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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Tuesday the 8th of March.

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  • The battle over cocoa.
  • Chelsea keep title hopes alive.
  • And elephants prove they're team players.

First, all around the world - from Cambodia in Asia, to the Ukraine in Europe - countries are celebrating International Women's Day. The day is meant to get people talking about the big issues facing women and children. In London, lots of celebrities are marching to raise awareness about the hundreds of thousands of kids who are left without mums because bad health care means many women die giving birth. Meanwhile, in India, the national airline is putting on a woman only flight from Delhi to Toronto. Harpreet Singh, from Air India, wants to show girls they can do anything...

CLIP: "When they watch the news and when they see such things, you know a fifteen hour crossing so many nations and so many time zones... a lot of them who will say 'even I want to become a pilot'. It does more to encourage women and for them to know that yes, we can also do it."

Next, loads of the chocolate we all love is made with cocoa from the Ivory Coast. The west African country is the world's biggest producer of cocoa and it makes the country a lot of money. But now chocolate's main ingredient is at the centre of a political battle. The country's President, Laurent Gbagbo has taken control over the whole industry. He's trying to strengthen his position at a time when many people are calling for him to go. The President's widely seen as losing the recent election, but the leader refuses to quit. If things aren't sorted out soon there are worries that the country could dissolve into full blown civil war.

Some footy now and in the English Premier League, Chelsea kept their title hopes alive by beating Blackpool 3-1. John Terry gave the Blues an early lead before Frank Lampard netted two after the break...

CLIP: "Frank Lampard. who scored the winner against Manchester United from this spot last week, has the chance now to make it 2-0. Here he's two! Chelsea on the attack, Lampard in the penalty area, great's 3, it's all over!"

Chelsea are now nine points behind league leaders, Manchester United.

And finally, when it comes to working in a team elephants get ten out of ten! That's according to a big new experiment. In the test, two animals had to work together - each pulling on a rope in order to tug a platform towards them. They found that elephants understand when they need a little help from their partner. So what does the experiment tell us about how clever elephants are? Well Dr. Joshua Plotnik was involved in the study...

CLIP: "Elephants are one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. I think this type of work can help us to better understand how elephants process information, and potentially come up with better ways to better preserve them in the wild, by better understanding how they interact with people and how people interact with them."

And for today's question we want to know what the proper name is for an adult female elephant? Yesterday, we asked you where in Brazil carnival first started? And the answer is...Rio de Janeiro!

OK, that's your lot guys, but we're back tomorrow. See you then!


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