World News for Schools:We 4th May

Hi there, I'm Sonali from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Thursday the 5th of May.

Coming up:

  • Workers at Japan's Fukushima nuclear station enter one of its reactor buildings for first the time since the earthquake,
  • A big project to get rid of rats on South Georgia island,
  • and how do you get one of the tastiest jobs around?

So first, workers at the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan have gone into one of its reactor buildings for the first time since was hit by an earthquake in March. They're installing ventilation systems to filter out radioactive material from the air. The quake had disabled the reactor's cooling systems which caused fuel rods to overheat, but before new cooling systems can be installed, radiation levels inside the reactor buildings need to be lowered.

Next to the South Atlantic island of South Georgia where the biggest project to get rid of rats is going on - and has so far it's been going well. No-one knows how many rats live on the island, but it could be millions. Project leader Professor Tony Martin says the rodents have had a devastating impact on local seabird populations and that's why conservationists are trying to get rid of them.

CLIP: The rats eat the chicks of most of the ground resting petrels seabirds on South Georgia and the chicks of the pipits and the ducks. so almost any young bird that they can get access to they will eat . And as a consequence over a period of 200 years and it may have happened quite quickly, there are almost no ground nesting birds where rats occur and that's over the majority of south Georgia.">

Now to football news and there are a lot of happy Manchester United fans today. The club are through to the finals of the Champions League for the 3rd time in 4 years after thrashing German side SHAL-KER 6-1 on aggregate.

For today's question we want to know which team will face Manchester United in final at the end of May?

Yesterday we asked you whether bats are rodents or mammals? And the answer is ...Mammals.

Lastly, if you're a chocolate lover, then this has got be the best job you could get - becoming a chocolate taster! William beat three thousand other applicants to land the role...

CLIP: "I had to do blind taste tests and then eventually - 3,000 people were whittled down to four - and I had to do a cook-off with four other people. I'd worked as a food journalist for quite a long time and while I was doing that I dallied around in different kitchens and worked to further my knowledge. and I worked for a long time in chocolate and really enjoyed that so it seemed a natural thing - I saw the form, applied for it and got the job!">

Mmm...nice job!

Just before we go, a big shout out to listeners Angel who lives in in Madrid in Spain and hello to teacher Saphe who is tuning in from Beirut in Lebanon along with the English classes that Saphe teaches.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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