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November Practice News Day as it happened

Pupils all over the UK sharpened up their reporting skills on the first Practice News Day of the year. Find out how they are got on as they turned their classrooms into newsrooms.

Taylor High School pupils with their bears
Taylor High School pupils with their bears
Later update: The School Reporters at Taylor High School in North Lanarkshire were another bunch to focus strongly on the Children in Need side of things as this picture shows! Students brought in teddy bears to mark the occasion and there are some lovely examples here!

Later update: The School Report team at Buile Hill Visual Arts College joined in with the reporting of Children in Need and the school's fundraising activities, with 29 Year 9 pupils getting involved.

The pupils really enjoyed the day and especially enjoyed interviewing people and taking the photographs for their reports.

Later update: More Children in Need reporting took place at the City of Bristol College in Bristol. The School Reporters spend Practice News Day busy filming the College's fundraising activities and events. They shot, produced and edited a film which you can watch here.

X Factor singer Lloyd Daniels
X Factor singer Lloyd Daniels made the trip to Brentside
Later update:With X Factor gathering headlines again, the School Reporters at Brentside High School in Ealing managed to grab an interview with former finalist Lloyd Daniels.
The Welsh singer was in the show in 2009 and made the trip to the school to be interviewed by their team of enthusiastic School Reporters.

Later update: Why not check out what the School Reporters at Killermont Primary School in Dunbarton had to say about their day of reporting on Children in Need? You can read their report on their school's website. Great reporting guys!

1630: Many thanks to all the schools and School Reporters who have taken part in the first Practice News Day of the year today. It's been great to hear all the stories you've been covering - and we're already looking forward to the next one on 8 December!

1620: Marden High School in North Shields are reviewing their day and reflecting upon the films they shot.

BBC presenter Matt Baker on his rickshaw challenge
BBC presenter Matt Baker on his rickshaw charity challenge
A few of them also did a special phone interview with the BBC's Gareth Hughes, Head of Editorial for the annual fundraising project who told them about how the One Show presenter Matt Baker's special rickshaw challenge!

Other stories the Marden High School Reporters worked on included: Football - showing Racism the Red Card, Is Christmas coming too early? And Anti-Bullying Week events taking place in school.

Listen to their interview here.

1610: Hot off the press from Great Cornard Upper School, Suffolk...

The school's special fundraising torch relay event got delayed - it was originally taking place throughout the day but got changed to 1400 so the School Reporters were under under an even tighter deadline to get their report about it down before the end of the day!

Students at the school having been doing laps around the school field using bicycles, running, kangoo boots, three legged and in the fitness suite - for 100 minutes - each raising money for Children in Need.

Head of media studies Ms Crawte says the students' video report is uploaded onto the school website now. "It's been a tight deadline BUT we've had fun!"

Students interviewing
Joan smiles through Georgia's questions in her live interview
1536: At 1505 we promised you a story from Whitley Academy - and here it is.

School Reporters interview pupil Joan, who is part of a very special choir - led by Gareth Malone - performing as part of Children in Need.

You can find out even more about the story, and what else the School Reporters got up to, on the Whitley Academy School Report website.

BBC mentor Mark James talks to Collingwood School pupils
BBC mentor Mark James talks to Collingwood School pupils
1525: Students have been running their own countries at Collingwood School and Media Arts College in Northumberland!

The whole school took part in the International Day, where each class devised a currency, constitution and national dress for an imaginary state. Alex, 12, said: "My country was Duri" and Catherine, 12, added: "It has different laws and different situations."

Alex, one of 10 pupils in the Key Stage 3 reporting team, videoed students devising "techno" national anthems on computers. Presenter Catherine explained: "I liked it because I was in front of the camera as a presenter - and you need to be confident."

Teacher Mark Dunphy added: "Ours is a special school with some children on the ASD spectrum and this day gives students an awareness of the world around them."

1505: Seven Year 7 reporters from Whitley Academy, with support from a Year 10 pupil who has previously taken part in the project, are covering cake sales and assault courses in the school for Children in Need.

Another exciting Children in Need story is their interview with pupil Joan, who is singing on tonight's programme. Watch out for a story on this!

The key ring stand at The Snaith School
The key ring stand at The Snaith School
1455: School Reporters at Rutlish School in Merton have been working on their films all week. They're working hard now editing so they can put their reports up online!

1445: In East Riding of Yorkshire, students have been putting their fund-raising ideas into practice to raise money for charity. At The Snaith School, pupils from Years 7 to 11 have been involved in a Global Enterprise Week, culminating today in a series of market stalls and exhibitions in the school hall.

Rosie, 13, who is co-ordinating the group of young reporters featuring the initiative in the school magazine, said: "Some of the ideas are really clever, for example the key rings. Just the amount of creativity is fantastic."

