing the teacher planning the trip. They are also covering the Tokyo water crisis and the opening of a new community shop. Molly, 14, said: "I want to do this when I'm older!"

magnifying glass (49X49)
1204: Defending Libya
Students at Hayes Secondary School in Bromley, SE London, looked to find out how budget cuts are putting pressure on the Armed Forces. They were also particularly interested in the UK's role in the Libya no-fly zone operation, so they interviewed local MP for Beckenham, Bob Stewart, a former officer who occupied positions at the Ministry of Defence and at Nato headquarters. Mr Stewart justified the UK role in the intervention together with other Nato partners.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1203: Educating the elderlyWe've had an e-mail to say that Wickersley School & Sports College School Reporters are working on an article about the role of teenagers in helping to educate elderly relatives in the use of technology and the internet.

London 2012 logo
1202: Looking to London 2012Two Melbourn Village College reports were on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning. One of the stories featured was an interview with Georgie Bullin, a 2012 Paralympic athlete. The other story was about a police station being built in Melbourn village.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1202: School closure
Year 8 students in Yorkshire are producing TV and radio reports, and a podcast, about the controversial decision to close their school. Birkdale High School, in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, is being taken over by a neighbouring school because of falling pupil numbers.

text message (49X49)
1201: Paralympics
"Pupils at Thornden School are working on stories about the Paralympics and the potential merger at Winchester A&E. All the best to everyone involved!"

1201: Channel Hop Hub
Beth and other students from Sir James Smith's School are busy gathering the news from the other schools in their hub. Road safety, the earthquake in Japan, and a radio project are subjects being covered by the various hub schools.

1201: Midday News
Stories chosen by our School Reporters for the midday news headlines include warnings of potential job losses after the fuel tax announcement and the death of two soldiers in Afghanistan. Presented live from School Report HQ at TVC, London. Watch more like this at the top of this page.

1200: Live news!
Watch the live video stream above for the latest headlines as our School Reporters broadcast the news live from BBC Television Centre, London.

applause icon (49x49)
1159: Sporting school
Students at The Vyne Community School are putting new head teacher Julie Churcher through her paces in a special in-depth interview. The Year 9 students are also reporting on winning the accolade of "most sporting school in Basingstoke".

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1158: Rock challengeWe've had a text to say that Beverley High School is writing up a story about 'Rock Challenge', an event that took place yesterday at Bridlington Spa in East Yorkshire.

1157: A strange dress
"Finally, the moment that we have all been waiting for has arrived! It is the day of the news day and all of our hard work in master classes since January is about to pay off," says student reporter Lucy, from Watford Grammar School for Girls. They are all hands-on writing, photographing and filming their news stories, including one about the dress of Kate Middleton auctioned earlier this week, which was described by reporter Leah as "strange, but very original".

magnifying glass (49X49)
1153: Australia floods aftermath
After recent natural disasters in Japan, New Zealand and Brazil, pupils at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Lancashire look at the impact of extreme weather sweeping the globe. They talk to a former Mount Carmel teacher, now based in Queensland, about life after the Australian floods.

1152: Student protests
Merseyside's Childwall School have an exciting day ahead of them. They'll be filming from today's student protests in Liverpool, interviewing protesters right from the heart of the action. A team are also based at the National Oceanography Centre, asking scientists about the tsunami in Japan and the dangers of the Fukushima nuclear reactor.

text message (49X49)
1144: Well wishes
Sarah Robertson at the Harefield Academy, Middlesex, says the reporters and researchers are busy putting the final bits together and the editing is starting. "Good Luck!" she texts.

A shock result
1142: Living with war
Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Gateshead is the latest school looking at international events for their School Report broadcast. Katie 14, says the tsunami in Japan must have been unimaginable to live through. Meanwhile, Joseph, 13, is wondering what life is like for civilians in rebel held cities in Libya.

text message (49X49)
1141: Rooney scoop
"Our intrepid reporters Joyanne, Hannah and Bethany have got a scoop, finding out that PE teacher Mr Little once taught Wayne Rooney. They've raced off to get an interview," texts John Hand, Lealands, Luton.

