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February Practice News Day as it happened

Pupils all over the UK honed their reporting skills on the final Practice News Day before 15 March. Find out how they got on as they turned their classrooms into newsrooms.


Later update: From Coleraine High, Magherafelt High, Slemish College and St Killian's who all came together at the Antrim NEELB board centre to make a 20-minute news programme including an interview with BBC reporter Karen Atkinson. After a hectic research period students scheduled their news programme and wrote their scripts. At 1400 we went 'live' - Students presented news, weather and Sport as well as operating camera, floor managing and running the autocue.

Later update: Here's something from Whickham School - a day late, to be precise, as they got their Practice News Date mixed up. An easy mistake to make - but for next time, News Day is March 15!

The Whickham School Reporters have been ploughing through an impressively exhaustive range of stories though - including (deep breath) an article about Whickham School's 50th Anniversary, an article on the Olympics, a timeline of Fabio Capello's time as England manager, Zumba Fitness being introduced at the school and a section about the big films sweeping the current awards ceremonies.

And as if that wasn't enough, they've got big plans for News Day, including some celebrity interviews. Fantastic work! You can read all of Whickham's School's Practice News Day reporting here .

Later update: 24 pupils from St Benedict's School, London, are doing their practice day today.

There's a financial flavour to the stories they are working on, which include how the credit crunch is affecting the school community, and what students think about the rise in university tuition fees. They'll also be tackling a thorny question about modern-day life: "are today's children growing up too fast?"

The St Benedict's School Reporting team
The St Benedict's School Reporting team

A helping hand will be provide by Thomas, a former School Reporter. Now in Year 10, he has volunteered to help the young 'uns with the video editing!

Teacher Ms Euvrard says they are all hard at work, and determined to make their deadline.

1740: Right, we're shutting up shop now, which means that the last Practice News Day before 15 March is officially over.

We've been really impressed by the high standard of journalism today from all of you who participated. As usual, an amazingly wide range of subjects have been tackled in a variety of imaginative ways.

We hope you've enjoyed it too, and look forward to seeing you in five weeks' time.

It should be well worth waiting for - practice is important, but there's nothing quite like News Day!

1727: A final update from Cams Hill School, who finished their Practice News Day reports inside the deadline - congratulations!

Not only that, they've edited them into a really professional News bulletin, anchored by Kane and Scarlett and featuring newsworthy reports from a number of correspondents.

It's well worth a look. Superb work!

1717: Some international School Reporting to update you on now. The Millennium School in Mohali, India, have been hard at work. They've got their eye on International Women's Day, which this year is on 8 March. They've used this event as inspiration for a wider report on the empowerment of women in the 21st century.
We like this creative approach - this is a great way of giving a news story a fresh twist. Perhaps your school could try something similar on News Day? Get thinking!

School Reporters from Howard of Effingham school deep in thought
School Reporters from Howard of Effingham school deep in thought
1707: Over now to Howard of Effingham School in Surrey, who have sent us a picture of their School Reporters researching a story. Some real concentration and focus on show here - we're impressed!

Also impressive is the news that the school are continuing to practice for News Day in the coming weeks. They're off to film a choir rehearsal on Friday, and next week they will be reporting from a racecourse.

Excellent stuff. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

Daniel and Yasmine with Helen Skelton
Helen Skelton poses with Daniel and Yasmine
1655: Burlington Danes Academy students Daniel and Yasmine interviewed Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton about her recent adventure challenge to the South Pole for Sport Relief earlier this week.

Listen out for their interview on News Day - Helen said their interviewing skills were "ace"!

1652: A final round-up from Diss High School where the whole of Year 9 (190 students) have been involved in the project, with 12 participating today on both film and radio presentations. The team working on film reports have covered: the visit of at the school today of Louise Priest from BBC Look East; the new £1m vocational center at the school; the recent snow and how it has affected them locallly and the school's talent show.

Meanwhile the radio reporters looked into cyberbullying; power cuts in Diss and followed up a story in the Eastern Daily Press about the lack of sporting facilities in Norfolk.

Ben said it has been a lot of fun and that he's learned lots about journalism, while Mimi added: "It was really interesting to find out about and experience the stress that's involved in journalism."

