World News for Schools: Thu 7 Apr

Hi there, I'm Ore from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Thursday the seventh of April.

  • Coming up -- people power against drug crime in Mexico
  • And Wayne Rooney LOSES his appeal against his two match ban.

First up -- there's no let up in the fierce fighting in the African country of Ivory Coast. It's mainly around the the hide-out of the country's leader -- who lost an election last year and is now REFUSING to surrender despite being completely surrounded. Desperate civilians have been fleeing the violence with their children. Charity worker Diaby Mohamed says it's because their lives are being made a misery:

CLIP People are receiving militias entering their house, shooting people, taking what they can take. Nobody can go in the streets, everything is closed, people don't have food, water, nothing. And we can't even send people to some areas, because... even this morning when we sent somebody to deliver drugs for a young baby, the car was shot.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Mexico about the country's problems with drug criminals. They're angry about the way the government's dealing with the problem and say ordinary people's lives are being ruined. One of the protestors, Javier, said it was important to make their voices heard:

CLIP:For our government to listen we have to get together and..I mean -- strength is in numbers. The only way to change things is to raise our voice together and now we can see that civilians are getting hurt. Many of us don't agree with the way they fine drug dealers.

A well known artist's been arrested by the authorities in China. Ai Weiwei's been very critiical of the government in the past and his wife said he'd expected to be detained by police at any time.

Wayne Rooney's two match ban has been upheld for swearing in front of TV cameras -- sports reporter James Pearce told us the player wouldn't be surprised:

CLIP: The FA -- always fairly unlikely to back down. So it means he'll miss the game against Fulham in the League this weekend and then, perhaps more importantly for him, the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City the week after. The FA are trying to send out a message, the Football Association, as you say, has got this big "Respect" campaign, respect to referees. The last thing they want is the highest profile player at the moment in the Premier League, doing what he did, shouting abuse into a television cameras at the weekend

Another European country's in so much financial trouble it's had to ask for a big money bail-out. Portugal has followed Greece and Ireland in admitting it needs emergency help worth billions of pounds from the rest of Europe put together.

Now, it's just over three weeks to Kate and Will's royal wedding when tens of thousands of people are expected to fly to London to see them tie the knot. There've been worries that people would MISS OUT on a good view of the royal procession -- so it's been announced that giant screens will be put up in Hyde Park to help the party atmosphere. And it's not just Britain that's getting excited -- one other country is Canada, which has just unveiled two new collector coins for the big event.

And now for today's question -- what was the exact date of the last Royal Wedding thirty years ago?

Yesterday we asked you -- what's the Italian name for the Mona Lisa? And the answer is .. La Gioconda.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow!


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