World News for Schools:Wed 6 July

Hi there, I'm John from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Thursday the 7th of July.

Coming up:

  • Video chats on Facebook.
  • The soldier that found 1 million euros.
  • And Potter mania ahead of final premiere.

First up, there's been a glimmer of good news in Somalia, where thousands of people are struggling to cope with the worst drought in decades. The armed group who control much of the country has lifted the ban on aid coming into Somalia. Usually Al-Shabab don't allow charities to bring in emergency supplies, but in this case they've made an exception. The UN's Mark Bowden says it's a positive step...

CLIP: ""Well, I welcome any move - particularly this one - to increase the levels of assistance that can get into Somalia...the fact is that many families now are just not able to provide enough food for even a daily meal. So it's come at a very critical time."

Next up, Facebook will now provide a face for its users. The social networking giant, has teamed up with Skype to offer video conversations. In other words, users will now be able to chat to Facebook friends face-to-face online.

Next to some fighting talk from British Number 1 Andy Murray. The Scot had some pretty angry words for all the British tennis stars who said he should have done better at Wimbledon...

CLIP: "I know more about tennis than them, and I practice much harder than most of them ever did. So, I just need to keep doing that and not worry about it."

He told them eh! Sticking with tennis for a sec, we want to know who won the women's singles at this year's Wimbledon. Yesterday we asked you what ocean the Bahamas are in? And the answer is... the Atlantic!

Ok, more news now and a soldier who found more than 1 million euros on a motorway could be in trouble with the law. Even though the man handed in the safety deposit boxes holding the cash, it seems he didn't do it quickly enough. In fact, he took two days to bring the cash to the authorities. In the mean time officials had been searching urgently for the cases after they fell off a lorry.

And finally, Potter Mania has overtaken central London. Yep, hundreds of fans from all over the world have been camping out in the city centre for the premiere of the final Harry Potter film - Deathy Hallows part 2. They're hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars as they make their way up the very long red carpet. And even though it's grey and rainy, it seems nothing will dampen these guys spirits...

CLIP: "I came down so early to get like the best spot possible, because this is the last time they're ever going to come together like this - it's once in a lifetime, it's the end of an era." "We flew all the way from Australia just for this, just for Harry Potter." "I'm so exited!"

Yikes - she is loving it!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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