London 2012 logo
1140: Olympic Park
Emily from Plumbstead Manor School talks live to Eddie Nestor about her visit to the Olympic Park. She was able to interview the park's designer, Jerome Frost, and find out about exciting changes happening in London because of the 2012 Olympics. Listen to more like this by clicking the Live Radio tab at the top of this page.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1138: Libya's importance
"It is a big story and affects everyone in the world." That's how School Reporters Bethany and Beth explain why they choose what is happening in Libya as the main story for the news day at Watford Grammar School for Girls. To write and illustrate the story they interviewed their politics teacher and used a Flip camera to get vox-pops from other teachers and students.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1138: Football derby
"Glamorgan School Reporters from Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bryn Tawe & Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr are working on producing a preview for the Wales vs England football international at the weekend."

1137: Five live
School Report is on Radio 5 Live's Victoria Derbyshire programme, where presenter Rachel Burden talks with students in Salford until 1145.

1130: Sports Headlines
The Sports News headlines from Salford includes news about Gareth Bale, a GB football team for the Olympics, World Cup cricket, rugby and Formula One. Watch more like this at the top of the page.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1133: School theatrics
Wildern School in Southampton is busy looking at stories about a new local theatre opening on the school site. The School Reporters will also be offering opinions on news topics such as fuel price rises.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1130: Nuclear Concerns
West London's Alperton Community School's lead story today is the concern over nuclear power in wake of the disaster in Japan. School Reporter Katia, 12, asks how Britain is helping Japan through the crisis.

1130: Seaside safety
Year 9 pupils at Clacton County High School are filming an interview with a local councillor as part of their report on threatened cuts to beach patrols at Clacton seafront. Reporters from the school, in Essex, also filmed Colchester United football team in action and got interviews with the goal scorer and man of the match.

applause icon (49x49)
1129: Going the extra nautical mile
Pupils from Kirkwall Grammar School in the Orkney Islands are covering loads of news stories including the earthquake in Japan, but the story that is grabbing the headlines is the 5,000 mile jet skier. Thirteen-year-old pupil Megan's uncle Douglas will ski all the way to Monaco to help a cancer charity. The school and all of the islanders wish him the very best.

text message (49X49)
1127: Tracking down
"Our reporters are trying for an interview with local MP Mike Gapes about his campaign against closure of a local hospital's A&E and maternity departments," texts Eleanor Taylor, Seven Kings High School, Ilford, Essex.

1126: Celtic connections
School Reporters from Shawlands Academy in Glasgow are interviewing The Treacherous Orchestra and Manran, two bands who performed at a celtic music festival.

1125: 'Very exciting'
Pupils from Hyndland Secondary School and Lenzie Academy are at Caledonian University in Glasgow, planning, newsgathering and preparing their reports. How have they found the experience so far? One pupil said: "It's been really busy, but very exciting."

1124: Beatle-mania
Liverpool's St Francis Xavier's College are quizzing local tourists on why legendary pop band The Beatles are still such a big draw to the city. The Year 9 students will be interviewing visitors on The Magical Mystery Tour attraction, which stops at nearby Strawberry Fields.

A shock result
1122: Radiation reporting
Radiation from Japan was detected in Iceland on a recent school trip by Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College students. The Bradford reporters are investigating the spread of the radiation to Britain.

text message (49X49)
1121: Endangered newts
"Teams at Preston Manor School in Wembley have found some endangered newts in a tiny pond on the school premises. They also interviewed QPR defender Peter Rammage who revealed that his team mates like the PlayStation game Call of Duty while he prefers playing Mario on his Wii," texts Annette MacKenzie, Preston Manor School, Wembley

text message (49X49)
1120: India calling!
"School Reporters at Esher Church of England High School have done a live link up at IBM with two schools in Bangalore, India, to discuss how their school lives differ," texts Wanda Petrusewicz, Esher High, Surrey.