1650: Chiranjiv Bharti School in India have been reporting on bio-fuel and considering its impact on the environment. The school have shown enthusiasm for this topic by bringing in their own paper recycling machine.

1648: British Council Connecting Classrooms reporter Tihomira at Simeon Tarnovski High School of Economics in Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, has been reporting on flooding in the area and delivered a special weather report with hand-drawn graphics!

1644: The pupils at Sir John Talbot's Technology College have been reporting on a range of issues including the London Olympics, internet safety and also the whether pupils should actually leave school at the age of 15. School Reporter Chloe really enjoyed using the technology to interview others as well as editing reports.

1642: British Council Connecting Classrooms student Atimango from St Kizito SS Bugolobi School has been writing about Uganda's kickboxing sensation Golola Moses. He's famous for his fast-talking as well as his skills in the ring!

1640: Over to Cams Hill School in Hampshire. After a busy morning, pupils have been currently uploading films and editing in Movie Maker. We're told their finished reports are very close to appearing on their website!

First on the list is a report with the pupils asking the 'difficult' question: "Should we stay in school longer?"

Elsewhere, students are looking at topics as diverse as how to protect property like laptops and iPods from theft, to the celebrations around the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens.

And last but not least: a tricky subject matter, as School Reporters consider comments made about the weight of singer Adele suggesting she may be a poor role model for children.

Overall, Cams Hill seem to be getting a kick out of Practice News Day. Reporter Lauren said: "I think it's interesting because we get to explore some of the news stories as if we were reporters".

Kane said: "I think this is an excellent experience, and I'm really enjoying being the 'anchor'".

And Vanessa added: "I think that this experience is so interesting and it's thrilling to find out pupils' opinions on these current topics".

Great work everyone!

1637: British Council Connecting Classrooms School Reporters at St Joseph Kabgayi in Rwanda are reporting on the London Olympics and Paralympics, from a variety of angles.

The Rwandan team will be training at Bury St Edmunds, in the UK; Niyonshuti Adrien is the first Rwandan to get a ticket for this year's Games; the country is sending 13 people to the Paralympic Games, with an 11-person team competing in the sitting volleyball competition, as well as Cliff Muvunyi in athletics and Theoneste Hakizimana in powerlifting.

1631: Carshalton High School for Girls in Sutton have a large reporting team taking part in today's Practice News Day. The 35-strong team have been filming and editing with the help of some Year 12 mentors.

Teacher Tara Hawkes, said the students have come up with some really interesting subjects, and it seems no area is being left out.

A year 9 pupil has been interviewed as they are looking to be an Olympic torch bearer, having previously swum for Great Britain, and the Olympics is also being featured in a piece about how important being able to speak a different language is.

Cyber-bullying and body image is being investigated, while others on the team are looking in mobile technology and gaming. One particular item follows on from the school's storytelling week and looks at the importance of storytelling in a world of increasing internet use.

Finally, in perpetration for News Day, some intrepid reporters are using their school trip to Italy to investigate what it's like to live in a volcanic area when they visit Mount Vesuvius, Naples! We're looking forward to this explosive report!

The Sandelford Special School pupils with their iPads
The pupils get acquainted with their iPads!
1623: The reporters at Sandelford Special School have spent the day doing a news report about ipads, which have just been introduced into the school.

A School Report has a go at presenting the weather forecast
Matty practises presenting the weather
1618: Here is a shout out - received a little while back - from Bury Boy's Grammar School! "Mrs Brandon and the team at Bury Grammar School Boys would like to wish everyone the best for their Practice News Day. Keep up the hard work as final deadline approaches."

And the students have indeed been working hard. Matty and Fraser have been reporting on the weather, and the intrepid sports desk, manned by Max and Jack, has been analysing England's strategy for success ahead of their Six Nations game against Italy on Saturday.

Overall, it's been a highly successful day for the school, with a wide range of stories being filed on their website.

We're really impressed. Well done to everyone involved!

1616: In Rwanda, British Council Connecting Classrooms School Reporters at the Rukomo Sopem Secondary School ask why music doesn't feature in the school curriculum.

Hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeat and Gospel music are all hugely popular in Rwanda and have played a great role in bringing people together after the 1994 genocide. "We need music in schools to promote friendship amongst the students and to refresh our minds," said Philbert.

The Colne Valley School Reporters
The School Reporters at Colne Valley had a busy, but enjoyable, day
1609: Well done to all the Year 8 School Reporters from Colne Valley High Specialist Arts College in Huddersfield who have been taking part in today's Practice News Day and producing written articles. Phoebe says she's particularly enjoyed it. "You get to learn all about interesting things that are going on in the world around you that you wouldn't know normally," she said. "I think it's good that you get to write things that interest you and don't have set pieces to write about."

And Robert and Charlotte have enjoyed learning news skill, like interviewing people and preparing questions.

Kit found it fun gathering all the information together for his report and Clemmie liked being editor "because I'm a bossy boots!"

1607: School Reporters at Howard of Effingham School in Surrey are reporting on their school choir making the finals at the Surrey Show Choir completion which is being held in Dorking this month. They're also organising a video interview with two Year 13 students who are hoping to compete in the cross-country events at the 2016 Olympics!

1600: Year 8 pupils from Blythe Bridge High School are sailing full steam ahead with their research for information on the captain of the Titanic.

Dominic, 12, has discovered why a statue of the captain was originally erected in Lichfield rather than his home town of Stoke. Kaitlin, 13, has been looking for quotes from the survivors and finding out about the type of injuries that they sustained.

The group has also been floating ideas about story boards and how to pull their research together, including planning an interview with a 6th former who is a relative of the captain. The report will be anchored in due course!

School Reporters pose for the camera
The reporting team at Alec Hunter Humanities College
1555: The School Reporters at Alec Hunter Humanities College say they found Practice News day very rewarding. Different groups have focused on specific areas, including reporting, script-writing and newsgathering. The reporters have also used today to hone their technology skills in preparation for the News Day in March. Everyone enjoyed themselves and worked as team to produce the best possible news reports they could.

1536: Great to hear from another school in Channai too: British Council Connecting Classrooms School Reporters at the Crescent School are reporting about a dangerous junction near their school in Chennai, India. They asked a local official about plans to build a subway under the roadway to make it safer for students.

1530: British Council Connecting Classrooms School Reporters from Sri Sankara Vidyashram School in Chennai are investigating the bamboo trees in their school grounds. They've found out that bamboo absorbs a lot of carbon and turns it into oxygen.

It's three to four times better at converting carbon into oxygen than other trees - so it helps reduce global warming. They've made a video report interviewing experts from the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation who told them that bamboo "not only makes the place cleaner, it enriches the soil quality and prevents soil erosion too. Bamboo's also an efficient defence against air pollution."

1519: The Ernest Bevin College School Reporters have completed their reports.

Niall, 12 who was working on a story about one of their teachers being a Team GB judo competitor, says "it is quite a relief we got it done". However, he's not completely stopped and is now assisting other students with their reports. He says "now we've finished we can help other people as we know the mistakes we made and can help them improve!"

Shujaat and Arran have both been following up on another Olympic-related story and interviewing an older pupil at their school, Jordan who is not only part of the England U19 volleyball team but has also been picked as a London 2012 Torchbearer.

The students have been inspired by their day and think they would now like to do Media Studies A-level. Arran has also particularly enjoyed being able to run around school and interview people!

School Reporters out in the snow in Diss
School Reporters brave the cold to film their report
1506: Reporters at Diss High School have now completed interviewing their headteacher about the effects of the snow in Norfolk and have learned from newly-employed teachers about the plans for the brand new £1m vocational centre built on site.

The radio reporting team have also spoken to the local Police about how to deal with cyber-bullying, interviewed the recent Norfolk cross-country champion and spoken to people who have been affected by the local series of electric cuts in Diss.

And all day they have had the added bonus of learning about how to become an expert journalist from Look East presenter Louise Priest!

Now on to the editing... good luck DHS students!

School Report interviews teacher
Student PJ interviews his art teacher
1457: At Charlton School in London, art teacher Grant Watson and student PJ have been making human sculptures of sporting posers as part of a special Get Set 2012 project week.

1447: We're delighted that schools around the world, working in partnership with School Report and the British Council, are also taking part in Practice News Day today.