At lunchtime, a panel of children met to decide which charities were going to receive the money. English teacher Kelly Butler, explained that the whole week had put decision-making into the hands of the children.

Alice in spotty pyjama bottoms
Alice in spotty pyjama bottoms
1439: The Brunts School are getting stuck in for Children in Need.

Molly, 15 and Alice, 13 who told us they've held cake sales, washed cars and been selling wristbands for Children in Need.

Students have also been encouraged to wear something spotty. One male student raised £55 by having his head shaved by one of the teachers, who used to be a hairdresser.

Six students have also been filmed for BBC News School Report, working with their media partner company to make some reports.

1421: Miss Brennan from St Patrick's High School has had her Year 9 citizenship class busy with all the newspapers this morning as well as checking out the news online.

They have been writing up their reports and were preparing to broadcast a special 1400 bulletin to their class.

1416: School Reporters Hannah, 12, Aimee, 13, Sivasreuthi, 12, Sarah, 11, Fatemah, 12, Roganna, 15, Reanne, 16, Trishala, 16, Noemie, 12 and Janki, 12, all at Townley Grammar in Kent, have just had their lunchtime editorial meeting.

Now they are off to interview some Townley Year 12 and 13 students who have dressed up for Children In Need in costumes ranging from Teletubbies and super heroes to Bananas in Pyjamas. Noemie told us "Some look good, and some look ridiculous!"

Other School Reporters in the team are going to interview maths teacher Mr Kent, who makes fun maths videos and posts them on YouTube. Aimee said they were nervous but interested to hear what he had to say. She added: "He's really nice, but a bit mad!"

Good luck with your interviews team, we can't wait to see the results!

1410: Miss Doran from St Mungo's High School is working with her Junior School media club and they are busy running through the Huw Edwards resources on the School Report website. She has got the Senior School to come along and help the younger pupils with their interview techniques and presentation skills.

School Reporters Alice, Jess and Alex
School Reporters Alice, Jess and Alex film and interview
1355: The Sir John Talbot's Technology College's 20 School Reporters have divided into four groups and are covering Children in Need, the school's healthy eating policy, the question "should children leave school at 14?" and a "behind-the-scenes" report on the other three teams - what a great idea!

One School Reporter, Jess, has been covering Children in Need at the fair in the school's gym where competitions included "how many crackers can you eat in a minute?". Her job was to take photos for an article.

Meanwhile Alice has been reporting on the School Reporters. She's been filming them and will edit this afternoon and present her material to them later. Alice said: "It's been quite hard work but fun as well."

School Reporters from St John Wall Catholic School with Chief Inspector Sean Russell, who they interviewed for their report
School Reporters from St John Wall Catholic School with Chief Inspector Sean Russell
1335: Pupils from St John Wall Catholic School in Handsworth have just finished their interview with Chief Inspector Sean Russell of Birmingham Central Police Station.

The interview is a key part of their report into the riots which hit Birmingham during the summer. Well done to all the reporters at the school.

1323: Buile Hill Visual Arts College aren't able to file their reports until Monday because today they are so busy with Children in Need. Their school's singing group are performing at the live Children in Need show, from the BBC's MediaCity in Salford. Some of the students involved will reporting on their experiences directly - watch this space next week!

1315: A reporting team of 10 students from Highfield Humanities College in Blackpool are busy editing the filming they did of the school's opening evening last night.

They are also reporting on a special stunt involving their head teacher being dropped from the top of their new school building by a crane and other Children in Need fun!

The School Reporters have all got different roles, including film crew, reporter and scriptwriter and are determined to meet the 1400 deadline.

Teacher Mr Dufour says it is all "absolutely super" and so do we. Well done Team Highfield!

1308: Students at Ash Green School in Warwickshire have been busy reporting on all the Children in Need events taking place at their school.

School Reporters got a quote from Coventry City FC midfielder Gael Bigirimana, who came to warm up the teams ahead of the school's fundraising football match.

The match raised £122 for Children in Need and Bigirimana said the players from both teams showed real talent. Why not have a look at some of their other reports on their School Report website?

The pupils at Bishopbriggs Academy
The pupils at Bishopbriggs Academy hold an editorial meeting
1255: S3 students from Bishopbriggs Academy in Glasgow started preparing for Practice News Day yesterday!

Here are some of the reporters with what they made of the experience:

Jack: "I think that the BBC School Report is a completely different experience and I love every second of it."

Lauren: "It's great to have the chance to do this!"

Hannah: "Taking part in the practice day was a great experience and has given us the chance to work as a team."

1248: Earlier this week some of the Whitley Academy reporting team put questions to Lord Coe when they attended a special media event being held at a local primary school.

They joined other local journalists to find out more about a initiative to encourage schools across the UK to support Olympic and Paralympic teams around the world in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games next summer.