1119: Super stars big in Bucks
The stars have been out for students at Waddesdon Church of England School. Interviews have been carried out with actress Georgia Lock, who plays the lead role in CBBC hit Sadie J, and GB snowboarder Becky Menday. And local band This Is Freedom, who feature on the soundtrack of movie Chalet Girl, completed the hat-trick of top names.

applause icon (49x49)
1119: Celebrating 40 years
School reporters at Droitwich Spa High School in Worcestershire are looking at celebrations for the school's 40th anniversary. Also, Year 8 School Reporter Hannah interviewed her grandad, who just happened to be the school's very first deputy head back in 1971! Plus Lewis, who's also in Year 8, has done a report about caring for his mum, who is disabled. He looked at what it meant for him and his friends.

1118: School coalition grills Nick Clegg
Pupils from Reading School and Plumbstead Manor School in London have joined together as a coalition to interview the Deputy Prime Minister. Questions posed by this set of young reporters included university tuition fees, the troubles in Libya and smoking cigarettes. Listen to more like this by clicking on the live radio tab at the top of this page.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1117: Lent lunches
Spelling bee finalists are being interviewed by School Reporters at Holy Family School. The Yorkshire school is also reporting on Lent lunches and a student trip to Sri Lanka.

applause icon (49x49)
1116: Building for the future
The news team at Yate International Academy in South Gloucestershire have written and produced a video story on their new £16.4m school building - the pupils have been so ahead of their deadlines that all of their stories are already online!

applause icon (49x49)
1111: Coventry rugby leads the way
Reports are emerging from Bishop Ullathorne School that the Great Britain Rugby League coach has requested a DVD copy of their Year 7's latest rugby victory!

text message (49X49)
1110: Live radio
"Pupils at Kingsthorpe College in Northampton have made a six-minute TV news report and they are also presenting a live radio show at 2pm on BBC Radio Northampton," texts Sarah Foster.

text message (49X49)
1109: Saving Ealing
We've had a text to say that 16 pupils from Drayton Manor High School are preparing reports on why Blackberrys are becoming hugely popular with teens, and also a report on a campaign to save Ealing Cinema.

text message (49X49)
1107: Student slang
"The School Reporters have just interviewed Jonathan Robinson, curator of the Evolving English exhibition at the British Library about slang after Emma Thompson, an ex-pupil of the school, spoke out against the student's use of slang," texts Jo Holland, Camden School for Girls, North London.

applause icon (49x49)
1106: Tangerine dream
School Reporters from Saint Aidan's Technology College in Preesall, Lancashire, have scooped an interview with Blackpool FC striker Brett Ormerod. Emma, Robert and Ben, and student mentor Esther, will talk to the football star about life in the Premiership.

1105: Statistical fun
A hundred school reporters at Mediacity in Salford Quays, Manchester, are having fun visually representing results from the School Report survey in the piazza. Ponchos, dancers and giant mobile phones have all been involved! Watch more reports like this at the top of this page.

applause icon (49x49)
1104: Fern Britton
School reporters in Holmer Green in Buckinghamshire have already have done a couple of exclusive interviews with daytime presenter Fern Britton and with school pupil Emily, who is training with the elite 2012 Olympic diving squad and has already competed at the British National Championships. They are also chasing several other topical stories.

1103: Spirit of Britain
Dover docks are the location of the main story being covered by School Reporters at Dover College. A team is there to interview Dame Kelly Holmes on the official naming of the £150 million super-ferry Spirit of Britain, the largest and most revolutionary of the ferries linking Dover with Calais. The school is also reporting on the budget following a telephone interview with Dover's Conservative MP, Charlie Elphicke.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1102: Holiday thefts
School Reporters at Saints John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Humanities College are producing a video news reel looking at the effects of holiday computer thefts at the school. The Lancashire school is also reporting on obesity in young people.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1101: Lollipop ladies
Coming up after the 11am news headlines, school reporters in Dorset are grilling local councillors on whether their lollipop ladies will be a victim of government cuts.

