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Hi there, I'm Ore from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Monday the eleventh of April.

Coming up: France bans the veil..

And the silent stars puzzling astronomers!

But first there's been another earthquake in Japan -- exactly one month since the devastating tremor and tsunami which is thought to have killed at least 25-thousand people. It happened after a minute's silence was held across the country for those who died. The ground shook so badly around the damaged nuclear plant there that all the safety workers had to be evacuated. Tsunami expert Barry Hirshon works in the Pacific warning centre:

CLIP: About a magnitude seven earthquake in the aftershock zone of the big event. The epicentre's under land, so there's more felt groundshaking. This quake was larger at frequencies that buildings are sensitive to.

Japan had already announced it was going to move more people away from towns near the nuclear plant. They're going to widen the exclusion zone -- that's the area they want to get everyone away from -- to thirty kilometres instead of twenty. Our reporter Roland Buerk told us more:

CLIP: What they're concerned about is the exposure that people might get in those places if they stayed there over a long period of time. I think what we've been hearing are concerns about radiation in vegetables, concerns about the levels of radiation perhaps in some tap water. So this kind of thing just adds to the general unease about this nuclear power station and the continuing problems that it has, one month on.

There've been important talks in Libya to try to stop the fighting there. Leaders from African countries have met Libya's ruler Colonel Gaddafi -- and they say he's accepted a peace deal. But now they've got to meet the rebel groups who want Colonel Gaddafi to go.

Now -- a new law has come into force in France today, banning women from veiling their faces in public. It's aimed mainly at people who wear the Muslim burkha and niquab. One covers the whole face, while the other has a gap for the eyes. The French government says it's because France is NOT a religious country and face-covering isn't traditional there. But many people are angry and are holding a protest. A spokesman explained why:

CLIP: France is a country of freedom and of human rights. So with this law French government doesn't respect this principle. That's why we are going to protest with European Court of Human Rights.

In northwest China, investigators have found that bad milk which killed three children under the age of two seems to have been deliberately poisoned. One person has been arrested.

One of the world's biggest golf tournaments, the Masters at Augusta had a more dramatic finish than ever before. Favourite Rory McIlroy led for 65 holes but then collapsed to end in fifteenth place -- while the South African Charl Schwartzel won in the end fourteen under par. Tiger Woods was 4 shots behind him.

Now for today's question: in golf, what EXACTLY is a bogey? On Friday we asked you : where do penguins live -- the north or the south pole? The answer is -- the South Pole, in Antarctica.

Finally -- out of all the billions of stars in the universe, three are puzzling scientists in particular. Why? Because they aren't joining in the music that every other star makes. Most create big booming noises that can be spotted by a special telescope as changes in light. But these three stars are silent as they orbit round each other. Scientist say they SHOULD be pulsating -- but they're not, and they've no idea why.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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