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Students present live on School Reportís Olympic Hour

School co-present with BBC London's Eddie Nestor
Students from Mulberry School co-present with BBC London's Eddie Nestor

Mulberry School pupils Shema and Asma were part of a group of School Reporters who were invited to BBC London's Olympic newsroom on 24 March.

Here is their report on their day co-presenting with presenter Eddie Nestor.

Girls from Mulberry School in East London experienced the excitement and adrenalin of live presenting as part of School Report's News Day radio coverage.

Maisha, Asma, Shema and Amina went to the BBC London Olympic studio in East London where they co-presented an hour long discussion programme on the theme of 2012, alongside the BBC London Drivetime presenter Eddie Nestor.

On arrival, the four met with the producers of the show, Dekan and Scott, who took them through their scripts and helped them to prepare.

Next they were introduced to Eddie Nestor and continued rehearsing with him.

"I was very anxious, because I was working alongside a true professional and I didn't want to make any mistakes." said Asma.

Just after 11am, Eddie introduced the show and Amina and Shema took to the microphones for their first taste of live broadcasting.

Presenting live today has taught me a great deal and I hope to put what I've learnt into use in the future
School Reporter Maisha

Everything ran smoothly until there was a technical problem: a student from Farringdon Sports College in Sunderland was introduced to talk live on the show via the phone but she was not there!

The team had to overcome this situation within seconds so as Eddie kept the conversation going, Dekan quickly printed out new scripts for the presenters to read.

There was a momentary sense of panic in the studio but then the girls quickly got the hang of improvising.

Halfway through the show, Maisha and Asma took over presenting duties and got to interview celebrity and BBC London presenter Vanessa Feltz.

Afterwards the girls agreed it had been a life changing experience. Shema said: "I'm now considering choosing the broadcasting career path as today has given me a taste of what presenting is really like and I enjoyed it a lot."

"I would love to come back to do more presenting, maybe based on politics. Either way, presenting live today has taught me a great deal and I hope to put what I've learnt into use in the future," Maisha added.

So, Eddie Nestor, watch this space...


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