1100: Live news!
Watch the live video stream above for the latest headlines as our School Reporters broadcast the news live from London.

Newsroom Research in Lancashire
1057: Newsroom research
School reporters at Saint Aidan's Technology College in Preesall, Lancashire, are hard at work researching their stories for today, using the internet and all the day's newspapers. Some of the stories being looked at include a local story of arson on the sand dunes at Saint Annes, and a national story of a 16-year-old boy called Parker, who is in training for an arctic trek.

text message (49X49)
1056: Justin Bieber
"School reporters here are researching their stories and interviewing students who went to see Justin Bieber in Sheffield last night," texts Helen Bailey, All Saints, Sheffield.

text message (49X49)
1055: Retirement age
"Our team are chasing a newspaper story that their retirement age could be as high as 80 with people living longer. Ouch!" texts MarkTulip, Marden High School, North Shields

text message (49X49)
1054: School discipline
Ben, Michael and Connor, all from Year 8 at Parrs Wood High School, Manchester, are covering the Budget and how it affects their teachers. Other headlines: The Royal Wedding and whether anyone's likely to download the wedding vows to their mp3 player; a story about a school band aiming for fame; and an innovative new way to deal with discipline at their school - the red line! Thanks to Mark Warburton for the text.

1052: Literature for blind people
Pupils at Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Myrddin reported on a project providing talking books for blind people. Young journalists at the school in Carmarthenshire said they enjoyed taking part in School Report because they got to meet people in their community.

1051: Facebook bullies
The rise of online bullying is top of the news agenda at Saint John Houghton Catholic School. The Derbyshire School Reporters are making a newspaper and producing a radio bulletin on the topic.

applause icon (49x49)
1050: Keepy-uppy
Archbishop Temple School in Lancashire hit news gold when they came across a local man from Longridge who's planning to run a marathon whilst doing keepy-uppys. The pupils of Year 7 have also obtained an interview with a young woman who successfully pitched the idea of frozen deserts on the BBC show Dragon's Den.

text message (49X49)
1048: Elizabeth Taylor
Isca College in Exeter are preparing their TV news. They have features on the Met Office in Exeter and their visit to receive an award. They are looking at national news stories and wondering whether to include the Elizabeth Taylor story, as one student is a fan, texts Les Sheehan.

text message (49X49)
1047: Over The Rainbow
School reporters have filmed an interview with former pupil Danielle Hope who won Over the Rainbow, texts Kate Simms, Knutsford High.

text message (49X49)
1046: Public survey
Reporters at Our Lady's Convent High School in Hackney have headed out to survey students and the public, texts Lynda Smith.

Peter Crouch
1046: Peter Crouch
The children at South Shields Community School have been conducting editorial meetings and collecting various news stories concerning petrol prices decreasing, Peter Crouch and shot gun licences. The children have been using talking heads to find out different opinions and views. Teacher Mr Moore says: "This morning has been hectic!"

text message (49X49)
1045: Shot guns
Editors are deciding the running order and have an exclusive on shot guns, texts Charlotte Harriman, of St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College, Aldridge.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1045:Teens tackle budget
We've just had an e-mail to say that School Reporters from Harris City Academy in Croydon are dissecting how yesterday's Budget will affect kids in the UK.

1044: Right to vote?
Should 16-year-olds be able to vote? Students from Ysgol Gyfun Y Strade school in Llanelli interviewed politicians in their area about being able to vote at a younger age. They also organised a referendum. Listen to more like this in School Report Radio, linked in the tab above.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1043: Young Brits abroad
Twenty Year 8 School Reporters from the Gloucester School in Germany are producing stories on living as a bilingual child in Germany. The young journalists are also exploring being a British Forces child living in Germany and coping with troop deployment to Afghanistan.

