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Kingussie pupils delve into life of Brian

Kingussie pupils Brian Taylor
Kingussie High School pupils put their questions to Brian Taylor

BBC Scotland political reporter Brian Taylor has found himself on the wrong end of a grilling from Kingussie High School pupils.

The journalist usually asks the questions during interviews, but for the BBC's School Report the tables were turned and he was having to come up with the answers to the youngsters' questions. Here the school reports back on their day with Brian.

As part of the big practice for the BBC School Report day, we had the opportunity to take part in the Brian Taylor Big Debate radio programme.

This took place at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness. Our attendance at the event was organised for us by Roy Templeton from the BBC.

The plan set out from the beginning was to take part in the Big Debate and then to interview Brian after the programme.

The day started off with a look around the BBC radio van, with a short talk on how the system actually works.

The "techie guys" explained just how the radio programme is broadcast around Scotland.

Next came the debate, with MPs and MSPs present. The Libyan situation and student fees were high on the agenda, with two of our pupils and one of our teachers actively taking part by asking questions from the audience.

Kingussie High School pupils at the BBC in Inverness
The pupils were given a tour of BBC Alba's studio in Inverness

The programme went extremely quickly for everyone involved.

Next came our moment. Once the dust had settled from the radio programme, the pupils set themselves up for their interview.

Every one of the 10 pupils had a job to do during the interview. We had two cameras running, with people holding mics and listening on headphones.

One camera was set solely on Brian and the interviewers whilst the second camera was mobile and attempting to get interesting angles on shots during the whole experience.

We had pupils simply recording the sound and we also had pupils taking digital still photos of the event.

With two interviewers firing the prepared questions at Brian, the interview passed very quickly.

His professionalism made his answers short and detailed.

Valuable lesson

This was a great assistance for the pupils as they could relax and prepare the next question.

This obviously won't happen every other time they interview someone.

The biggest laugh of the day was when one of our interviewers had to introduce Brian to the camera and she completely forgot his name.

This was a very valuable lesson to learn. Brian took it in good part and helped them with the wordings for their proper run at it.

After the interview was over, we were given a guided tour of BBC Highland in Inverness.

Sitting in the BBC Alba news chair with all the BBC logos around and seeing themselves on the monitors was a big deal and greatly appreciated by the pupils.

The day finished with a very happy band of young journalists heading back to Kingussie ready for their next big event.


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