World News for Schools:Tue 17 May

Hi there, I'm John from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Tuesday the 17th of MAY.

Coming up:

  • The Queen makes a historic visit to Ireland.
  • A man and his dog survive falling off a cliff.
  • And Gaga says she still gets bullied!

First, the Irish army have defused a bomb just hours before a historic visit by Queen Elizabeth II. The explosive was found in County Kildare - an area the Queen was due to visit. There's a lot of media attention on the Queen's trip because it's the first by a British monarch since the Republic of Ireland won independence from the British ninety years ago. So what do the irish people make of it...

CLIP: "I think it's actually quite nice that the two countries are getting back together and being friends." "It's so historic. It's just time that we had a visit from the head of our neighbouring state."

And for today's question we want to know what musical instrument is Ireland's national symbol?

Next, dozens of wildfires are blazing out of control in western Canada, forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. Loads of buildings in the Alberta province are being destroyed. But so far, local official Dana Woodworth says there have been no reports of anyone being hurt...

CLIP: "Due to the fast action of the local responders... the majority of the Slave Lake residents have been evacuated safely."

Next to England, where a man and his dog have survived falling off a cliff! It seems the 53-year-old was trying to rescue his pet when he too fell 200ft down a cliff in North Yorkshire. Police said it was "absolutely remarkable" that the man escaped with only broken bones.

Now, she might be one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, but Lady Gaga's been telling reporters she still suffers from bullying.The singer swapped the stage for a role guest editing a morning newspaper here in the UK, and says even with her fame she still gets bullied...

CLIP: "Some of us aren't popular. Some of us aren't in the in-crowd. I'm still not in the in-crowd. I still get bullied by tons of people all the time, everyday."

And yesterday's question was all about Lady Gaga. We wanted to know what her real name is? And the answer is.....Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta!

And finally, to the mystery of the exploding watermelons. Farmers in China have been left a bit puzzled after their watermelon crops began to explode one by one. It seems farms in Jiangsu Province are losing acres of fruit because of the problem. Some media reports had blamed the overuse of a chemical that helps fruit grow faster, but farming experts can't explain why chemical-free melons have been exploding too!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow. Just before we go, we want to say a big shout out to all the listeners who've been in touch; 8th grader Ayush Kumar e-mailed us from Bangladesh, and we also want to say hi to Therese and all her classmates who got in touch from Belgium. They are sitting exams at the moment - so good luck guys! Bye for now!


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