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60-second interview with Jessica Ennis

World and European Heptathlon Champion and 2012 hopeful, Jessica Ennis
World and European Heptathlon Champion and 2012 hopeful, Jessica Ennis

By Fahmida and Sydney-Jo
Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat Church of England Secondary School, London

Jessica Ennis became world heptathlon champion in 2009. In 2010 she added to that achievement by becoming world indoor pentathlon champion and European heptathlon champion.

She is one of our greatest sporting stars and a woman we can all admire. This is why we were so pleased to be able to ask her the following questions:

Q: How often do you train and do you enjoy it?

I train twice a day, six days a week and most of the time I do enjoy it but some of my sessions are tough and I don't look forward to them - particularly 800m training sessions.

Q: When did you decide to become a professional athlete?

I started in athletics at the age of nine and my journey really started then. As I grew up and kept getting better and getting good results, the decision was really made for me.

Q: Who inspired you? Who are your sporting heroes?

I would definitely have to say Denise Lewis - watching her win gold in Sydney all strapped up in bandages was a great memory. I admired her a lot.

Q: What is your favourite event to compete in and why?

I think maybe the hurdles - it is one of my strongest events and I really enjoy both hurdles training and racing. I think it must be a speed thing!

Q: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a world champion athlete?

Make sure you train hard, look after yourself both physically and mentally and never let bad days get on top of you as a good one is around the corner.

Q: Do you have any hobbies? How do you relax before a race?

I have a two-year-old labrador, Myla, and I love walking her so that would be my down time off the track - but before competitions l like to listen to music on my iPod and lie quietly in the warm-up area.

Q: What has been the highlight of your professional career so far?

I think I would have to say winning the world championships in Berlin - it was so amazing to be number one in the world and my life has changed so much since that day. All good of course!

Q: Are you friends with other competitors?

Heptathletes spend two days on the track together and there is a lot of hanging around so we are all pretty friendly - multi-events are known for this.

Q: Have you seen the new Olympic Stadium? What's your verdict?

I have been to the stadium during the building phase and think it will be an amazing stadium - it feels nice and contained and the crowd will be close to the action.

Q: What's next for Jessica Ennis? London 2012?

Next is the World Championships in Deagu, South Korea - it is the big competition this summer. I will be going there to retain my world champion status. The pressure is on!

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