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Hi there, I'm Ore from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 4th of March.

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  • The town where bats are overtaking humans.
  • Premier League player fails a drugs test.
  • And Johnny Depp's role as a lizard!

First, should the government be able to tell you what to wear? Well, in France women will soon be banned from wearing the full face Islamic veil, or Niqab as it's known. From next month, if Muslims ignore the new rules they could be taken to a police station and fined. The Government thinks wearing the veil is bad for women, but others disagree. Some human rights groups say the ban will make life worse for women who wear it. They think it'll make it harder for them do normal things like go to the shops, or work without getting into trouble with the law.

Next, imagine a town where there are twice as many bats as humans! Well in Congress Avenue Bridge, Texas, there are almost 2 million of the creatures! It's been twenty years since Mexican free-tail bats first made their home in the town and since then their population has ballooned! You might think they'd be a bit of a nuisance, but local boat operator, Mike Pearce has found them pretty useful..

CLIP: "I started doing bat watching cruises shortly after they moved in here. Word spread and they started getting more and more popular. Bats have really helped me in my business, so I love them."

Cricket news now and Bangladeshi fans were left devastated after being beaten at home by the West Indies. BBC reporter Rahul Tandon was there to see the hosts lose by nine wickets...

CLIP: "Many of the Bangladeshi batsmen throwing their wickets away as they played one poor shot after another. Their fanatical fans watched stunned in silence. The West Indies reached their target with ease, off just 12.2 overs, losing just 1 wicket."

Elsewhere, New Zealand beat Zimbabwe by 10 wickets, running down their target of 163 with 99 balls to spare.

And in other sports news, Manchester City defender Kolo Toure could face up to a 2 year ban after failing a drugs test. Toure has until next Wednesday to decide whether or not he wants another sample tested.

Next up, Captain Jack Sparrow star, Johnny Depp is swapping his skull and crossbones for something rather more slithery! Yep, the Hollywood superstar is playing a lizard in his latest film, Rango ! So, a very different role but the actor says the movie was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean...

CLIP: "There were times when Jack Sparrow had to run. I had this really specific type of run that I wanted to do, and it was based on a lizard, real footage of a lizard running on water. So every time we sort of had to be in a situation where I had to run, he'd say 'bring out the lizard' and I think that's where Rango came from."

Now, what do you get if you put a spider in a car engine? Well a lot of problems apparently. The Japanese car maker, Mazda has had to recall sixty-five thousand cars in America. Dealers found 20 cars where yellow sac spiders had spun their webs inside the fuel system. If left in, they could cause a fire!

Finally, we have the answer to yesterday's question. We asked you what the letters UFO stand for? And the answer is... Unidentified Flying Object!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back on Monday.


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