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World News for Schools:Fri 29 Jul

Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 29th of July.

Coming up:

  • The one year anniversary of the Pakistan floods.
  • India's cricketers face England in the second test.
  • And Happy Feet the Penguin gets a clean bill of health.

But first, it's one year to the day since Pakistan was hit by devastating floods, killing 1,600 people. Rivers burst their banks and entire villages were washed away during the monsoon rains, causing millions to flee their homes in the north west of the country. But 12 months on, and with a new rainy season about to start, hundreds of thousands of families still don't have proper shelter. This UN worker says there's a long way to go!

CLIP: "For Pakistan, or the Pakistanis who have been impacted by this to recover, honestly, it would definitely require much, much more resources than is currently available and definitely would require time."

Racing now and Lewis Hamilton finished fastest in this morning's first practice session for Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix. He's looking to build on last week's victory in Germany. Red Bull's Mark Webber was fourth quickest but his session drew to a close earlier than expected after his car span off the track into a barrier.

Onto cricket and the second Test between India and England is underway at Trent Bridge. Both teams are going into the second round with injuries. On England's side, Tim Bresnan stands by to replace Chris Tremlett and India is without their main strike bowler Zaheer Khan. Here' India's captain, MS Dhoni...

CLIP: He's our most experienced bowler. It's a bit disappointing not to have him, but it's something that's beyond out control. You know, It just gives a chance to some of the other bowlers to prove their metal."

More news now and astronomers are getting pretty excited after spotting an asteroid not far from Earth. The rock is between 200 and 300m wide and sits in front of our planet - but don't worry, space experts say we're not in any danger of it crashing into us.

Now you might remember us telling you the tale of Happy Feet the emperor penguin. The adventurous wee fella was found washed up on a New Zealand beach after travelling all the way from Antarctica - that's a massive 3000km! Well after some serious tlc we can tell you that Happy Feet is recovering well and could return home next month.

And we have the answer to yesterday's question - we asked you which Argentinean footy legend is Aguero's father in law? The answer is... Diego Maradona!

OK, that's it - finito - this has been the last World News for Schools bulletin - for the foreseeable future at least. We want to say a huge thank you to all of you for listening. We also want to say a big shout out to everyone who's been in touch over the last week to say goodbye. To Nancy and Wolfkin in China, Michèle and all her students in France, Lorena in Venezuela and everyone else who's e-mailed in, we've loved hearing from you. From Leah, Ore, Sonali, Hayley, John and me Ricky - it's bye for now!


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