text message (49X49)
1042: Celebrating Eid
The top story from Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls is: "Should the Muslim festival Eid be classed as an occasional day at school?" Watch their report later, including an interview with the head teacher, texts Jo Stevens, Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1041: Overcrowding!
Pupils at Ysgol Uwchradd Glan Clwyd are reporting on overcrowding at their school in Denbighshire, and the growing numbers of children wanting to attend Welsh-medium schools. They are interviewing teachers who have to share classrooms, and asking Welsh-learners in Year 7 about the challenges of learning a new language. Mairead, 12, said of School Report: "We're under pressure today to get everything sorted, but it is really fun!"

applause icon (49x49)
1040: Eco-classroom
It's all go at Accrington Academy, where students have been creating the UK's first self sustainable classroom. Whether it be presenting their room designs to teams in San Francisco, or choosing the building materials themselves, everyone's had a hand in this exciting project. They report back live to us later.

1035: Heroic reporting in Portsmouth
School Reporters at Springfield Secondary School in Portsmouth have been taking part in their first ever BBC School Report. Thomas, Luke and Adam interviewed Mr and Mrs Parry, founders of the Help for Heroes Rehabilitation Centre. "It's been great fun and a valuable experience providing us with an insight into the complex process of making the news," said the School Reporters.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1034: Celebrity and fame
"Young people are not obsessed by celebrity." This is just one of the findings of Stretford Grammar School's survey involving 24,000 participants from schools across the UK. The investigation was inspired by this year's census. Another surprising result was a general lack of interest in the Royal Family, in spite of William and Kate's wedding next month.

text message (49X49)
1031: Playing Kate
The School Reporters at the Marist Senior School, Ascot, are writing about an ex-pupil who is playing Kate Middleton in an upcoming movie about the royal couple, texts Jane Wakefield.

1030: Knife crime
Knife crime, racism and cost of school food are among the topics being turned into TV news pkgs, texts Toby Friedner, Barnfield West Academy, Luton

London 2012 logo
1029: Dame Kelly Holmes
Dover College, Kent, have texted us to say that Bethany is doing an exclusive interview with Olympic athletics hero Dame Kelly Holmes, on board a P&O ferry!

text message (49X49)
1028: iPad 2
School reporters looking at Shotgun licenses for 10-year-olds, have done an email interview with a woman in Japan on what it was like when the earthquake hit. They also reported the iPad2 and 3DS launch, and an update on the Olympic tickets, e-mails Kate Riley Guildford County School Guildford.

laughter (49X49)
1026: Teacher gets a sponge-down
Warrington School Reporters from Culcheth High School are getting excited about reporting a charity fundraiser - one that involves throwing wet sponges at humanities teacher, Mr Owen!

magnifying glass (49X49)
1024: From religion to the Olympics
After taking inspiration from newspapers and the internet - and with the help of some muffins - School Reporters at Cams Hill School are all in action. They are preparing a series of reports that include an interview with singer Craig David about his trek for Comic Relief. They're also looking at work on teenagers keeping safe in their spare time, the school's fundraising efforts for the Japan tsunami, coverage of a recent debate in school with local religious representatives and the release of London Olympic 2012 tickets.

laughter (49X49)
1023: X Files comes to Teesdale
School Reporters from Teesdale School and Science College in Durham are busy reporting news of an alien landing in Barnard Castle!

magnifying glass (49X49)
1022: Light or dark?
Students from Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form College, in Hove, want longer days and shorter nights as part of changes to British Summer Time. But they found that farmers in Scotland are not so keen. They've interviewed Rebecca Harris MP, who is in favour of the change but found that not all of Britain is in favour. Lauren, 13, says "it is great to meet new people" as part of School Report.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1020: Marathon news effort
Former Eastenders actress Kellie Shirley is being interviewed by School Reporters from St Saviour's and St Olave's in Southwark, as part of their piece on the London Marathon.

applause icon (49x49)
1019: First news headlines
In their first news bulletin, reporters at School Report HQ in London present headlines on yesterday's Budget, Libya, the water scare in Tokyo and of course, schools up and down the country taking part in BBC School Report! How did it feel? "Very scary!", our reporters said.

