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Hi there, I'm Ore from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Tuesday the 31st of May.

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  • Cucumbers are blamed for German deaths.
  • The BBC meets the fastest man in the world.
  • And pop star Shakira shares a stage with Champions League winners!

But first, millions of people are at risk of going hungry because of the rising price of food - that's according to a big study by Oxfam. The charity says lots of foods are set to get twice as expensive over the next twenty years. The single biggest reason is extreme weather, which many believe is caused by climate change. Things like floods and droughts destroy crops and when there's less of something the price goes up. Abdolreza Abbassia is with the UN - he agrees with Oxfam that the rising price of food is a big problem...

CLIP: "Prices are up almost 80 per cent from last year. That's bad enough and there are obviously prices that in many parts of the world probably makes food unaffordable."

One of the big changes Oxfam is calling for is a special fund which will help countries cope with climate change.

Next, cucumbers are being blamed for the deaths of 16 people and for making hundreds of others ill. It's thought the vegetables were infected with E-coli, which is a bug that can - in rare cases - be fatal. The German authorities have blamed organic Spanish cucumbers, but Spain says that's not true.

Next, the American city hit by the country's worst tornado for 60 years has been remembering the 142 people who died. President Barack Obama flew into Joplin, Missouri, to join a minute's silence exactly a week after the twister struck. The President promised to help locals in everyway he can...

CLIP: "We will be with you every step of the way, until Joplin is restored and this community is back on its feet. We're not going anywhere."

Next up, the Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes has announced his retirement from the game at the age of 36. The player - who spent his whole career with the club - won 10 Premier League titles, two Champions Leagues, and three FA Cup's.

Now we all know him as the fastest man in the world - yep, the three time World and Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt is in a league of his own. So how did he get to where he is today - the BBC met the man himself at his old school in Jamaica where it all began - he gives his old PE teacher Lorna Thorpe a lot of the credit...

CLIP: "For me she's like a second mum. When I was in high school she looked out for me fully - anything I wanted. She made sure I was always in class, she was always on me in school."

And finally, popstar Shakira has been helping Barcelona celebrate their Champion's League win over Manchester United. The Colombian singer is going out with Barca defender Gerard Pique and invited him and his team-mates to show off their moves during her concert...

CLIP: Shakira music

And for today's question we want to know what the capital of Shakira's home country is?

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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