Two schools in Serbia - Gimnasia Pirot School and Mitrovaska Gymnasium - have filed reports, so well done guys.

Novak Djokovic with his partner Jelena Rustic
Djokovic, here with his partner Jelena Rustic, at the Laureus Awards
The British Council Connecting Classrooms School Reporters are writing about the achievements of tennis star Novak Djokovic, who, one week after winning the Australian Open has gone on to win the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award.

Students at Mitrovaska Gymnasium are reporting on the success of Serbia's national handball team which won the European men's championship last week in Belgrade. It's been a great couple of weeks for Serbian sport as the water polo team became the European champions too as well ask Djokovic's success in Australia.

1443: Reporters at Sir James Smith's Community School in Cornwall have been really busy with seven reporting teams working on a variety of stories. They are on wide-ranging topics such as whether the school day should be longer right through to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee procession and what this has to do with Cornwall.

Jack, Dean, Chelsea and Josie have been reporting on how the economy is affecting children, especially their aspirations to go on to further education. Scriptwriter, Chelsea, would even like to be a reporter when she is older!

They all think Practice News Day has been "amazing" and are "really looking forward to doing it all again" come 15 March - great work, all of you!

School Reporter Amy at the computer
Amy has been reporting on the local effects of the recession
1425: The Sir John Gleed School, Girls' Campus have been working hard all morning looking at the Queen's Jubilee and getting local views and opinions on our monarchy.

Sophie, Emma and Harriet went to the local shopping centre to see what the people of Spalding thought. Izzy and Amy have been looking at the effects of the recession on Spalding High Street and talking to private local traders.

Sophie, Amanda and Ellie have been looking at the impact of rising birth rate on local primary schools after seeing the national story on the BBC News today.

1417: It's 'anchors aweigh' at Blythe Bridge High School in Stoke-on-Trent! Students at the school have been reporting on the tragic sinking of the Titanic, as if the disaster was happening as they work.

The school has a strong link to the story, as the captain was originally from the nearby town of Hanley.

Student reporters have been busy assigning roles for the report and getting to grips with researching the traumatic event. It should be a successful day if all reporters keep in 'ship shape'

1401: At Newcastle School for Boys , 17 Year 7 students have just finished putting together their text-based reports. They have been working on a range of stories, from Syria to Scotland rugby player Dan Park's retirement which they've uploaded on their school webpage.

They are still just trying to wrestle with some video editing but hope to finish this shortly! This is the school's first Practice News Day and teacher Mr Tickner says "I'm absolutely exhausted but it has been invaluable, especially from a technical point of view to try things out before News Day!".

1357: Newsround reporter Ricky Boleto has a message for everyone taking part today! He said: "Best of luck to all the schools taking part in today's Practice News Day."

1355: Students at Alperton Community School in London have been busy covering a range of stories today. School Reporters investigated if teachers and students see the recent snowfall differently and reported on the school non-uniform day.

1339: School Reporters from The Roseland Community College in Cornwall have had a busy morning preparing for their radio bulletin at 1400 which will be broadcast on the school's very own radio station Radio Roseland.

The students have interviewed their local council about some redevelopment plans for the area and even tried to speak to someone at Buckingham Palace about the Diamond Jubilee - they didn't have any luck this time but have got their fingers crossed for March! Not to worry guys - stick at it. Getting interviews often takes a bit of persistence!

1334: Great stuff from Bury Boy's Grammar School, who have overcome some pretty serious technical issues (see entry at 1120) and are already posting their stories online!

There are a nice blend of stories, from weighty issues like childhood depression and an interview with a Holocaust survivor, to a report on how the smaller local football clubs may find their matches disrupted by snow this weekend.

Ben, 14, said: ''My group decided to research the story on Ayumu the remarkable chimp, who beat the human world champion's score in a memory competition. We found this news story extremely interesting as the chimp did twice as well as the human. We are really enjoying the day so far".

Jack, 13, added: "I'm having a fantastic time learning about what news is and how to report it. I have enjoyed honing my presenting skills and thinking about how to tell stories in entertaining ways".

And Joseph, 13 tells us that "I have enjoyed the pressure of having to produce great work for strict deadlines". Check out their reports here.

