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Adele tops wishlist of British rapper Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah
Tinie Tempah gave the lowdown all the way from Miami

Rapper Tinie Tempah has revealed singing sensation Adele as top of list of artists he wants to work with in the future.

"I really want to collaborate with Adele," the British star told School Reporters from Paddington Academy in an exclusive interview on Thursday. "I think her new album is incredible."

Tinie Tempah, who collected two Brit awards earlier this year, spoke to the Year 9 students via phone from Miami where he is performing in Ultra Music Festival 2011.

"There's this other girl called Lykke Li from Sweden - I really want to collaborate with her, that'd be great," he added. "Obviously Kanye West as well, and Drake would be pretty amazing."

Getting to speak to a major music star was a dream come true for the three School Reporters Ahmed, Labendi and Nour.

"It was really exciting but really scary too," said 12-year-old Ahmed afterwards. "It was weird talking to someone so famous but it shows he cares about his fans.

Paddington Academy
Paddington Academy learnt about life in the fast lane

However, the trio from London showed no signs of nerves when they asked their hero about his life as a celebrity and what the best thing about success was.

"Being able to travel the world is pretty cool," the 22-year-old told them. "There are places that I've always wanted to go to but being able to go there as somebody who's a musician and is recognised as one is cool.

"And it's all been off the back of music - that's probably been the most exciting thing. Just being on the plane all the time and not knowing where you're going to end up has been fun."

Despite the frank interview, Tinie Tempah remained tight-lipped about his next album.

"It's a surprise," he added. "It's definitely going to have some very exciting tracks."

Marian, Tinie Tempah's younger sister, who worked alongside the Paddington Academy reporters as they were preparing questions for the rapper, said, "I could see that the students loved every single second of it. They were confident and in control throughout the interview.

"Ahmed's introduction and first casual question made it seem as though he had known Tinie for years - I absolutely loved it!"


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