1015: Krypton tips
Coming up: need some tips on how to be a presenter? If so, then Gordon Burns who presents BBC North West Tonight - and used to host the Krypton Factor - is giving tips to budding presenters. Stay tuned to the live video at the top of this page to find out what he said.

text message (49X49)
1013: Big sports news
Joe and Ian, two School Reporters, are putting together the sports bulletin - and are canvassing opinion in the school about the big news that Gareth Bale is out of Wales' big football match against England on Saturday, texts Dan Warren, from Brislington Enterprise College, Bristol.

text message (49X49)
1012: Good luck!
Good luck to all at Trent Valley Academy, Gainsborough, texts teacher, Chris Cook

1009: Labour leader grilled
Watch live on the video above, as Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband gets a grilling from School Reporters

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1008: Military operation
Pupils are preparing scripts for radio bulletins, analysing results of questionnaire on new school tutoring system, preparing to interview leader of Oxford's Green Party, looking at public cuts and local library closures and sifting through international news including a story about a child apparently shot by Gaddafi's forces in Libya. They're also questioning how the UK can be spending millions a day on military operation in Libya when funding for services here is being cut, e-mails James Ingham, St Gregory the Great School, Oxford

Reporters at Dr Challoner's Grammar School in Amersham 
Reporters at Dr Challoner's Grammar School in Amersham 
1006: Hard at work
Here's a snap of School Reporters from Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham, hard at work planning their news day.

1000: Live news!
Watch the latest headlines as our School Reporters broadcast the news live from London.

magnifying glass (49X49)
0954: Eating habits
Reporters from St Ninians High School in Kirkintilloch are on their way to BBC Pacific Quay in Glasgow to deliver their investigative report on the lunchtime eating habits of pupils.

0950: Earthquake experience
Pupils from The Albion High School in Manchester have been at Mediacity in Salford, quizzing Tom Bangbala from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra about the orchestra's terrifying experiences while caught up in the earthquake in Japan. Tom said: "We were on a suspension bridge over Tokyo harbour at the time the first earthquake hit." Watch more like this at the top of the page.

text message (49X49)
0944: Casualty!
Preston Manor School in Wembley has a new presenter after Seterah was called away to film an episode of Casualty! Dishita is taking her place, texts Annette MacKenzie, Preston Manor School, Wembley.

text message (49X49)
0941: Heartbeat Hub
Busy here at the Central Heartbeat Hub where pupils are gathering the news from other schools in the Midlands and East Anglia. They have also interviewed West Brom footballer Giles Barnes and are working on a story about a fellow student who represented Birmingham at athletics in Jamaica, texts Steve Marshall, St John Wall Catholic School, Birmingham

text message (49X49)
0938: Taking part
All of year nine at Wildern School, Hampshire, are taking part in School Report today, texts School Report mentor Reham Khan, BBC South presenter.

0934: Swingometer
Coming up in our live coverage, an interview by Alicia from Harrogate Ladies College with the BBC's Jeremy Vine. Alicia asked Jeremy what is the best way to report numbers? For his advice, keep an eye on the video stream at the top of this page.

text message (49X49)
0928: News meeting
Just finished editorial meeting at Harris City Academy in Crystal Palace. Stories and teams decided - reporters going off filming soon! Catherine

0923: School Reporters evaluate the Budget
It was Budget Day yesterday and School Reporters from from Knutsford High School and Reddish Vale Technology College in Cheshire are at number 11 Downing Street this morning with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. They'll be telling us, live, how they got on around 1030. You can listen online to School Report Radio at the top of this page, in the adjacent tab.

0913: Conquering the airwaves
School Reporters from Exmouth College in Devon are travelling to a local community radio station to report on its quest for an FM licence.

0911: We want your news!
At Television Centre in London, a team of BBC news-gatherers have begun calling schools to find out what is going on in their classrooms-turned-newsrooms. So be prepared if you are taking part in the project today, you may be interviewed by a BBC member of staff who will reflect your news-making activities on this page.

