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Looking ahead to the International Children's Games 2011

The International Children's Games 2011 countdown clock
The countdown to the Lanarkshire International Children's Games 2011 has begun.

In August 2011, some of the world's best young athletes will travel to Lanarkshire to compete in the International Children's Games. It's the first time the event will be held in Scotland.

Up to 1500 young competitors from around 80 cities worldwide will be taking part in the multi-sport event and School Reporters went to a publicity event to find out more.

by Sarah, Thea and Mhairaid
School Reporters from Taylor High School, Lanarkshire

On Wednesday 15th June we went to Hamilton Racecourse to find out more about the International Children's Games 2011 and interview people who will be involved in the event.

A special event was being held at the Hamilton Racecourse to mark only 50 days until the Games begin.

It's a massive event, with 2000 children from 75 countries
Jim McCabe, the Head of North Lanarkshire Council

We spoke to the racecourse manager, the leader of North Lanarkshire council, people from the Ravenscraig Sports Centre and the coach of Strathclyde Park where the sailing events will take place.

We were allowed to go on the ICG 2011 bus which is travelling around to advertise the event.

On the bus we interviewed Jim McCabe, the Head of North Lanarkshire Council. He told us, "It's a massive event, with 2000 children from 75 countries". He explained the reasons why Lanarkshire was chosen to host the ICG 2011. He said, "We were invited to give a presentation in San Francisco, and our presentation was against North Korea and Singapore. Our presentation was deemed to be the best!"

School Reporter interviewing sailing coach
The Taylor High School Reporters found out about the sailing event.

There was also a countdown clock on display which gives an indication of exactly how much longer until the ICG officially begin!

Mark Dell told us extra information that we needed to know about the ICG 2011 which we will use when we report from the event in August.

We now know all about the hard work and preparation that organising the Games entails and how many people have had to work on the advertisement and venue selection for the different sport events.

We really enjoyed this experience and it has started to prepare us for the excitement of the International Children's Games coming to Lanarkshire!


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