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Sporting Personalities meet Reporting personalities

School Reporter interviews Mark Cavendish
School Reporter Adam interviews his hero, cyclist Mark Cavendish

By Jack and Adam, 13, Congleton High School, Cheshire
At Sports Personality of the Year Awards, BBC MediaCityUK, Salford

It's every boy's dream to interview the top celebrities of sport and we've had fun trying to guess which sports personality would step out of each car that arrived at the entrance to the TV studio.

We were on the red carpet trying to interview as many celebrities as we could and we were very successful, interviewing nine of this year's nominees as well as several previous years' SPOTY winners and other top names in sport.

School Reporter Jack interviews his hero boxer Amir Khan
Jack: "Meeting Amir Khan was the highlight for me as I do kick boxing."

Meeting Amir Khan was the highlight for me (Jack) because he's been my boxing idol ever since I first saw him fight. He told us that his sporting idol, when he was growing up, was Muhammad Ali.

I enjoyed his tips on martial arts training, as I do kick boxing. He told me to "train hard and be disciplined" adding: "If you're disciplined, you can achieve anything in life - work hard that's the main thing." We also asked if he was ever going to fight his brother and he replied: "Never!" "We're family and my mum won't let us fight!"

Hero worship

My sporting hero is Mark Cavendish (Adam) and while I was interviewing him, it was like I was in a dream. He said that when he was growing up, he always wanted to be a cyclist; in other words, as long as you want to do something, then you can achieve it.

Luke Donald
Darren Clarke
Amir Khan
Mark Cavendish
Rory McIlroy
Mo Farah
Dai Greene
Alastair Cook
Andrew Strauss
Joe Calzaghe
Michael Vaughan
Graeme Swann
James Anderson
David Moyes
Beth Tweddle
AP McCoy
Michael Owen
James Cracknell
Matt Dawson
Jessica Ennis
Paula Radcliffe

He told us that when he was our age, 13, he looked up to road racing cyclist David Millar because he once met him. "I went over to him and he just talked to me. I remember him being so polite," he said.

When we asked him about being Britain's first male road race champion in 46 years, he talked about his fellow cyclists. "We had the most incredible team we have ever had in that length of time and it was a great day for us," he said.

All the sports men and women we interviewed wanted to do the best they could and keep on top of their game. We asked many what their New Year's resolution would be, and many said: "to stay healthy and be injury-free."

Rory McIlroy told us that in 2012, he hopes to win more tournaments including a major. "I'd like to get to the number one spot in the world," he said. "I'm third at the minute with two very good golfers ahead of me and I just want to keep working hard and try to get better."

One of the ways he is doing that is to cut down on the sweet stuff! When we asked him about his New Year's resolution, he said: "Ill probably have way to many sweets and chocolates over Christmas so it might be to cut those out for the first few months of next year."

Believe to achieve

It's been inspirational to think that sporting heroes like him are just normal people who progressed to a top-level. The key is just to believe in yourself and then you can achieve.

School Reporter Jack interviews Mo Farah
Can Jack go the reporting distance with Mo Farah?

Several people said that Ryan Giggs was their childhood sporting hero including Dai Greene and Mo Farah. The long distance runner told us: "I used to love football as a youngster and even though I'm an Arsenal fan I used to love Ryan Giggs."

With an Olympic gold in his sights for next year, he is planning to keep training so as to better the World Championship silver medal that he took in Daegu . "You know, with the 10,000 metres, I was so close but not close enough, so anything can happen," he said. "As an athlete, I want to definitely go and do it; you've got to stay focused and train hard."

Red carpet tips

Being sports journalists felt really professional. It felt exciting to be part of something so big and really good to be on the red carpet with a microphone interviewing celebrities.

I was panicking a bit before (Jack) but as soon as we approached the red carpet, the fear subsided and I became more confident.

Before coming to the BBC, I spent about five hours researching all the sports personalities and gathering some questions to ask them. Then I picked out the best and asked each celebrity one question.

For other young sports journalists, our advice is to remember that the sports stars are human beings, don't panic and just enjoy. Try and feel relaxed so it's not like you are forcing answers out of them.

Teacher Katie Nuttall said: "I think the students have learned a lot of skills this evening; skills that will last them a lifetime and that they will be able to apply whatever they do in the future. They really have been multitasking and thinking on their feet - and they have done the school proud."



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