0907: India calling!
Enthusiastic students from six schools based in and around the Indian capital city of Delhi have been filing reports on the Commonwealth Games and Cricket World Cup, together with local issues such as the environment and exam stress. "It is a great thing to be part of such an innovative project," said Vaishali, 15. Fellow pupil Adarsh added: "The students have been busy preparing interviews."

0900: School Report live!
School Report LIVE and School Report are now live, hosted by Daily Politics and former Newsround presenter Adam Fleming and Radio 5 live's Rachel Burden. Refresh this page to watch or listen.

0855: School Report news programmes ready to launch!
School Report LIVE and School Report - two 7-hour dedicated school news programmes - are about to start. Refresh this page to see the video at the top of this running account. You will also see the Radio appear as a tab at the top of this page.

0840: School Report goes nationwide
Students from Hyndland Secondary School and Lenzie Academy are arriving at Caledonian University, the location of School Report LIVE's news desk in Scotland.

Throughout the day, presenter Adam Fleming, who is hosting the seven-hour-long TV programme from Salford, will be catching up with the School Reporters in Glasgow, where the presenter is Sally McNair. Several times throughout the day, he will also be going live to several other news desks around the UK, in Wales, Northern Ireland, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

0835: Bulletins from new MediaCity
It's all systems go at Salford's MediaCity, the site of the BBC's new base in the north, pupils are in the process of setting up their news desk, from where they will be broadcasting news specifically about the School Report Survey.

They are also presenting sporting news headlines every hour, on the half hour, for the length of the school day.

0830: Follow School Report on your Red Button
You can now watch School Report LIVE and listen to School Report Radio on the Red Button: on Freeview, Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media from 0800 to 1900. On Freeview the two channels are available until 1820.

The two streams will also be available on the School Report website from 0900 until 1600, so keep tuned.

0815: Exploring teen safety in Surrey
School Reporters from Rydens School in Surrey looked into the issue of safety for young people in their local community. They found that young people feel intimidated by groups of other young people and feel more vulnerable when they are by themselves, especially in dark places they are unfamiliar with.

However, the young journalists discovered that only a few of the people they interviewed have had a personal experience of being unsafe in their local community. Read the full report.

0800: London School Reporters to present news headlines
Students from Paddington Academy and Prior's Field School are arriving at School Report's London studio in Television Centre. They will be bringing you the news headlines every hour, on the hour, from 0900.

This afternoon, they are set to interview special guests paralympian Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and presenters of the popular science show Bang Goes the Theory. Watch or listen from 0900 at the top of this page.

BBC Breakfast presenter Richard Westcott with the School Reporters from Wootton Bassett School
Breakfast presenter Richard Prescott with the Wootton Bassett reporters
0745: Wiltshire teens assess military base closure
Students from Wootton Bassett School, in the the market town that has come to symbolise the nation's respect for dead servicemen, have been speaking to BBC Breakfast presenter Richard Westcott.

He visited the school last year to find out how local pupils felt about the repatriations, and today he's revisiting the school to gauge how the closure of the military base there, RAF Lyneham, will affect young people.

0734: There's a real buzz at School Report HQ this morning, probably very similar to that which will soon be felt in hundreds of classrooms all over the UK. It may be early in the day, but School Report is already on the airwaves and the TV screens.

BBC Radio 4's Farming Today was the first programme to include School Report, using the package produced by the reporters at Brockhill Park Community College about the sausages sold by the school using the meat from the pigs they help rear.

0730: Good morning everyone, and welcome to the start of the day we've all been waiting for - News Day. This morning, more than 30,000 pupils will put their School Report lanyard around their neck and become journalists - not to mention editors, producers, cameramen, lighting engineers and sound technicians - for the day as they work to a deadline of 1400 GMT.

And this is the best place to keep up to date with what's going on in the 815 schools taking part.

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