Cher Lloyd with the School Reporters
Cher Lloyd is a celebrity interviewee for Battersea Park's team of reporters
1330: School Reporters from Battersea Park School in south London recorded a special interview with Cher Lloyd last night after she had been on Radio 1. But you'll have to wait until News Day on Thursday 15 March to see their report!

1325: There are 26 reporters taking part in Practice News Day at Whickham School tomorrow, when they'll be focusing on Olympics-based stories. We'll try to get in touch on Thursday to find out how they get on. Best of luck!

1315: The students at Charlton School in south-east London have just told us they're so keen they're actually taking part in a whole news week!

They're swamped with material but all 180 pupils are getting involved so they have plenty of hands on deck. They've been interviewing local members of the public and even stumbled on a former pupil, from back in the school's open-air days when the students' ink would often freeze!

School Reporters at work at MediaCityUK
Amy and Rebecca have been hard at work in Salford
1248: How people get their news, after-school clubs, sexism in sport and smoking at school are just some of the news reports that students from Bury Church Of England High School and William Hulme's Grammar School, both from Greater Manchester, are working on at The Lab, the BBC's digital learning space at MediaCityUK, Salford.

Students have already produced a radio news bulletin at 1200, and are working towards other news bulletins at 1330 and 1430. Rebecca, 11, from William Hulme's, said: "It's been fun and really exciting. I like the bit when we recorded the inteviews. I was asking the questions about how women feel when men say that they are better at sports."

Amy, 12, from Bury Church, said: "I've enjoyed the experience of coming here and working with new people. The most challenging thing hasd been gathering all the information and putting it into a script in order to meet the deadline."

1242: Claire, 15, has already worked hard to be selected as the editor of Davison C of E School for Girls' School Report team. There's a buzz of excitement and a wide range of stories being covered. Their main feature is about Davison's bicentennial, with lots of activities around the school to mark its 200th birthday: everything from arts and memorials to a quilt made for the occasion!

The reporters are also following up ideas surrounding the recent refurbishment of the local swimming pool, and topical issues including technology censorship and an article about Charles Dickens, who would have been celebrating his 200th birthday this week.

They're having a great day, the highlight so far is the filming crew who are following everyone around getting interviews ready for their bulletin. Keep up the good work girls!

A School Reporter from Diss High School with her camera
Lining up a camera shot is a real skill
1237: Diss High students have decided on their news stories and are already out and about recording interviews for their television and radio news reports.

They are being helped by Look East and Radio Norfolk journalist Louise Priest to ensure that their news is clear, concise and expertly presented!

The television group are reporting on the new £1 million vocational centre recently built on the school grounds. This will open in September and will offer courses in Health and Beauty and Construction and Land Based learning.

They are also exploring how the snow has caused disruption in the local area and reporting on the Diss High School Talent show, which is being held throughout the week.

Hopefully, time permitting, they will also interview Louise about what makes a good journalist and how she got into the industry!

The radio group are doing a special feature story on cyber-bullying, sporting facilities and sporting successes at the school and asking people about the impact that recent power-cuts in Diss have had.

"It's busy here indeed but students are having lots of fun!" says teacher Ms Johnson.

1233: All hands on deck at Lurgan Junior High School in Northern Ireland with students busy writing reports on a range of subjects from a report that claims people in Northern Ireland are not getting enough exercise to the new sign which has been erected at the Titanic quarter.

Some of the School Reporters have also been on the phone to Tenerife to speak to passengers who were on the plane which made an emergency landing at Belfast International Airport yesterday.

Students from Hall Cross School
Students from Hall Cross School hard at work in Salford!
1227: Students from Hall Cross School, Doncaster, did a special Practice News Day with BBC journalists at The Lab in MediaCityUK on Tuesday and produced a radio bulletin ehich youcan hear by clicking on Round up of Today's Stories here.

Their stories included "A world without Wikipedia" and the value of vocational GCSEs. After recording in Salford, they uploaded their reports to their school website, giving them a worldwide audience immediately.

1225: Things are certainly all go at The Roseland Community College in Truro says teacher Mr Appleyard. He says there are lots of stories coming together and frantic editing and recording!