Lord Coe with the Whitley Academy School Reporters
The Whitley Academy pupils interviewed Lord Coe

Lord Coe immediately recognised the School Reporters and said he was expecting tough questions from them!

Chloe, 11 said she was really impressed about how Lord Coe talked to them. She said: "He listened and responded in an easy-to-understand way."

Afterwards she also reflected on what she learnt: "Being a new reporter I learnt that I need to be in control of my equipment and go around to take good shots for my photo gallery report."

Chloe, Jamie and Britney and their teacher Mrs Nguyen also got to have a special photo opp with the Chairman of London 2012!

Taylor High School pupils
Taylor High School pupils think up clues for the 'Guess Whose Bear' feature
1235: Pupils from Taylor High School in Motherwell have been conducting interviews with local charities to find out how money raised from Children in Need has helped them.

The school is also hosting a Children in Need fundraising event - they're putting on a live broadcast at 1500 at their school and are charging an entrance fee, with all proceeds going to the charity.

And apart from Children in Need, School Reporters are also looking at current stories in the news from young people's perspectives. It all sounds great.

Some of the cakes on sale at Skinners' Academy
Some of the tempting goodies on sale at Skinners' Academy
1218: Who will win the great Skinners' Bake Off? School Reporters at Skinners' Academy in east London are reporting throughout the day as two teams of 20 pupils go head-to-head in a Children in Need cake sale.

Two of the school's Enterprise Enrichment Groups (Skinners' International and The Fred Ice Fundraising Group) were challenged to set up two competing businesses and sell their products at break time.

The products sold were savoury pastries, cookies and cakes - including a delicious Pudsey cake, with money raised going to Children in Need and Childline. Together with an earlier event in the term, the money raised so far for these two causes is nearly £300!

"We're having a competition to see who can raise the most money," said Ms Kurtuldo. "And our young journalists are keeping everyone informed as the excitement mounts." Six reporters are involved today but all of Years 7 and 8 - and that's 360 pupils - have been working on School Report this year.

Here are some reactions from some of the students involved:

Millie (Skinners' International): "I really wanted to support Children in Need and felt that this event was ideal and an exciting way of raising money, I am so proud to be involved in raising money for a good cause."

Tabassum (Skinners' International): "The event was a great success with my team winning the challenge. However, both teams were working towards raising money for children in need and I am proud to be a part of this knowing the money is going towards a good cause."

Foday (The Fred Ice Fundraising Group): "We had great fun baking and selling our cakes the response from all the students and staff at Skinners' Academy was amazing and we contributed to an important event."

1205: The was stiff competition to be part of Tupton Hall School's reporting team. Earlier this week students had to pitch to teachers why they thought they should be picked to be a School Reporter. Teacher Miss Coward said they were all "incredible" and she was "brought to tears by some of the preparation and desire to be in the reporting team!"

1200: Another school focusing on Children in Need is Brentside High School in London. School Reporters there are busy preparing reports on the event, concentrating on the live band in school, a cake sale and 'pie the teacher' sessions!

1153: Hamilton College in South Lanarkshire is holding its annual Children in Need fundraising day today. S2 students Jason, Andrew and Robert have written a great report about how 10 students from the school have been specially selected to be in the Pudsey Choir and will be appearing on television during Friday evening's programme.

School Reporters Ruth and Jyoti
School Reporters Ruth and Jyoti carry out a phone interview
1145: Alperton Community School students have been conducting interviews with recipients of Children in Need funding and with head teacher Mrs Rafee about homophobic bullying.

They have also produced other reports on Children in Need, including their cake sale and other fundraising events.

1135: Reporters at Blackheath High School in Greenwich are putting together a report about the Year 10 Children in Need rap performed in assembly. Apparently the whole school loved it and they've got lots of other fun and games going on today - Pudsey Power!

1127: Good luck to School Reporters at Townley Grammar in Kent who are holding a lunchtime editorial meeting today to discuss story ideas! We look forward to hearing how they got on!

School Reporters at Horbury School
The Horbury School reporting team pose for a photo
1120: Students at Horbury School are concentrating on Anti-Bullying Week for their report and have filmed case studies of their cyber mentors about the support they give young people in school.

The school was awarded a Big Lottery Fund Grant earlier in the year to help support anti-bullying promotion in school and have done a report on that as well as its support of several anti-bullying organisations.

There are 13 students taking part across Years 7, 8, 10 and 11, with three of the Year 10 students working as School Report mentors.

1109: The Brunts School have a team of six students from all different year groups who are attending a workshop run by their media partner. They are going to learn how to make a news reports and work on their camera and production skills in a pilot that they hope to roll out across the school. We hope to hear more from them after 1400.


