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School Report: Le Rocquier School staff compete in Island Games 2011

Justin Horton, who works at Le Rocquier School, is part of the Jersey windsurfing team
Justin Horton, who works at Le Rocquier School, is in Jersey's windsurfing team

Wimbledon and the Women's World Cup are not the only sport events underway this week - the Island Games 2011 have also begun on the Isle of Wight.

With around 3,000 athletes from 25 member islands competing in 14 sports over the course of one week, this year's Island Games 2011 is anticipated to be the largest games to date.

Students from Le Rocquier School in Jersey have been finding out more about the event and some of Team Jersey's competitors who work at their school. Here's their reports:

By Molly
From Le Rocquier School, Jersey

This year's Island Games is being held in the Isle of Wight and Jersey are proudly sending many competitors over to take part.

Among them is Teacher Jordan Neill, 23, from Le Rocquier School and before he went to compete, I managed to get a brief interview with him. Jordan is a member of the Jersey Men's Basketball team.

Speaking to him gave me an interesting insight to the Island Games from a player's perspective.

At the age of 15, Mr Neill saw his first game of basketball on television and was inspired to take up the sport. He has always been a sporty person: in secondary school he played rugby, football, tennis, badminton and cricket and has always used his height of 6 feet 4 inches to his advantage!

The 2011 Island Games will be the first ever Island Games Mr Neill has competed in and so I asked him what he knew about the event.

He said: "The Island Games is a unique and special sporting event because it gives small island competitors a chance to compete in a large event."

He also says his biggest fear is "getting a pre-games injury and not being able to compete". When asked about his medal chances, he commented: "I think if we try our hardest and play at our ultimate level then we do stand a chance of winning at least a bronze medal".

Mr Neill said he is most excited about being able to watch people at a professional level and having the chance to play against them.

The Island Games began on 24 June and will be running until the 2 July. According to Mr Neill, "The Isle of Wight has really good sporting facilities, so it's an ideal place for the Games this year."

By Alisha
From Le Rocquier School, Jersey

The Island Games 2011 is this year being be hosted at the Isle of Wight. The competition includes a range of sports from windsurfing to table tennis.

The Island Games started in 1985 and took place on the Isle of Man and there has been an Island Games every two years since.

Le Rocquier School is sending a number of competitors to the 2011 event and among them is Justin Horton.

Mr Horton works in the Technical Skills Faculty at Le Rocquier School teaching Graphics and Product Design. He is representing Jersey as a passionate member of the windsurfing team.

Mr Horton has represented Jersey in the past and previously won bronze and silver medals.

He is very excited about his chances in this year's Island Games. His only concern is that he will have to spend such a long time away from his family.

However, he is confident about how he and his team will do in the Games and he sees the Isle of Wight as a great venue.

Mr Horton loves the way the Island Games "bring different islands together". He also said he enjoys the friendly and positive attitudes of the spectators and competitors.

The Island Games seem to continue to grow in popularity and all of us at Le Rocquier School wish all our school's competitors - and Mr Horton and the windsurfing team - success!

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