School Reporters at Cirencester Deer Park School
Meet the School Reporters from Cirencester Deer Park School!
1211: Charity week at Cirencester Deer Park School is providing the focus for their Practice News Day. Sixteen students from Years 7 to 11 are writing and recording stories based around the fund raising activities.

These include a rowing machine competition and a tug of war. Lizi, from Year 11, is organising the team in terms of writing, filming and using the computers, while James, 16, is trying to make the layout of the webpage work for the stories with the help of a couple of other students and members of staff.

1208: A group of students from Wallace Academy in Dumfries have been busy all morning working on three reports. Pupils from Years 7 to 10 have been looking into the issues surrounding leukemia and meningitis from two different angles and remembering a particularly festive Burns Night supper held at the school.

Teacher Emma Stuart said: "We're getting on great. The kids are loving editing their final drafts and they've had help from a BBC mentor Giancarlo Rinaldi."

1205: Apologies to students at Diss High School in Nolfolk - their update came in some time ago but we're only just using it now. Anyway, the School Reporters' work is well underway and they have started researching their news stories for today!

1153: School Reporters from The Ernest Bevin College in south-west London are working on a number of different stories, including filming a report with one of their teachers Winston Gordon who is part of the Great Britain judo squad and hoping to compete in the Olympic Games.

Fillp, 13, says he is "really enjoying the experience". He is particularly learning how to edit and thinks "it is good getting more experience so I can use it in the future".

Reece, 13, is also enjoying being involved and says he is "feeling more confident in front of the camera". He also thinks working in a team is a good thing and "a way to make better friends."

1146:Robert May's School in Hampshire have just uploaded a video for the Practice Day, exploring the school's use of the Olympic values. Great work guys.

1134: School Reporters at St Columba's Catholic Boys School in Bexleyheath are working to a 1230 deadline today - not long to go!

They are covering a range of stories including their school's preparation for the Olympics; the Diamond Jubilee; this UK's inability to cope with snow; reports on local sporting events and even a feline invasion at a football match!

Teacher Mr O'Sullivan says it's all going very well although the pressure of deadlines and technical hiccups are starting to show on a few faces!

1120: It's all been a bit Victorian this morning at Bury Boy's Grammar School, as a power cut left the students without electricity!

But it takes more than that to deter enthusiastic School Reporters - they are ploughing ahead with stories on a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Centre, and an exclusive interview with Lego's CEO.

A group of students are also investigating the reporting of gang related incidents in Salford and exploring whether the city is reflected accurately in the media.

Sounds great to us - keep it up!

1112: Reporters at Horbury School have been debating the pros and cons of social media and the benefits and pitfalls it has for young people. The overall feeling of their reporting team is that "people put themselves over on a social networking site that can make others have a negative view of the site, but it is important to remember that the problem is not with the site but with the individual using it."

Also, Fran and Alex, aka Danny and Sandy, were interviewed about this year's school production of Grease.

The School Reporters have also interviewed fellow students Josh and Michael about the recent "Youth Speaks" Competition they entered.

1059: BBC staff mentor Nick Crowther is working with School Reporters today. He says "we're taking part in the Practice News Day at East Manchester Academy - lots of good stories and enthusiasm!"

1052: School Reporters at Gordano School in Bristol

have now chosen their news stories and are dashing around to get them recorded in time to meet the 1400 deadline!

Pupils interview Stuart Lancaster
Stuart Lancaster answers questions from School Reporters
1015: Students from Bruntcliffe School in Leeds recently put their reporting skills into practice at a special England Rugby Union event in Leeds ahead of the start of the Six Nations.

Reporters Reece, Alex and James got straight into the thick of things and on arrival positioned themselves alongside all the other reporters and got some great footage of the England Team training.

They also took the opportunity to get some advice on reporting from the BBC Look North team. As well as reminding the students to ask open questions and listen carefully to the answers one of the top tips was guiding the boys in the direction of the England Team Press Officer who was able to provide the Bruntcliffe School Reporters with a press pass and access to the coaching staff and players for some interviews with England coach Andy Farrell and Toby Flood.

Reece asked Andy about the mood in the England camp since the exit from the World Cup and management changes. Andy said: "There is a real buzz in the camp at the moment and the team spirit is as good as it has been in a while and all the players are really looking forward to starting the Six Nations."