Scriptwriting masterclass

The Reporters Club at Tendring Technology College in Essex have got started with their reporting plans this week. They've been tasked to write up scripts after getting some tips by watching BBC Breakfast reporter Tim Muffett's video masterclass.

The stories they are working on include Remembrance Day, How to be an Olympic reporter and what makes a good parliament/politician.

1047: School Report newcomers Great Cornard Upper School, Suffolk are taking part in their first ever Practice News Day. The students will be out filming at breaktime and lunch and are currently researching and putting together their questions and deciding on reporting roles.

1035: Students from St Benedict's School in London were busy producing film reports on Thursday 17 November. Lead teacher Miss Euvard said: "It was such an exciting day and are delighted that all the reports are done."

Here are a few reactions from the School Reporters who took part on Thursday:

Don: "I learned how important it was to plan the questions carefully in interviews. Otherwise you waste so much time trying to find a pithy quote when editing!"

Jordan: "It was very stressful and exciting."

Sam: "It was so much fun."

Matt: "We made half of our report happen in the last two hours. We really work well with stress and pressure."

And here's some advice from Sean for other School Reporters: "Be really organised and plan, plan, plan - then make a new plan when things change because the deadline doesn't!"

1025: As the students of Catmose College can testify, this year's School Report website is full of great tips and advice in video masterclasses from top BBC journalists like Sophie Raworth, Sonali Shah and Sam Naz.

Covering areas like presenting, sport reporting and scriptwriting the masterclasses are designed to give you an insight into how we do things at the BBC and key information for School Reporters to learn from.

If you haven't already, why not check out our masterclasses and other teaching resources.

Catmose College School Reporter Rohan
Rohan is part of the Catmose College School Report team
School Reporters from Catmose College had their first practice on Wednesday. This was the first attempt for the students to try many things like working to a short deadline, script writing and speaking to camera.

You can see the fruits of their labours on their special School Report website. The students particularly enjoyed watching some of the School Report masterclasses as some of them recognised the reporter, Tim Muffett, from BBC Breakfast! And they found it really useful too see the full process of producing a video report.

1010: School Reporters from The Dunston School in Northamptonshire began their reporting on Wednesday. They are filming reports on the subject of their school's Global and Entrepreneurship week.

1002: Students from St John Wall Catholic School in Handsworth, Birmingham, have been out on location over the last week visiting shops that were looted in the recent riots to get their views on what happened three months on.

Today the reporters are interviewing the Chief Inspector of West Midlands Police as part of their report.

Poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy
Carol Ann Duffy came into Prior's Field School last week
The School Reporters at Prior's Field School in Godalming are another keen bunch who are broadcasting on their school radio station and presenting the news in the morning assembly!

They have already held an editorial meeting to establish a schedule of programmes for the whole week, with pupils from years 7 to 13 all getting involved.

They managed to grab an interview with poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy and also plan stories on Anti-Bulling Week, the school tuck shop, fundraising and the school's Olympic links as well as many others!

Anti-Bullying Week: School Reporters follow Dylan's inspirational story

0910: As well as being School Report's first Practice News Day of the year, today is also Children in Need day with fundraising events going on all over the UK.

School Reporters from Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove visited a Children in Need-funded project in Brighton which helps young people deal with bullying. They interviewed Dylan, who was previously bullied but is now helping mentor and advise other children to cope with the effects of bullying.

And their report was broadcast on BBC South East and Radio Sussex. Well done guys!

0855: Several schools have been particularly quick off the mark and already done their Practice News Days! One of them was St Mary's Church of England High School in Hertfordshire who welcomed HRH Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester to their school on 8 November.

The Duke was in attendance to officially open their new school building, and 13 students from Years 8, 9 and 10 were involved in producing a report to mark the occasion - their first bit of School Report activity this year!

Students from St Mary's Church of England High School in Hertfordshire put questions to one of their VIP guests
Students put some questions to one of their VIP guests
The students spent the morning preparing how they would film his arrival and practising camera angles. They also prepared some questions to ask some of the other VIP guests attending the ceremony, although unfortunately none for the Duke as they had already been told he would not do an interview!

Nicolas, 12 said he was "a bit nervous" beforehand but was looking forward to getting started as he had never done any filming or reporting before.

Afterwards Alicia, 12 said "we had a great day filming" and Katheryn, 14 reflected that "filming the different activities and interviews was really fun".

And for one aspiring film-maker Patrick, 14, it was a momentous reporting opportunity as he said "today was the day I took another step towards my ambition".

0845: Good morning everyone, and welcome to our coverage of a very important day - the first Practice News Day of the year. It's something we're all excited about here at School Report HQ, and we've got schools across the UK getting involved.

We can't wait to find out what the schools all over the UK are up to today, so stay tuned to keep up to date with all the stories and issues that are being investigated and reported on.

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