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School Reporters share their Olympic Dreams

Students from Tomlinscote School present their Olympic Dreams about basketball star Luol Deng
Tomlinscote School research their connection with basketball star Luol Deng

By Isabelle, Year 9
From Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College, Surrey

Year 7 students at Tomlinscote School researched and learnt about more about our school's Olympic Dreams during the week of 20 June 2011.

As part of the BBC World Class Olympic Dreams project our school has become twinned with British basketball star Luol Deng's old school Blair Academy in New Jersey, America.

The students were put into groups of around 12 and together created a well informed presentation on a part of the BBC Olympic Dreams project.

The four groups each represented a country that Tomlinscote School is linked with and throughout the week the groups worked on this final presentation and on Friday, each group displayed their work to the rest of the students.

Focus on London 2012

Group One began the event by informing the year group about London. Focussing on the London 2012 Olympics, the group had made a life size cardboard cut-out of Luol Deng, posters of the arena and park and an impressive Olympic torch.

They also performed a British street dance, as well as explaining the link to some younger children from St. Mary's Catholic School in Croydon which is where Luol Deng went to primary school.

Group Two represented the Shetland Islands and primarily Baltasound Junior High School as they are twinned with St Mary's Catholic High School.

The group took us to the past when performing their Viking Festival. The audience were well entertained due to the animations, videos and the Viking Festival dance.

Learning about Luol Deng

Sudan's culture and traditions were shown by Group Three who sang the Sudanese national anthem. Sudan is where Luol Deng's family originally came from.

One presentation was all about Luol Deng, the Team GB basketball star.
One presentation was all about Luol Deng, the Team GB basketball star.

They also focussed on Luol Deng's life before his success. Their video of children who suffer from malnutrition touched many of the students. Their questions were answered empathetically.

Group Four concluded the presentations by exploring fun facts about America and Blair Academy. Similarities and differences between Blair Academy and Tomlinscote School were shown during the presentation.

And the day ended with a bang, two girls in the group revealed their American cheerleading skills with a self-choreographed routine!

Nobody could say that Year 7's international week didn't end in success!

All of the students and teachers involved thoroughly enjoyed the week and everyone has developed their knowledge of the Olympics and countries linked with Luol Deng.

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