They also managed to scoop an interview with new England coach Stuart Lancaster. He told the School Reporters that they "need to take one game at a time" during the Six Nations.

The students are now working with the rest of their School Report team in editing the interviews to use as part of their News Day reports!

School Reporters from Blakewater College try their hand at filming
School Reporters from Blakewater College try their hand at filming
0956: "Should we use Wii in PE?" asked students from Blakewater College in Blackburn as they worked to a 1430 deadline to produce a TV news bulletin in The Lab, the BBC's Salford-based learning space on Monday.

In September, the college is merging with two other schools and, by way of comparison, students interviewed the man looking after the amalgamation of different BBC departments at MediaCityUK, Barry Stockdale, Senior Project Manager, BBC North. Cyber bullying and the recent snowy weather were also on the news agenda.

0952: School Reporters from Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale held their Practice News Day on Thursday 2 February.

They looked at a variety of subjects for their stories - sport, child beggars and boy bands - together with a cartoon dealing with the recent Twitter controversy.

Teacher Ms Miller said "We have had a great day. The learners were really engaged and shocked to discover how working to a deadline is really very difficult! They were also dumbfounded about how the process is a daily pressure for journalists - to get quality news out on time, every day!"

All of the Year 9 students involved said that they had enjoyed the day but that it was 'really hard work' - great learning and advice!

0946: Waldergrave School for Girls have 20 students working on Practice News Day today, they're already researching their stories in preparation for their big ideas meeting which the editor, Bella, from Year 9, will be chairing.

They're keen to get on with the day as they always run out of time for interviews!

Students from William Hulme's Grammar School in MediaCityUK
Pupils from William Hulme's Grammar School preparing for a day at Media CityUK
0937: Students from William Hulme's Grammar School in Manchester are today based in The Lab at MediaCityUK in Salford.

They will shortly be joined by Bury Church Of England High School and together they will make a radio bulletin. Asad and Zakaria write: "We're waiting for the other school to arrive. At the moment we are looking through newspapers to get a heads up on the news. Taj, from our school, says he's nervous at the moment, adding: "I'm keeping cool!"

Stay cool everyone - sounds like it should be a great day.

0929: Some of the most northerly based School Reporters from Glaitness School in the Orkney Islands have already been blogging ahead of News Day!link text here

Jordan, Bryden, Dona and Cameron have visited Scapa Beach and written an interesting report about the impact that plastic waste is having on wildlife.

0919: Mentor Matthew Stadlen, who works on quickfire interview programme Five Minutes With, has just tweeted to let us know his plans for the day, with a certain very popular children's author.

"Off to interview #JacquelineWilson this morning and give a class on Five Minutes to some BBC School Report cub interviewers!" Best of luck Matthew

0912: School Reporters at Horbury School in Wakefield are hard at work, getting in touch to say that the team are already strating on with a few reports, and videos will appear later. We'll be keeping an eye out.

Pupils from Great Sankey High School in Warrington interview Castleford coach Ian Millward at the launch of Super League
School Reporters quiz Castleford coach Ian Millward at Old Trafford
0905: Of course lots of schools have already been taking part in reporting already over the last few days, with the School Reporters at Great Sankey High School in Warrington getting the chance to interview some of the top names in rugby league when they attended the launch of the new Super League seasaon last week.

They interviewed St Helens captain Paul Wellens and Castleford coach Ian Millward, as well as chewing the fat with an assortment of journalists and broadcasters who were also working at the Old Trafford event.

You can listen to their excellent interview with Wellens here. Superb work from the Great Sankey School Report team.

0900: Good morning everyone and welcome to out live coverage of School Report's final Practice News Day before the big day on 15 March! We've got schools up and down the UK ready to get on with their reporting, so stay tuned to find out all the latest news!

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10 Aug 11 |  Teachers' resources
Reporting Sport Relief
24 Oct 11 |  School Report
Getting celebrities involved in School Report
16 Nov 10 |  School Report
Getting sportspeople involved in School Report
19 Oct 11 |  Teachers' resources
School Report planning diary
19 Dec 11 |  Teachers' resources


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