World News for Schools:We 4th May

Hi there, I'm Sonali from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Wednesday the 4th of May.

Coming up:

  • The worst year on record for American tornadoes.
  • Barca are through to the Champion's League final.
  • And the latest Twilight instalment's up for 8 MTV Awards!

First, they've been bitter rivals for years, but it looks like a big change could be underway in the Middle East. Palestinian politics has long been split between two groups, Hamas and Fatah. Both say they represent the Palestinian people, but when Hamas won an election back in 2006, they kicked Fatah out of one of the most important areas for Palestinians - Gaza. But now, a deal's about to be struck. Leaders are set to sign an agreement in Egypt saying they will work together in government.

Next the U.S. has been experiencing the biggest outbreak of tornadoes since record began - that's according to America's National Weather Service. 362 tornadoes struck in just three days, with Alabama being particularly badly hit. These residents in the Alabama town of Tuscaloosa is just one of those affected...

CLIP: "It's sad in one sense to see the destruction that we've got here, but it fills your heart with joy to see all the people out working and helping one another."

Now, at this time of year bats should be waking up from their winter's hibernation, but in America far fewer will be emerging from the caves than normal. A mysterious disease has been sweeping through bat populations across the United States, killing more than a millions of them. Called ''White Nose syndrome'', it's left some bat species on the brink of extinction and now scientists are worried it may spread even further afield.

And for today's question we want to know whether bats are rodents or mammals?

Footy now and Barcelona are through to their 7th Champions League Final. Despite drawing 1-all with Real Madrid, this goal from Barcelona's Pedro was enough to win on aggregate...

CLIP: "And there is space there and he plays it through brilliantly for Pedro who scores for Barcelona! And that must be it, that must be semi-final over."

Barcelona will either face Manchester United or Schalke in the final, it all depends on what happens in tonight's match.

And yesterday we asked you which footy team's won the Champion's League the most time and the answer is.....Real Madrid!

Finally, quick showbiz update - it looks like the latest Twilight Saga: Eclipse is set to be a massive hit at the MTV Movie Awards. It's up for a massive eight nominations, ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which has 6.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow, but before we go we want to say a big hello to Shaheen who got in touch from Kabul in Afghanistan, and to Luke who e-mailed us from Zimbabwe. We also want to give a big shout out to

all the pupils who e-mailed us from the Island of Nuku-Hiva, in the French Polynesian Islands - great to hear from you guys. You sent us the Tahitian word for goodbye, which is nana! So nana for now - we're back tomorrow!


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