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School Report: Pupils conduct Flawless interview

Pupils from Bonus Pastor Catholic College with Flawless
The pupils meet Flawless at the 'Move It' dance festival

Pupils from Bonus Pastor Catholic College in Lewisham got the experience of a lifetime when they interviewed street dance sensation Flawless.

The group became famous when they appeared on Britain's Got Talent in 2009 and were the stars of the 2010 film StreetDance 3D.

Not only did some of the children from Bonus Pastor get to speak with members of Flawless at the 'Move It' dance festival at London Olympia in March, but they also got to perform in front of their heroes.

Bony, 14, competed in front of Flawless on the Saturday, with some of his fellow pupils filming his experience, before they conducted an interview with the group on Sunday.

Bony says meeting the group has made him even more convinced he wants to be a professional dancer when he is older.

"It was amazing to speak to them, I was really nervous at the start but they were all nice so I felt comfortable after a while," said Bony.

"They came into the room and while the cameras were being sorted out we chatted to them and they were all positive people and they gave us some really good advice.

"I always get nervous before I do a dance and it was good to hear that they do too even though they're really good.

"I'd love to be a professional dancer and be just like them. I asked them if they played pranks on each other and they said they did all the time!"


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